Suffer the Little Children

In another sign of the creeping Orszagization of America, today is the first day of school for kids in Lynden and I think the rest of Whatcom County as well. How awful is that — to be dragged back into school before Labor Day. Put me down on record as thinking this is cruel and unusual punishment. The Supreme Court should rule against it. Though with our luck John Roberts would side with the liberals on the Court and say that the earlier start time is a tax and thus constitutional.


  • Overthinker

    This homeschool mom declared today a learning field trip day. I felt bad for all the conventionally schooled children being herded into brick buildings. We had P.E. at the park, followed by a science lesson at the marine life center at the harbor. Finally, we finished with snack time at Rocket Donuts. A perfect way to ease into the school year. :)