So, What is a Gospel?

Thinking about teaching Jesus and the Gospels this Fall at Northern Seminary led me to my favorite lecture ever. Here goes… In the Autumn of 1989, I gave a lecture to my Synoptic Gospels class that got suddenly out of hand. I never intended it to, and because it did get out of hand, I [Read More...]

Three Dangers Straight from Moses (by Phillip Camp)

Deuteronomy 7-10 reveals that the faithfulness of God’s people to their covenant with God—and so their fulfillment of God’s purposes through them—faces constant dangers on several levels. One does not have to dig too deeply to find manifestations of these same dangers within the community of God today. The Danger of Pride. In Deuteronomy 7:6, [Read More...]

Lord of all power and might…

Lord of all power and might, the author and giver of all good things: Graft in our hearts the love of your Name; increase in us true religion; nourish us with all goodness; and bring forth in us the fruit of good works; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and [Read More...]

Weekly Meanderings, 29 August 2015

When and when not to use your cell phone, a Pew Study. If etiquette’s a majority consensus on acceptable behavior, and this is what the majority thinks and does, then the rules on using your phone in public have permanently changed (…for better or worse). What’s more, they’re likely to continue changing in the future: [Read More...]

With Jesus, Where the Wild Things Are

By John Frye Wilderness time is a phrase to describe the practice of getting away from the daily routines and recurring relationships in order to connect with God. The concept of wilderness plays a vital role in the Christian formation of a life. Wilderness is life at its basic level with no amenities that comfort, [Read More...]

We Haven’t Heard from Chesterton For Too Long

By Allan Bevere Jesus Is Not a Poster Boy for Your Progressive or Conservative Cause– G.K. Chesterton’s “Mere Christianity” C.S. Lewis was thrust into fame with his work that led to the publication of his book, Mere Christianity. Indeed, when many Christians hear the words “mere Christianity,” Lewis is the first person who comes to mind. [Read More...]

The Value of Evolution (RJS)

The fourth section of Gary N. Fugle’s book Laying Down Arms to Heal the Creation-Evolution Divide looks at the value of biological evolution.  It is hard for the non-scientist, and even many scientists who are not conversant with biology, to appreciate the depth and importance of the evolutionary theory in biology. [O]nce the idea of [Read More...]

Theology of a Prophet

The Old Testament prophet stood above the crowd, faced the crowd and turned his or her eye of insight and revelation on the people and its leaders. How did their theology work? What were the major themes? Aaron Chambers, in Interpreting the Prophets, sketches two major themes of the prophet: 1. Sinai and the establishment of [Read More...]

Brother Roy and Nietzsche (Jonathan Storment)

This past July, while I was on my study break and away from the church I serve, one of my favorite people in church passed away.  His name is Roy Willis, and I would love to introduce you to him. Brother Roy used to get up around 6:30 on Sunday mornings to walk to church. [Read More...]

The Rise of Women

From Carolyn Custis James, Malestrom, something to be read slowly and treasured: Blame [the rise of women into leadership, the breaking of the patriarchal boundaries] on feminism, contraception, affirmative action, access to higher education, postmodernism, economic changes, exploding technology, the Internet, or global warming, but make no mistake about it—the world has changed. Even in cultures where [Read More...]

How ’bout them Cubs!

[Read more...]

Teacher Burnout: Why?

Angie Miller, through Valerie Strauss, at WaPo: It is August, the Sunday of summer, and teachers everywhere are battling their back-to-school demons, trying to balance precious time with their families while also reflecting on how to improve their practices and preparing for (more) rolled-out districtwide initiatives. I don’t know a teacher right now who isn’t [Read More...]

Where Do You Start? (RJS)

The issues surrounding science and Christian faith are huge. They seem complex and technical. It is tempting to search for short simple solutions and move on … or to ignore the issues all together.  What do Christians with training and a background in science think about these issues?  Where is the Christian leader, teacher or [Read More...]

Re-Engaging the De-Churched: Four Strategies

In their book Church Refugees, Josh Packard and Ashleigh Hope sketch four reasons why some active Christians become the Dones: They wanted community.. .and got judgment. They wanted to affect the life of the church.. .and got bureaucracy. They wanted conversation.. .and got doctrine. They wanted meaningful engagement with the world… and got moral prescription. Their [Read More...]

In Which She Undefines “Femininity”

From Arise. By Rachel Heston-Davis: Rachel Heston-Davis is a writer, English professor, and former freelance journalist. She lives in Southern Illinois with her husband Jaron, where she teaches at her alma mater, Greenville College. A lover of good rhetoric, Rachel blogs about faith, feminism, culture, and sometimes the internet itself at Not long after I began [Read More...]

Zealotry 2

Zealotry is the choice to protect holiness by living beyond what the Bible says, and it finds in that zeal a source of immunity from being wrong. I contend that zealotry reflects an absence of trust in God’s Word. Its motivation is the fear of freedom. Its environment is inevitable: judgmentalism and boundary-marking that together destroy in different ways the unity [Read More...]

Give and Take (Phillip Camp)

Many in our churches are afraid of the Old Testament. In Phillip Camp’s fine, and readable, and church-friendly book on Deuteronomy, Living as the Community of God: Moses Speaks to the Church in Deuteronomy, an expert OT scholar speaks to the church about the value of this book for ordinary church life.  Moses Speaks to [Read More...]