Kayser Family: Pride of Lynden

My friend Scott Kayser and family have been the talk of the town this week, and then some. The other day, I got breakfast at a coffee shop in nearby Everson. One of the regulars was said to be running late because he was at home watching Family Feud.

This wasn’t a regular thing for him. He stayed home to watch because some locals, the Kaysers, went on Family Feud and kept winning. The show was taped well in advance but they were contractually bound to silence about its outcome, so a lot of people rearranged their schedules or played hookey to find out.

Well, now we know that they went all the way. They won a big cash prize and a new car, though Scott informed me that they took the cash value of the car because “it’s hard to split a car five ways.” Survey says: He’s right about that.

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