The “Historical” Adam

From Dennis Venema, Scot McKnight, Adam and the Genome Before I get to clips from the book, I want to suggest that the best place to begin when it comes to the so-called “historical” Adam issue is not with the word “historical” but with the word “literary.” That is, the only Adam Jews knew was the Adam of [Read More…]

Defending Ruth Tucker

From Arise, used with permission By Maureen Farrell Garcia On January 25, 2017 Abuse If you haven’t yet read Ruth Tucker’s book, Black and White Bible, Black and Blue Wife, you should. Full disclosure: I have been reading her work for a few decades. It challenged me to reconsider what it meant to be created in [Read More…]

Already by Six Years Old

Ed Yong: “There are lots of people at the place where I work, but there is one person who is really special. This person is really, really smart,” said Lin Bian. “This person figures out how to do things quickly and comes up with answers much faster and better than anyone else. This person is [Read More…]

Where Have All the Skinny Jeans Pastors Gone?

From CT: American pastors aren’t as young as they used to be. As clergy live longer and stay in ministry longer, the average age of Protestant senior pastors has risen to 54—a decade older than 25 years before, when the average age was 44. Now, just 1 in 7 pastors leading congregations is under 40, [Read More…]

The Scandal of the Evangelical Soul

Both conservative evangelicals and progressive evangelicals lost their soul in the last two years. For two years Christians have ramped up their verbal engagement in a presidential election, and it seems to me that European evangelicals have engaged the same. Everywhere we have traveled in the last two years, especially in the last nine months, [Read More…]

Archbishop Foley Beach and the Refugees

Archbishop Beach issues a call to prayer for our neighbors and our nations. Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, As a province that spans Canada, the United States, and Mexico we face unique challenges on issues affecting refugees and immigration. I am thankful for our congregations that are a part of the Anglican Immigrant Initiative. [Read More…]

Science is Incidental (RJS)

Chapter 5 of Denis Lamoureux’s new book Evolution: Scripture and Nature Say Yes looks at the way that “science” is presented in Scripture. Science is a modern concept, but Scripture certainly speaks about the nature of the cosmos and uses language that assumes a view of astronomy, geography, and biology. But the Bible is not [Read More…]

Doubting Your Doubts (Jonathan Storment)

Doubting Your Doubts So last week I wrote a post responding to the New York Times article from December where the columnist Nicholas Kristof interviewed Pastor Tim Keller about Christianity. The article was great, and I appreciated both Keller’s answers and Kristof’s questions. I wrote last week, that one of the things that I appreciated [Read More…]

Good Deed of the Month

Kim Norvell: JOHNSTON, Iowa — An anonymous donor has paid off lunch debts for 148 Johnston elementary school students whose accounts were in the red by $10 or more. The donation, totaling $13,250, was made Jan. 9. It benefited students in kindergarten through fifth grade in all five Johnston elementary schools, said Laura Sprague, director of communications. [Read More…]

World Vision Letter to President Trump

Dear President Trump and Vice President Pence, As evangelical Christians, we are guided by the Bible to be particularly concerned for the plight of refugees, individuals who have been forced to flee their countries because of the threat of persecution. Evangelical churches and ministries have long played a key role in welcoming, resettling, and assisting [Read More…]

Why Be Anglican: Prayers of the People

No question about it, but in many churches there is not a designated time for the people to pray. Some churches are just too big for that, and even too big for a pastoral prayer. Others are so focused on the sermon that there is not time left for what we Anglicans call the “prayers [Read More…]

Five Principles for Approaching the Bible after Genome Science

Adam and the Genome Books are officially available tomorrow. Clips from the first chapter in the second half of the book. Principle 1: A text out of context is a pretext. Every statement about Adam and Eve in the Old Testament, in Jewish literature, and in the New Testament is a statement made from a [Read More…]

The Parable of the Good Deplorable

The Parable of the Good Deplorable, by Jason Micheli In front of a crowd of 70 (Or 140, who’s to say how big the crowd really was?) this lawyer tries to trap Jesus by turning the scriptures against him: “Who is my neighbor?” he presses.      It’s the kind of bible question they could’ve debated [Read More…]

Epiphany Prayer

Almighty and everlasting God, you govern all things both in heaven and on earth: Mercifully hear the supplications of your people, and in our time grant us your peace; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen. BCP [Read more…]

In the News: The Fate of Refugees

Nation states have chosen and encoded in law their boundaries and what it takes to get in and out of those boundaries. I don’t get to walk into Canada without going through an officer’s inspection, and Canadians don’t get to enter the USA without inspection. Such laws seem reasonable to most of us. Even so, what [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings, 28 January 2017

This is inexcusable and un-American: A massive group of violent demonstrators spat on, assaulted and screamed obscenities at a Gold Star widow and sister Friday outside an inaugural ball honoring the military, one of the women told “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday. Amy Looney, who lost her husband Navy SEAL Lt. Brendan Looney in 2010, [Read More…]

Kingdom Roots with Dennis Venema, Genomist

Please listen to this to hear Dennis Venema’s story about changing toward evolution. [Read more…]