Obamacare or Somalia

This comment by Jeremy Lott’s Diary reader “Alex” amused me. I reproduce it here in full, without commentary. Will circle back to answer some of this later. Probably tomorrow:

Do the Republicans have an alternative to Obamacare? Actually none. (Contrary to Romney’s opinion, the ER is not an alternative to primary care. I should know as I work in one) The status quo is horrible and way more expensive. Having Healthcare mandates is a key way to to reduce healthcare costs, and was actually initially a Republican suggestion. Additionally insurance companies stand to profit and were supportive of the initiative.

Why would you think it’s OK to deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions? Why would you not want more people covered? Have you been on the receiving end of games health insurance companies play? I speak both as a patient and healthcare provider. There is a human cost. My dear 43 year old friend, father of four and worship leader, died after having vague symptoms for a week. He couldn’t go in to see a doctor as he had recently lost his job after the downturn after 9/11, and he was afraid of what it would cost him. It cost him dearly.

No. The govt is not the solution, and I believe in minimizing waste and beuraucracy. But if you don’t want govt. go live in Somalia or Afghanistan, where the govt is small and anarchy reigns. Let’s use a little bit of common sense. Romney has pledged to get rid of Obamacare. Wow. I wonder if he’ll get rid of Romneycare, which is essentially the same thing, ie relying on mandates. Be very scared.

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