The Collapse of Parenting

Leanne Italie: A confirmation of Jean Twenge’s researches about “Generation Me.” NEW YORK  Dr. Leonard Sax has been a family physician and psychologist for 27 years, conducting workshops around the world for parents, teachers, social workers, counselors, school psychologists and juvenile justice professionals. He’s also a dad, and it’s from all those perspectives that he [Read More...]

Faith Meets Globalization

While some might call faith’s sphere of work is “secularization,” Miroslav Volf suggests the issue is larger and more penetrating: it is globalization. Slowing down the runaway dimensions of the globalization truck is the challenge of our faith, in fact, Volf says the world’s religions can cooperate at some level to challenge the relentlessness of reducing [Read More...]

The Cookie Cutter Church Challenge

There is this problem — and it’s endemic to America — of thinking that if a church idea works in one place it will work elsewhere because the magic potion has been discovered. Sometimes church ideas can be replanted in other locations, but churches don’t succumb to the cookie cutter approach. The best churches don’t use [Read More...]

Freedom Breeds Tolerance

For tolerance to flourish the prominent virtue is freedom/liberty; however, at times justice advocates create intolerance. Many are experiencing and protesting the increased intolerance as a result of those who think their cause is not just right but the only right that can be tolerated. Lindsey Bever: Alumni and students from a prominent college in Ohio [Read More...]

4th Sunday after the Epiphany

Almighty and everlasting God, you govern all things both in heaven and on earth: Mercifully hear the supplications of your people, and in our time grant us your peace; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.  Amen. BCP [Read more...]

Weekly Meanderings, 30 January 2016

A bright morning with Bright Farms, by Whitney Pipkin: An unseasonably warm sun beamed heat into the refurbished greenhouse more than an hour outside Washington, making it feel like a place where tomatoes might not mind growing, even in mid-December. The plants already reached waist high, rooted in plastic-sheathed blocks of finely woven rockthat allow [Read More...]

William Shiell, President of Northern Seminary

NORTHERN SEMINARY NAMES NEW PRESIDENT January 29, 2016 – Lombard, Illinois – Northern Seminary’s Board of Trustees is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. William D. Shiell as the eleventh president of Northern Seminary. Board Chair James Stellwagen states, “I am very excited to welcome Dr. Bill Shiell to the Northern community as president.  [Read More...]

Wm Shakespeare: Anglican or Catholic?

Gillian Woods: (At the link Woods pursues her question through his plays.) What was Shakespeare’s religion? It’s possible to answer this seemingly simple question in lots of different ways. Like other English subjects who lived through the ongoing Reformation, Shakespeare was legally obliged to attend Church of England services. Officially, at least, he was a [Read More...]

Apprentice Experience: Consider This.

Christian formation has developed from the early days when it was a kind of bricolage of various Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Protestant spiritual practices into a far more developed theory of practices, but what has changed most is that the experience of spiritual formation directors with “students” has formed a much deeper and theologically [Read More...]

Casting Bread Crumbs

By John Frye I like it when Mark, the gospel writer, plays with words. We find an example in today’s pericope regarding the demonized daughter of the Greek, Syrophoenician woman (Mark 7:23-30). Let’s note the context. Jesus had unflinchingly redefined what creates clean and unclean (Mark 7:1-23). With great courage, Jesus rewrote the script about [Read More...]

Kingdom without King, Kingdom without Church

Kingdom Without King, Kingdom Without Church: Manipulating Jesus to Serve Our Agendas, by Allan Bevere It’s been a problem almost since the inception of Christianity– the rejection of Jesus’ agenda for us and the twisting of Jesus’ message and ministry so that he might conform to our easier more palatable way of life. Atheist Richard [Read More...]

Wilderness of Singleness?

Kris Beckert has an important reminder of the church’s responsibility about singleness: But what if there is another voice to be heard – in what sometimes feels like a wilderness of singleness? Scripture and early church history bear witness to a story that bucks both culture and religious culture. It’s a story that bases a [Read More...]

Biblical Womanhood … The New Testament (RJS)

I started a series on Biblical womanhood last Thursday with a look at women of the Old Testament. Not commands and laws, but stories about people, what they did and how they did it. It is quite an amazing variety.  Today we will look at women of the New Testament. Like the ancient Near East [Read More...]

The Biblical Scholar from the Throw-out Box

By Lucy Peppiatt, who can be followed @lucepeppiatt Check out Lucy’s interview here: And a 2 minute interview here: The Biblical Scholar from the Throw Out Box Last Thursday I met an amazing woman, Katharine C. Bushnell (sometimes misspelled as Katherine). Unfortunately, like so many of the people I wish I’d met, she’s dead. She [Read More...]

Trump’s Appeal?

Matthew MacWilliams: If I asked you what most defines Donald Trump supporters, what would you say? They’re white? They’re poor? They’re uneducated? You’d be wrong. In fact, I’ve found a single statistically significant variable predicts whether a voter supports Trump—and it’s not race, income or education levels: It’s authoritarianism. That’s right, Trump’s electoral strength—and his [Read More...]

Good News for this Syrian Refugee

NPR: Last September, Miguel Ángel Galán was busy in his office south of Madrid when he happened to glance up at a TV on in the background. He was shocked by what he saw: footage of a Hungarian TV camerawoman kicking migrants and refugees as they scrambled across a field on the Serbia-Hungary border. A Syrian man, [Read More...]

When a Church Breaks Up with You

By Jovan Barrington Jovan is the Senior Minister at the Littleton Church of Christ in Denver, CO.@JovanBarrington I got dumped. I tried to think of other ways to begin this article but I feel too much like Taylor Swift. Breakups are good material for writing articles and writing songs. I received a call from a [Read More...]