Saturday Book Interview: Thomas McKenzie (by David G. Moore)

Thomas McKenzie is the founding pastor of Church of the Redeemer in Nashville, Tennessee.  His book, The Anglican Way: a Guidebook  framed the following interview.  More information about McKenzie can be found at The interview was conducted by David George Moore.  Dave blogs at Moore: What were the motivating factors which led you [Read More...]

Weekly Meanderings, 21 March 2015

We’ve seen a few bald eagles down here in Florida and this picture is from a hometown family friend-photographer Terry Herbig: Want to know what Dallas Willard’s formational teachings were all about? Read this. The newest buzz term that has potential is… Hugh Halter‘s take on missional: We all agree: *That the best way to start [Read More...]

Pew Study: Where Major Religions Stand on Same-Sex Marriage

Source [Read more...]

Starting with Jesus — New Way for Theology (by John Frye)

Because Jesus is the God-Man, that is, he is both 100% God and 100% human being in One Person forever, Jesus has insider knowledge of the nature of God. Because of this unique knowledge, Dennis F. Kinlaw proposes that we start with Jesus in attempting any theology of God. We are reviewing Kinlaw’s book Let’s [Read More...]

Which God? Violent Retributive, or Non-violent Distributive

That title will strike some as a false dichotomy, but false dichotomies have a way of forcing a conversation into some difficult corners. To foster that conversation I bring up the new book by Dom Crossan (John Dominic Crossan), How to Read the Bible and Still be a Christian. Dom is a well-known historical Jesus scholar [Read More...]

NCAA Hoops and Big-Time Dollars

Source, and it’s a great article, with this summary clipped: [Image] The payout rules are complicated but enticing. Even if your college basketball team doesn’t win a game, you win $1.67 million. A round-of-16 appearance rakes in almost $5 million. A Final Four run? $8.3 million. What sounds like the country’s most lucrative office pool [Read More...]

Evangelicals, the Bible, and Immigrants

Samuel Smith: Nine out of 10 Evangelicals say that the Scripture has no impact on their views toward immigration reform, according to a poll released Wednesday. The poll similarly found that nearly seven in 10 Evangelicals have never been encouraged by their church to reach out to immigrants. The Christian polling organization LifeWay Research surveyed 1,000 [Read More...]

In which Essay She Accuses Men of “Benevolent Sexism”

Siam Goorwich: So what does benevolent sexism actually mean? In the study, the team explain: ‘Hostile sexism is an antipathy towards women… Benevolent sexism, in contrast, is a chivalrous and subjectively positive view of women. Women are portrayed as pure and warm yet helpless and incompetent beings who require cherished protection from men.’ Professor Judith [Read More...]

But Is it True? (RJS)

Iain Provan in Seriously Dangerous Religion: What the Old Testament Really Says and Why It Matter has taken us through a survey of the Old Testament to explore the Old Story told in the Bible. He then connected it with the new dimensions revealed through Jesus Christ. Now it is time to address the key [Read More...]

Adam: Literal, Historical, or Archetypal?

An interview with John Walton, author of the new The Lost World of Adam and Eve. What made you dive into the discussions (and controversies) surrounding Adam and Eve and Genesis 2-3?  John H. Walton: I have always been interested in Genesis, in ancient Near Eastern backgrounds, and in issues of science and the Bible, so [Read More...]

Is Discipleship Anglican? Ian Paul

From Ian Paul’s website: A few weeks ago, Linda Woodhead suggested in the Church Times that discipleship was a ‘theologically peripheral concept’, and the following week Angela Tilby dismissed the ‘d-word’ as ‘sectarian vocabulary that…shows the influence of American-derived Evangelicalism on the Church’s current leadership.’ The short discussions in each place actually raise not one but three, inter-related, questions: [Read More...]

Infant Baptism: Brief Defense

Kevin DeYoung has a (very) brief defense of infant baptism posted at the TGC website. (I have now a 25 page paper or so for my own defense, but it will be published in the Colossians-Philemon commentary I’m now writing. After emphasizing fellowship with many Baptists/paedo-baptists, he gives his basic approach — covenant theology. 1. [Read More...]

Legalism is Your Spiritual Illusion (by Sean Palmer)

Legalism Is Your Spiritual Illusion Legalism is the worst feeling in the world. I know from experience. Sadly, the pain of legalism doesn’t keep more people from embracing it. A Quick(ish) Story: One of the great oddities of my life is that I can’t remember anything before I turned five. I’m pretty sure that means [Read More...]

Amanda Marcotte’s Failure to Look at Evidence

In a recent piece at Salon, Amanda Marcotte trots out the secularization theory and seems oblivious to the best research in the USA that actually both denies secularization theory and supports another theory. In her piece she makes many accurate observations, but the article is shaped by a claim that America is becoming less Christian. [Read More...]

Kingdom and Lipscomb University

From the recent flyer distributed through Lipscomb University and Missio Alliance: The Hazelip School of Theology and Missio Alliance invite you to participate in a conversation forum with noted scholar and author Dr. Scot McKnight. The event will focus on McKnight’s recently published book, Kingdom Conspiracy: Returning to the Radical Mission of the Local Church. [Read More...]

Highland Abilene

This last weekend Kris and I were in Abilene Texas at the kind invitation of Jonathan Storment, a preacher-pastor of Highland Church of Christ in Abilene. It was a splendid weekend of teaching and fellowship as we got to participate in yet another one of God’s good gatherings in this world and country of ours. [Read More...]

Mimi Haddad on International Women’s Day

Guest post by Mimi Haddad: In commemorating International Women’s Day, we remain sober about the future safety of girls and women. According to the United Nations 35% of the world’s females, over 1/3 have encountered physical abuse in their life. What is more, in most of these communities women are rarely included in the strategies and implementations [Read More...]