Let It (the Bible) Be (by John Frye)

Let the Bible Be, by John Frye “This text [Matthew 7:1-5, 6, 7-11] virtually proves that Matthew 7 is more or less an eclectic collection of teachings of Jesus. Judging does not clearly lead to the teachings on not giving out the gospel, and neither of those sections lead directly to the theme of prayer,” [Read More...]

What is “Liberal” Theology?

“The story of modern theology begins with the rise of liberal Protestant theology. And liberal Protestant theology … began with Friedrich Schleiermacher… There were liberalizing Christian thinkers before Schleiermacher, but they were not professional, church-related theologians. Schleiermacher was the first person in history to be both liberal and a professional theologian…. “What is liberal theology?… [Read More...]

For Every Pastor’s Shelf

As many of you know, I am the “director” of a new DMin program at Northern called “The New Testament in Context,” and we have had our first class — and Joel Willitts guided the class through his first class on the Jewish literature. I will be teaching a course this winter on Jesus and [Read More...]

Obedience vs. Freedom

One of the most profound thinkers about ethics in the 20th Century was Dietrich Bonhoeffer, even if he left behind a trail of manuscripts, some finished and some not, in an order that remains elusive and with some thoughts that are relentlessly uncontainable. In other words, many of us long to know what he would [Read More...]

The Day of the Lord Will Come (RJS)

2 Peter 3 is a well known passage concerning the Day of the Lord. A vision of the judgment to come and the effect this judgment will have on creation. Scoffers doubt that the end will come, and focus on their own evil desires. 2 Peter warns the reader… But they deliberately forget that long [Read More...]

Anne Graham Lotz, Jimmy Carter and It’s Time!

Yes, Billy Graham’s daughter has experienced — sadly and to the detriment of the church — discrimination as a preacher because she’s a woman. Some in power think they need to decide if God equips women to preach. Some are quenching the Spirit’s free work in our world. How do you respond to Lotz’s observations? [Read More...]

Kingdom Conspiracy in Rochester NY

From Missio Alliance website: Join us for this regional event in partnership with Northeastern Seminary featuring Dr. Scot McKnight around his newest book, Kingdom Conspiracy: Recovering the Radical Mission of the Local Church. According to Scot McKnight, “kingdom” is the biblical term most misused by Christians today. It has taken on meanings that are completely at odds with what [Read More...]

When Certainty Kills (by Rich Little)

When Certainty Kills Rich is on Twitter at @RichALittle and blogs regularly at www.richlittle.org  Last week a student left my office traumatized. He entered in a crisis in certainty and left in a crisis of uncertainty. A long held religious belief, one in which he was most certain, had been challenged and proved wanting. This was [Read More...]

Leadership and Character: Prescient Words from Willard/Black?

Leadership and character, surely in part because of someone like Bill Clinton (according to D. Willard, G. Black, Jr., Divine Conspiracy Continued, 62-63), have been divorced in the consciousness of many in the Western world. How you do your job and what you are like in private, so it assumed, are two different worlds. Willard and Black [Read More...]

California and Christian Organizations

RNS by Kimberly Winston, and you can read the full story at the link: While many Christians don’t like this I see something golden here: this may enhance local church ministries in university and college towns. There is no reason to moan that universities and state-sponsored schools don’t have a right to do this, for [Read More...]

Seriously Dangerous Religion (RJS)

There are a number of stories people tell to shape their life and purpose. These range from stories of secular materialism, socialism, capitalism, stories of Western superiority, American superiority, Chinese superiority, humanism and progress, patriarchy, feminism, Christian stories including creation, fall, redemption and new creation and more. The way that these stories are told, mixed, [Read More...]

Distinctive or Characteristic? Rod Dreher and Matthew Sitman

There has been a dustup between conservative Eastern Orthodox pundit Rod Dreher and the more liberal Matthew Sitman over the essence of Christianity. In Sitman’s most recent response he goes for what he thinks is the juglar vein of Christianity: grace or salvation or forgiveness. He is probing what is “distinctive,” and have it any [Read More...]

Postponed Footnotes

I saw this article through a link John Stackhouse posted on his FB feed. Footnotes can be found for some books at an online site. Yikes. Source: I had one such experience recently. I was working on a review of William Deresiewicz’s “Excellent Sheep: The Miseducation of the American Elite and the Way to a [Read More...]

AA and One Another (by T)

This [author of the post is our regular contributor, T] is our fourth post in our series on what the Church can learn from AA and related recovery groups. I am grateful to Scot for being so gracious to host this series. (The other posts, in order of appearance are here, here and here). For [Read More...]

Simple Strategies for Developing an Integrated Local Church

Let us assume that a multi-ethnic church is the design of God. We can discuss issues like demographics and segregation, but I want to expand the categories to mean an integrated church in the sense that it is capable of crossing boundaries in a way that embodies a fellowship that transcends the dominant culture and [Read More...]

Carbs vs. Fats

Nutritional science, the most volatile of the sciences when it comes to shifting, has this on low-carb vs. low-fat diets for losing weight: Q. Not all carbohydrates are bad for you. Does the study distinguish between whole-food carbohydrates and refined carbohydrates? A. You are certainly right that the source of carbohydrates is important. Most researchers [Read More...]

TV or Internet? Which is you?

Source: TV is increasingly for the old, and the Internet is for the young, according to new research by media analyst Michael Nathanson of Moffett Nathanson Research. The median age of a broadcast or cable television viewer during the 2013-2014 TV season was 44.4 years old, a 6 percent increase in age from four years [Read More...]