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Related to the ongoing John Allison-Ayn Rand Institute-Cato Institute controversy, my source close to ARI writes:

If you want to scare your old coworkers at Cato, refer them to a big dust-up from two years ago involving John McCaskey. He is an entrepreneur-turned-academic who created the Anthem Foundation, a very successful ARI-associated program that basically buys university positions for Objectivist scholars. As an academic, he raised some very persuasive factual objections to a new theory of induction that Leonard Peikoff has developed. So Peikoff threw a fit and had him kicked off the board of ARI and Anthem. It was exactly what the folks at Cato are afraid will happen to them.

John Allison and Yaron Brook were centrally involved in the McCaskey debacle, and they acted like politicians. Somebody with enough stature needed to stand up to Peikoff and tell him he was out of line. Instead, they knuckled under, and Yaron dedicated himself to smoothing over the controversy for the donors and putting a reasonable face on Peikoff’s unreasonable behavior.

Can we expect more from the same from Allison at Cato? I’ll give you Deep Galt’s answer to that question tomorrow.

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