On the term “Kingdom”

When Jesus announced that the kingdom had drawn near (Matthew 4:17), that word “kingdom” only made sense if his contemporaries were looking forward to a kingdom. What kind of kingdom was that? The way to answer this question is first to take a good long look at the Old Testament use of the term, and [Read More...]

Discovering an Ancient Israelite Farm

Laura Geggel: An ancient farmhouse dating back to 2,800 years ago — complete with 23 rooms, wine presses and a grain silo — is no longer lost to the ages. Over the past few weeks, archaeologists have uncovered the sprawling stone house in Rosh Ha-’Ayin, in central Israel. Archaeologists found the farmhouse during an excavation [Read More...]

Fourth Advent Candle

Today we relight the first three candles of the Advent Wreath — the candles of HOPE, PEACE and JOY. Now we light the fourth candle of Advent. This is the candle of LOVE. Jesus demonstrated self-giving love in his ministry as the Good Shepherd. Advent is a time for kindness, thinking of others, and sharing [Read More...]

St Matt’s is Outrageously Generous

From Father Rob Merola: This story is the gospel at work. There is a family with four young children. The two youngest children, both under seven years old, have autism. The younger of these two is also nonverbal, and another child struggles with an eating problem caused by food allergies. A friend knows that they [Read More...]

Fourth Sunday of Advent

Purify our conscience, Almighty God, by your daily visitation, That your Son Jesus Christ, at his coming, may find in us a mansion prepared for himself; Who lives and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen. BCP [Read more...]

Tip Bombing

USA Today: HERNDON, Va. — An unsuspecting waitress got the tip of her life on Thursday. Megan Asadi was working her regular shift at the Virginia Kitchen, when she received a $1,200 dollar tip on a $128 tab. The tip came from an anonymous group that calls the massive gratuity a ‘Tip Bomb.’ The group chooses not [Read More...]

Weekly Meanderings, 20 December 2014

Timothy George on Bonhoeffer at Advent in prison: At this point, Bonhoeffer still hoped he might be released, perhaps even in time to spend Christmas with his family and his nineteen-year-old fiancée Maria von Wedemeyer. It was not to be. Though he would be shifted to other prisons and concentration camps on the way to [Read More...]

Gender and Student Evaluations

Matt Shipman: A new study shows that college students in online courses give better evaluations to instructors they think are men – even when the instructor is actually a woman. “The ratings that students give instructors are really important, because they’re used to guide higher education decisions related to hiring, promotions and tenure,” says Lillian [Read More...]

That Paraclete Package

Every Christmas season the good folks at Paraclete Press send Kris and me a little package — cinnamon raisin bread with Apple Pie Jam! We do our best to spread this out over a whole week of tasty snacks. It’s one of the highlights of the Christmas season for Kris and me, leading to a [Read More...]

Brad Brisco — “Stand and Greet”

Brad Brisco: This past week I posted a short excerpt from a Thom Rainer article where he discussed the disdain that many people have for the “Stand and Greet” time that is a part of many Sunday morning worship services. He argues that churches are actually driving “guests” away from Sunday services because of the practice. You [Read More...]

Little Town, Tiny King: An Advent Reflection

Little Town, Tiny King (by John Frye) Imperial power, unwitting accomplice Of ancient promises tucked in Jewish scrolls, Arranged the birth of the tiny King and Edict sealed its own imperial doom. Israel’s hope, tempered by shameful exile, Fragmented by competing causes to escort God’s curious kingdom home, Got lost in causes and missed the [Read More...]

Wisdom of Richard J. Mouw

Richard J. Mouw, former President at Fuller Seminary, has been one of the most versatile and insightful leaders of the 20th-21st Century for American evangelicalism. He helped shape the “moral minority” as a Calvin professor and then led Fuller in times of its becoming a leading — if not the leading — seminary in North America. [Read More...]

Beautiful Orthodox Churches

Barbara Weibel: The longer I travel, the more I realize the truth of this statement. Prior to visiting Paris for the first time, I associated it with the Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum. After three visits, the City of Light evoked the yeasty aroma of fresh-baked bread from the boulangerie and sipping espresso at sidewalk [Read More...]

Economics: Catholic and Evangelicals Shifting

Evangelicals and Catholics are tilting left in economic theory: By and large, and for about four decades now, conservative Christians — though Evangelicals more than Catholics — have sided with the conservative critique of government and the neo-conservative defense of capitalism. They’ve asserted with convincing arguments and statistics the productive and liberating effect of the [Read More...]

Materialism Isn’t Enough (RJS)

The next two interviews in Science and Religion: 5 Questions are with William Lane Craig and William Dembski, both Christian philosophers. (See the post 5 Questions … And Some Answers for the questions posed in this book). William Lane Craig is trained in Philosophy (Ph.D. University of Birmingham) and Theology (D. Theol. University of Munich), while [Read More...]

My Conversion on Women in Ministry: Bill Victor

This post is by Bill Victor, pastor of Missio Dei Community Church at the University of Missouri and blogs here. My beliefs on women in ministry changed to a more egalitarian view not because of a reaction to modern society and seeking to synthesize the Bible’s view on women with a more moderating stance fitting our [Read More...]

A God More Interesting than Creationism (Jason Micheli)

A God More Interesting than Creationism June 9, 1993: The first date. My first date with the new girl on the swim team, who would eventually become my wife. 6/9/93: The opening date of Steven Spielberg’s first Jurassic Park film. The first movie in which Ali and I held hands. At the point in the [Read More...]