Crowdfunding for the Scientists

From AP: NEW YORK (AP) – In over three decades of studying ferns, Duke University professor Kathleen Pryer has received her share of grant money. But for her newest project, she’s getting help from a retired nurse in Canada and a 17-year-old in Arkansas. It’s her first foray into the modern-day world of crowdfunding, the [Read More...]

Church Growth and its Mystery

John Johnston: Back in 1988, Kent Hughes, then an emerging pastor, was part of planting a new church. All the signs were positive. The mother church endorsed the project, and Kent was an up-and-coming star. The community was strategically targeted, and a solid core was part of the initial foundation. As he put it, “We [Read More...]

Disciple (Sean Palmer)

“We need to make disciples!” If you want loud applause from an audience of Christian leaders, make sir you mention how important it is to make disciples. The applause come because of our present-day fascination with all things “missional” and “disciple-making.” It’s kinda cool. Last year, I spent two days listening to and learning from [Read More...]

The Clobber Text for ECT-ers

The clobber text for those who embrace eternal conscious torment is Revelation 14:11, with vv. 9-10 preceding it. Another way of saying this is that this is the defeater text for conditionalism; another way is to say this is the one text conditionalists have to use gymnastics to explain. Here it is: 9 If anyone worships [Read More...]

I Love the Bible: G

Psalm 119:17 is both a little request and a world of insight. “Do good to your servant, and I will live; I will obey your word.” That first verb, “Do good,” brings one element of the verb gml to the surface: it can mean “to deal kindly” or even to “deal bountifully.” What seems to be a little [Read More...]

Rachel Marie Stone and Ending Gun Violence

Rachel Marie Stone: Among the most difficult sessions at the Sojourners Summit [...] was the panel on gun violence. … One of the people on the panel at the Summit was Mark Barden, whose son, Daniel, was one of the first-graders murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Barden spoke with the kind of authenticity that can’t [Read More...]

The Historicity of Adam is a Gospel Issue (RJS)

The final major essay in Four Views on the Historical Adam is by William D. Barrick. In his chapter Barrick argues for a traditional young earth view of Adam as the unique, supernaturally created, seminal father of all humankind. He argues that this is central to the biblical story and the Christian worldview. If Adam [Read More...]


The finest prayers of the church can be found in the church’s “collects.” A collect is a scripted prayer, used in public (or private) worship, written for a specific week in the church calendar, and which “collects” together the church’s petitions. What is not known is that the time-worn collects of the church have a [Read More...]

I Love the Bible: B

“How can those who are young keep their way pure?,” asks the psalmist in the opening line of the Beth lines of Psalm 119 (v. 9a). Some think the entire psalm is the journal reflections of an ancient Israelite as life progresses. What impresses me is other verses in this great psalm that give context to the [Read More...]

Church of England Affirms Women Bishops

From the Church of England site: The General Synod of the Church of England has today given its final approval for women to become bishops in the Church of England. The vote in the General Synod on the measure was carried by the required two-thirds majority in the three constituent parts of the Synod: the [Read More...]

Church Attendance Decline: The Major Reason

Thom Rainer: July 1, 2014 | by Thom Rainer Few people will argue that church attendance in many churches in America is declining. Our own research indicates that the majority of churches in our country are not growing. Most of us have ideas about this development. Many suggest that our nation is shifting away from its [Read More...]

On Naming the Calvinists, or whatever…

Timothy Paul Jones has a very useful, informed article on his blog on naming the new Calvinism, and his graph of the elements at work is worth considering. How then should we refer to the recent resurgence of interest in Reformed soteriology? Before providing a tentative answer to this question, it may be worth pointing [Read More...]

I Love the Bible: A

Psalm 119, captured by some as Torah piety, is a “medley of praise, prayer and wisdom” (R. Allen, Psalms 101-150, Word). This Psalm, noted above by it being an acrostic with eight lines beginning with the same Hebrew letter (vv. 1-8 begin with aleph) as it works it way through 176 verses. So, today I begin with [Read More...]

God’s Goodness and Endless Punishment

Way back in the 1930s John W. Wenham, eventual author of one of the most influential Greek grammar texts and of a book called The Goodness of God (also called The Enigma of Evil), was a student of an eccentric English academic named Basil F.C. Atkinson, who it was known believed in conditional immortality (annihilationism). Wenham [Read More...]

Taking the First Step

RNS, by Lauren Markoe: (RNS) Muslim tradition calls for breaking the Ramadan fast in the evening with a date and a sip of water, and increasingly these days, the company of Jews. This Ramadan, as Jews and Muslims exchange rocket fire in Israel and Gaza, those attending these meals say they are all the more [Read More...]

Worship Accompaniment vs. Worship Immersion

Dan Wilt: The truth is, over 25 years of worship leading, I think they both are. These two people represent two ends of a spectrum emerging over the last 40+ years of contemporary worship culture. One is Worship Accompaniment Culture, and the other is Worship Immersion Culture. Still other subcultures fall in between these two, [Read More...]

“I need to drive your toilet”: A Pentecost Sermon by Jason Micheli

By Jason Micheli… I Need to Drive Your Toilet I studied five years of Latin in high school and four years of German. I can still decline the word for ‘farmer:’ acricola, agricolae, agricolam. And I can recall enough German to appreciate Indiana Jones on a deeper level. I studied Greek and Hebrew in seminary, [Read More...]