Orphan, Beloved

The past few days were very tough days indeed. I’ve had to do more adulting than any one person should be required to do, and I don’t like it. Not one bit.   It doesn’t help that I feel like a spiritual orphan, unable to attend church since December. I tried. I really, really tried. And I love my church. Trust me when I say, church and me — we got history. I love my church the way you love… Read more

Rebellious Hope And My Own God-Sized Hole

I remember the room was gloomy, dark and overly warm; the speaker, monotone.   I sat next to my father, both of us uncomfortable and awkward in the middle of all that truth and reality, ours and everyone else’s, the looking at things the way they are. The man at the front of the room had a white board we could barely see in the darkly lit space — I still can’t remember why the lights were turned out. He had… Read more

The Whole Woman Series: Should Christians Be Rich? Dani & Val Talk Money Confidence

The Bible can be used to instruct, and it can also be used to bash people over their proverbial heads with the force of a two by four. And there’s no topic where the Bible has been more misapplied — except for maybe sex — than money.   Prosperity Gospel televangelists fly around in their private jets, tooting their health and wealth horns and giving Christianity a really bad name, all on the sweat from their congregation’s hard work. These… Read more

Dear Refugees: I’m Sorry. And We Resist.

I was always proud to be American.   Not in the strange dogmatic way some Christians have become proud of being American. Those Christians seem to think Jesus and the American flag are one and the same. That God has specifically blessed our country because God prefers our country to others. I do think we are particularly blessed to live in this country, but I’m pretty sure it’s not a matter of God’s preference for the United States. Or for me,… Read more

The Whole Woman Series: The Hot Mess of Mompreneurship

If there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that God has placed deep inside of each of us a longing for communion with the Holy Spirit. We may not recognize it for what it is, but it’s there — this strong desire for shalom, for that strange kind of peace, for the way things are supposed to be.   Right next to that burning fire of longing is another one: that desire to do work that is meaningful and fulfilling…. Read more

God As Other: On The Story of God’s Proof Episode

I know it more certainly than I know what my hand looks like: God exists.   I can not tell you how I know. I just know that there is a spark of something in the world that is the ultimate Other, that I recognize as separate and apart from its creation. I feel the Other in the wind as it blows my hair; I see this Other as a spark in the eye of both animals and people; I… Read more

Thoughts From The Women’s March On Washington

There were so many of us there, it was more of an ocean tide than a march, a wave of people breaching the shores of our nation’s monuments. We were so many that we filled the parade route, so there was no place to actually go. Instead, if we all leaned one way, the tide came in at the Washington Monument. If we all leaned the other, the tide came in at the Capital building.   It was history, and nothing… Read more

The Whole Woman Series: On Pausing To Move With Cordelia Gaffar

Okay, I admit it. I’m a sucky steward.   I was the kid who always had broken toys. I believe in using the good china every day because hey, that’s what it was meant for. I wear the good perfume even if I’m sitting around in my pj’s because why not smell good when I’m sitting in my pjs?   But when you use the good china, sometimes the good china gets broken. That’s where the sucky stewardship comes in…. Read more

I’m Marching on Saturday

Hey friends! Quick post here — I’m marching in one of the historic marches this Saturday. Assuming cell phone service will work, I’ll be posting regularly to the Jerseygirl Facebook page. Run on over and give a like to catch the live posts! Of course, afterward, I’ll write about the experience here. ‘Till then! Read more

The Power of the Pronoun: In Defense of The Feminine Divine

I was never going to be easy, and I was never going to be safe.   That was the realization I came to this morning, when I was thinking about the kind of person I am supposed to be. The person — deep down, in my created place — that was my original blueprint, when God first thought me up.   I won’t make life easy. I will say things that make people uncomfortable. If steadfast and status quo are… Read more

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