This year, Easter kind of sucked.   Or did it? Did I even notice? Honestly, I’m not sure. This is what happens when you’re a church orphan.   I am in that horrible place where I can’t seem to go to my church for a plethora of reasons and no reason at all; and yet I can’t go anywhere else, lest I feel like some strange kind of spiritual adulteress.  This is incredibly difficult — not going to church on… Read more

It’s a question, isn’t it? A tough one at that.   Can you love me anyway?   The other day, I asked that question of a guest on the Jerseygirl, JESUS Facebook page. She had dropped a drive-by comment on a blog post I’d shared, the intent of which was to make it clear that she did not like the post. It was good up to a point, she said, until I let my “progressive liberalism taint it”.   I… Read more

The very first act of God was an apartheid of self — a separation as the rumblings of creation started and an idea, once within God, was suddenly outside of God.   At its deepest core, the Bible is a story of separation — the chasm between God and self, God and us, us and us. It is a story of the pain of this segregation, and how it plays out in our social constructs from the beginning of time,… Read more

Friends, we are half-way through the Whole Woman Summit and it’s been absolutely amazing. The speakers have brought such incredible content, I’m actually blown away.   But today, Tess Clarke, a co-founder of Seek The Peace and the director of Women’s Empowerment, gave such a moving talk on the refugee crisis — with good, hard data and facts that will shock you — that before she was even done talking, Lisa and I decided we needed to release this video publicly… Read more

**Trigger warning: sexual violence**   In between book edits, caring for elderly parents, and the online summit I’m hosting this week, between doses of pseudoephedrine for the sinus infection I have, I grabbed glimpses of Glennon Doyle-Melton’s book, Love Warrior, and something that has been swirling in my head and my heart of late settled on the horizon of my mind, came into focus like when you wipe dew off a window.   That doesn’t make it easy to explain, though… Read more

Today is sort of a Dream-Come-True kind of day for me. There are a few big things happening — in a few moments, I’ll hit the button to send off the first draft of my finished manuscript for my first book, a devotional called PAUSE: Making Time To Walk With God. Then, I’ll move into tech dress week for The Whole Woman Summit, a project that I’ve dreamed about doing for ages, and is finally here — next week, we… Read more

I remember the conversation so clearly — the not-so-subtle pressure, my building resentment, where I was standing in the kitchen, which hand I was holding the phone with. I was exhausted, stressed, near tears — and forced to say “Yes” yet again. And this made me so angry.   I was in an incredibly busy season of my life. I had a full time job, was in school part time, and had just come off a short run with a… Read more

Let’s play a little thought game together, shall we? It will require us all to unlock the box in which we hold our thinking, let it burst wide open like a shaken soda bottle, or one of those Cooking Fail memes about pressure cookers.  I had this thought the other day, when I was doing something completely unrelated. Probably I was working out. Anyway, here’s the thought:   What if the first sin wasn’t Eve and the apple*? What if… Read more

I know a secret about The Secret — remember that book / movie from a few years ago that promised you can think your way into whatever you want in life? A lot of people thought that was a little woo-woo, and maybe a bunch of hoo-ha. A lot of Christians thought it was the equivalent of devil worship. Well, I’m here to tell you that the Law of Attraction is a very real thing, and there’s nothing spiritual about it.  … Read more

Okay, friends, let’s gather round. We need to have a chat. I’m from Jersey, so I deal straight up, and I invite you to do the same. Let’s talk about the fact that I curse and the tiny little hubbub it caused on this post. Stick with me — you may be a little surprised at where I go with this.   Okay, let’s start with the expected: yeah, I curse. No, I’m probably not going to stop. I won’t… Read more

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