You Are Your Brother’s Keeper (RJS)

We’ve been slowly working through Iain Provan’s new book Seriously Dangerous Religion: What the Old Testament Really Says and Why It Matters. The next chapter addresses the Old Testament’s answer to the question of how we are to relate to our fellow humans.  Provan takes two major approaches to addressing this question. The first continues [Read More...]

The Original American Creation-Evolution Debate

When it comes to evolution vs. creation, American history story-telling focuses on none other than William Jennings Bryan and the famous Scopes trial in Dayton, TN. But the first major evolution vs. creation debate occurred in the South, it was almost entirely confined to Southern Presbyterians, and it was one string in a cultural knot: [Read More...]

To Scot from Scot (2014)

Let the annual guessing contest commence! (And T, you are eligible again.) I bought myself a Christmas gift, knowing that way I’d get what I really do want, and I wrapped it up and now you can guess what it is. The winner can choose a copy of one of my recent books (Kingdom Conspiracy, [Read More...]

Sit Still, Fidgeting and Public Schools

By  Angela Hanscom Except for brief periods of getting up and switching classrooms, I’ve been sitting for the past 90 excruciating minutes. I look down at my leg and notice it is bouncing. Great, I think to myself, now I’m fidgeting! I’m doing anything I can to pay attention – even contorting my body into awkward positions to keep [Read More...]

Spiritual Gifts: 5 Fallacies (by Donald Nwankwo)

5 Fallacies of Spiritual Gifts What fallacies do you hear or see when it comes to spiritual gifts? It is not that uncommon to run into a believer, sometimes already contributing to their Christian community, but who sometimes doubt they really have what could be called a spiritual gift. 1 Cor 12-14 is indispensable in [Read More...]

The Eight Themes of Liberation Theology

What is liberation theology? It is fair to follow that up with What kind of liberation theology? It is also fair to ask When was liberation theology? Let’s begin with this: modernity created an all-encompassing narrative rooted in social and economic realities that buttressed those in power with structures and ideologies that kept power in [Read More...]

President Obama: Wise Words

CNN: Revolution changes structures and externalities over night; it does not change at the deep levels. Deep level change occurs over time. Work now for change tomorrow, and next week, and next month, and next year, and in a decade. Washington (CNN) – After weeks of racial protests across the country, President Barack Obama is taking [Read More...]

Second Advent Candle

Today we relight the candle of HOPE. Now we light the candle for the second Sunday in Advent. This is the candle of PEACE. As we prepare for the coming of Jesus, we remember that Jesus is our hope and our peace. From the prophet Isaiah: “For a child has been born for us, a [Read More...]

Second Sunday of Advent

Merciful God, Who sent your messengers the prophets to preach repentance and prepare the way for our salvation: Give us grace to heed their warnings and forsake our sins, that we may greet with joy the coming of Jesus Christ our Redeemer; who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now [Read More...]

Another Coffee on My Short List

Readers of the Jesus Creed blog know that I like coffee and use a Rancilio Sylvia daily to pull my shots, and that I like Chicago’s Intelligentsia coffee and Libertyville’s own roaster, Hansa, as the two constants in this home. Over the years folks have sent me beans to grind, smell, and brew into a [Read More...]

Europe, USA, and Foods

Wonderful report by Anthony Faiola: Why are Europeans so much wiser when it comes to food and nutrition? ROSTRENEN, France — On a velvety green patch of the French countryside, organic farmer Jean Cabaret gave a little shudder. A looming trade deal with the United States, he fears, may make his worst culinary nightmare come true: [Read More...]

Marks of Love (Brad Strait and SMcK)

A Discussion with Scot McKnight   Below is an online interview/dialogue on spiritual growth I [Brad Strait] had with Dr. Scot McKnight, a New Testament Professor at Northern Seminary and the author of Christianity Today’s Book of the Year, The Jesus Creed. This dialectic is offered both here and on Scot’s blog on Brad: In Genesis 28, [Read More...]

Top Ten Baby Names: Girls and Boys

Here were the top girl names for 2014: Sophia Emma Olivia Ava Isabella Mia Zoe Lily Emily Madelyn And the most popular boy names for 2014: Jackson Aiden Liam Lucas Noah Mason Ethan Caden Jacob Logan [Read more...]

Weekly Meanderings, 6 December 2014

Yes, let’s do it! The Steffen method of boarding a plane. In this approach, often called the Steffen method, adjacent passengers in line will be seated two rows apart from each other. The first wave of passengers would be, in order, 30A, 28A, 26A, 24A, and so on, starting from the back. (For a typical [Read More...]

Jeremiah Gibbs, Women Ministers and Male Privilege

Source: Reposting with permission from Dr. Jeremiah Gibbs. Do you notice what male pastors wear? female pastors? Do vestments/gowns resolve the problem? Do you relate to women ministers differently? Women pastors — resonate with this? How so? Until recently I [Jeremiah Gibbs] was able to say that I had never had a single person mention [Read More...]

House of Prayer (John Frye)

This second post on the Psalms will consider three more types of prayers/songs. A quick reminder: we find ourselves in the Psalms, for sure, but we also find others (and ‘the other’) and, most of all, we find the sometimes apparently missing God. Because life is not static, but constantly moving, we find in the [Read More...]

Jesus Creed Books of the Year (2014)

Our choice of Jesus Creed Books of the Year is not based on seeking out all the books but is based on books that come our way — either from publishers or by purchase. I asked each of our regular contributors to the blog to nominate books, and so the list below reflects the nominations [Read More...]