Weekly Meanderings, 6 August 2016

Well done, Amy: The implication of pieces and postures like Grudem’s this week impacts young evangelicals. Evangelical leaders are going to lose an entire generation of Christians in the wake of our current political and social climate. This is not an article asking millennials to leave Evangelicalism because I believe it can’t be saved, nor [Read More…]

The (Pete) Enns of the Matter

By John Frye Scot McKnight has recently posted on the presentations of the Five Views of Biblical Inerrancy. One of those presenters is Peter Enns. Peaked by these posts, I re-read Enns’ book The Bible Tells Me So: Why Defending the Scripture Has Made Us Unable to Read It. I’d like to give my personal [Read More…]

Is Egalitarian Theology a Counter to Abuse?

From Arise By Rachel Elizabeth Asproth On August 01, 2016 Abuse Recently, there has been a lot of conversation on the relationship between complementarianism and abuse. The conversation was reignited when Ruth Tucker released her book, Black and White Bible, Black and Blue Wife. Since then, many complementarians have critiqued Tucker’s argument that male headship [Read More…]

Countries Not Using the Metric System

From Google Facts: [Read more…]

Are Political Correctness and Anti-PC Both Coercive?

O. Alan Noble, at CT, has a powerful response to our culture’s obsession — both pro and con and back and forth by both sides — with political correctness. Here is one section; go to the link to see the alternative. In a few cases, political correctness has been openly advocated as a way to [Read More…]

Why Don’t We Push the Storehouse Theory of Rain? (RJS)

The Bible teaches that God governs the weather including the rain (image to the right from wikipedia). Many passages make this quite clear. Not only this he keeps rain, wind, snow and hail in his storehouses to be sent forth out of his bounty or wrath. The LORD will open the heavens, the storehouse of [Read More…]

No Creed but the Bible?

Three observations. First, in the history of the church nearly all churches have been creedal, and by that I mean they recite either The Apostles’ Creed or the Nicene Creed (actually, the Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed) and they see in the creed the genuine summary of the Christian faith. Second, many churches today have both abandoned the [Read More…]

Secretary Clinton, “That’s Not True”

I don’t understand why my Democrat friends — at least most of them — will not acknowledge this very serious refusal on the part of Secretary Clinton to admit that what she was said was, as Comey said, “false.” It is her response of refusing to acknowledge the obvious that provokes the numbers of Americans [Read More…]

Strong and Weak

By Jonathan Storment Today I’d like to introduce you to one of the better books that I have read in the past year.  It has changed some of the ways I do ministry, and the ways I approach leadership as a Christian. I’ve been reviewing this book on my new blog over the past few [Read More…]

How, or Where, God Makes the World a Better Place

There is a dominant and highly-attractive narrative at work among Christian thinkers, and it looks like this: God created a very good world and called humans to look after its wellbeing. Humans acted so sinfully that creation itself was broken, too. In response, God set apart the descendants of Abraham to do something about that [Read More…]

Pope Francis Takes a Step toward Ordaining Women

As Deacons, for now. (CNN)Pope Francis has created a commission to study the historical role of female deacons in the Catholic Church, the Vatican’s press office said Monday. The commission was first promised by the Pope after a meeting with a group of nuns on May 12. He said the Vatican should study the question [Read More…]

Abraham Laughed (RJS)

God promised Abr(ah)am a son in his old age, and then elaborated that the promised son would come from his wife Sarai, now Sarah, a promise that made both Abraham and Sarah laugh.  I have heard a multitude of sermons over the years on Sarah’s laughter (generally casting it in a negative light – occasionally [Read More…]

How Vital are the Sacraments?

Is it a church if that group of people does not celebrate baptism and the Lord’s Supper? What do you think? James Thompson, in his excellent and dense sketch of the church in Paul’s letters (The Church according to Paul), offers this summary of “the church made visible” in baptism and the Lord’s Supper (or [Read More…]

The Myth of the Good Ole Days

By Allan Bevere There’s lots of bad stuff going on in the world today. A natural worrywart would have a feast wigging out over what is happening in the world and right here in the good ole’ U.S. of A. How many times I hear people speaking of the good old days, of simpler times [Read More…]

What Wayne Grudem Should Have Said

Instead of coating with Christian make-up Donald Trump’s obvious lack of Christian convictions and character as Wayne Grudem did — in an article with the title that uses words that Trump is a “morally good choice” — he should have reduced his endorsement to the following sentences: Evangelicals need to align themselves with Republicans. (That [Read More…]

Can These Bones Live?

By Michelle Van Loon, who blogs at patheos.com/blogs/pilgrimsroadtrip and who tweets at michellevanloon.com Some in shriveling churches have prayed a form of Ezekiel 37:1-14 for their congregations. The prophet Ezekiel was given a vision of dry bones, and as he spoke in God’s name over them, God supernaturally reassembled them into a vibrant living body. God told [Read More…]

How Does an Open Theist Explain Miracles?

The issue is that the open theist, who maximizes freedom on the part of God and humans and creation and who believes in miracles, implicates God in the choice to act sometimes for redemption and goodness and at other times not to act. Thus, God has a choice when to act and, if so, God [Read More…]