Good News: The Middle East

Richard Stearns: If  your impression of the Middle East comes only from the headlines, it might be easy to think it’s a place of social chaos. Uprisings here, violence there, civil strife everywhere. In just a few weeks, I’ll be going to Lebanon, a country of four million people and one million refugees. This is [Read More...]

Interview with N.T. Wright (by Jonathan Storment)

This past week I went with my friend Luke Norsworthy to interview N.T. Wright. Luke has a great podcast and two weeks ago he invited me to come along with him as he interviewed Dr. Wright about his new book “Simply Good News” and Luke gave me the opportunity to ask him some questions for [Read More...]

Church Workers Need a New Target [other than numbers] (by Jeff Cook)

Church Workers Need a New Target Life requires replication. If something does not replicate, its kind will not continue on—just ask that Shaker you know. A 1000 person church is impressive. A church of 100 folks that over the course of 40 years empowers and sends out 12 pastors is more impressive. How do I [Read More...]

Good News: NFL

Sarah Larimer: Here is a thing that Cade Pope, a 12-year-old from Oklahoma, said Tuesday about the power of hand-written letters: “It shows more expression and feelings, rather than typing it on a computer. And it explains a lot more if you actually write it, because you can actually tell what they are trying to [Read More...]

Not Benevolent, Warm, and Fuzzy (RJS)

The industrious ants store up food for the winter while the grasshopper sings the days away. Aesop’s fable of The Grasshopper and the Ants provides an ancient example of moral lessons derived from nature. Ants are always working and foraging for food. We would do well to emulate this industry. But can nature alone really [Read More...]

Piper and Annihilationism

Here’s a tweet from John Piper, which I read about on FB on a day when my DMin had a day-long conversation about eternal conscious punishment and annihilationism. We had a spirited conversation @nseminary but there were some who thought annihilation is actually more to be dreaded than ECP. Here is a collection of Jewish [Read More...]

Free Speech and Respect: Pope Francis

NPR: Pope Francis says there are limits to freedom of speech, especially when it comes to someone’s religion, in comments that made reference to the deadly attack last week on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. Francis defended freedom of speech, calling it a fundamental human right, but said it must not cause offense. “It is [Read More...]

America’s Day to Re-Dream

Here’s the text of Martin Luther King’s famous speech/sermon/address in Washington DC. I remember watching it as a kid on TV. I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation. I am happy to join with you [Read More...]

To the Church that Baptizes that Baby (Jason Micheli)

To the Church about to Baptize My Baby: Be warned. It’s all cuteness and lace now, but in no time at all, my little baby boy- after a brief sojourn in childhood- will hit adolescence. His hormones will kick in and quickly conspire to undo all the good you’ve done in him. These will be [Read More...]

One More Thing about Anglicanism

Michael Jensen, at The Gospel Coalition, briefly sketched nine things he wants people to know about the Anglican Church. I have clipped only his bold-faced points and you can read his short explanations at the link above but then I want to add one more point, something he did not mention that puts it all [Read More...]

Second Sunday after Epiphany

Almighty God, Whose Son our Savior Jesus Christ is the light of the world: Grant that your people, illumined by your Word and Sacraments, may shine with the radiance of Christ’s glory, That he may be known, worshipped, and obeyed to the ends of the earth; Through Jesus Christ our Lord, who with you and [Read More...]

Jonathan Merritt Interviews Andy Stanley

RNS, by Jonathan Merritt, where you can read the rest: The pastor of one America’s largest churches is peeling back the covers on topics that might make some Christian squirm. Andy Stanley, pastor of the 30,000+ member North Point Ministries, addresses a range of issues from human sexuality to pornography in his latest book, The New Rules for Love, Sex, [Read More...]

Saturday Book Review: Kyle Strobel

Book Review by Jim Salladin:              Strobel, Kyle. Jonathan Edwards’s Theology: A Reinterpretation (T&T Clark Studies in Systematic Theology). [Also see Kyle Strobel's review of an Edwards book here and another of Kyle's books here.] The current interest in Jonathan Edwards has created a flurry of new books outlining the Northampton pastor’s theological vision.  One of [Read More...]

Weekly Meanderings, 17 January 2015

Do you need to know what a “flat white” is? Here’s the skinny. Jews leaving France. Jews are fleeing France. Rocked by anti-Semitic violence, most recently when Islamists took hostages at a kosher grocery in Paris Friday, the half-million Jews of France are leaving in droves, according to a British journalist. What if Charlie Hebdo had [Read More...]

Beware the Tales

Ron Charles: Tyndale House, a major Christian publisher, has announced that it will stop selling “The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven,” by Alex Malarkey and his father, Kevin Malarkey. The best-selling book, first published in 2010, describes what Alex experienced while he lay in a coma after a car accident when he was 6 years old. The coma [Read More...]

Announcement: Canon Theologian

From C4SO: Scot McKnight Appointed Canon Theologian The Rev. Dr. Scot McKnight has been appointed by Bishop Todd Hunter as a Canon Theologian for the Diocese of Churches for the Sake of Others. This appointment was unanimously celebrated by the other diocesan canons and deans. Canon McKnight was ordained by Bishop Hunter to the Sacred [Read More...]

Pastors as Parrots

Pastors as Parrots, by John Frye Rick Warren says this… Andy Stanley offers this… Tony Jones suggests that… Rachel Held Evans notes that… Craig Groeschel does this… N.T. Wright counters with … John Ortberg comments that… Gordon MacDonald counsels this… Frost and Hirsch offer this… Halter and Smay commented that… Margaret Feinberg writes that… Bill [Read More...]