Weekly Meanderings, 3 September 2016

An amazing week with our new MA in NT cohort at Northern Seminary. Wonderful students — 20 of them — with a passion to know God through Scripture, and a week of growth in figuring out all these names and movements and moments in NT studies. What a week. Thanks Northern and thanks students! Including [Read More…]

Religious Freedom and Discrimination: America Faces the Law

John Hawthorne: I’ll state my conclusion up front and then circle back to explain how I got here. Here goes: In an increasingly pluralistic culture, claims of religious freedom will conflict directly with protections against discrimination. When that conflict occurs, the discrimination issues will win. This is the case because there is a conflict between [Read More…]

A Man Attested by God: Reviewing

By John Frye In part 1 of the review of J. R. Daniel Kirk’s A Man Attested by God, Kirk’s hypothesis is that Jesus in the Synoptics is best understood as “an idealized human figure,” which is an established category in 1st century Jewish literature. Rather than understanding Jesus in a high divine Christology (Jesus [Read More…]

Why is the Church So Ineffective?

To say the church is “ineffective” is to make a claim that is more than a little difficult to prove. Is the church less effective today than, say, 20 years ago? 40 years ago? 100 years ago? Still, many make the claim that the church today is ineffective and they suggest that in former days [Read More…]

Moving From Debate to Dialogue (RJS)

I am preparing to lead a discussion on science and Christian faith this fall as part of a group life offering. As our church is located next door to a major research university, this is a topic of significance in our community and in our church. It is possible to play ostrich and bury our [Read More…]

A Question for Complementarians from Ruth Tucker

When Does Submission Begin? When does male headship and female submission begin? Here I ask a critical question of complementarians. This is not a gotcha question. There is nothing frivolous in my asking. It is serious because it relates to little girls, preteens, teens and to young women who are courting or engaged. We have [Read More…]

“Missional” May Not be What You Think

A well-known NT scholar recently asked me what “missional” meant and he said he had not seen the word until it was in the title to a book Joe Modica and I recently co-edited. Ah, so clear: “missional” is a buzz word for a specific group, mostly the “missional” people. But what does “missional” mean [Read More…]

Scooby Doo, How Wrong are You?

By Jonathan Storment: I’m in a blog series reviewing one of the best books I’ve read this year. It is Reviving Old Scratch by Richard Beck and it’s all about the Devil and Spiritual Warfare. But before you turn up your nose at this, I want you to know this isn’t like the other spiritual [Read More…]

The Genesis Mission: To “Dress and Keep” the Cosmos?

By Leslie Leyland Fields My father believed in UFO’s deeply, sincerely. He watched the night skies often, ready for a revelation, for the flashing brilliance of an alien in his backyard. His faith in extraterrestrial life never wavered but his believe in God flickered off and on over his lifetime. Mostly off. He saw the [Read More…]

The World Will Believe When…

From Jesus, John 17: My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you [Read More…]

Abraham, Model of Faith? The Binding of Isaac (RJS)

One of the hardest stories in the Old Testament comes in Genesis 22. Here God tests Abraham by asking him to sacrifice Isaac – his beloved son of the promise. This passage is next up in our slow walk through Genesis. Walter Moberly discusses this passage in Old Testament Theology: The Theology of the Book [Read More…]

What God Expects of the Church: Love One Another

John Nugent, in his book Endangered Gospel: How Fixing the World is Killing the Church, comes now to a decisive point in  his proposal: how does the church related to God’s vision of the “better place”? Recall that Nugent sketches three views, none of which is as robustly biblical as the proposal he offers (and I [Read More…]

My Place at the Table: Michelle Van Loon

My Place At The Table By Michelle Van Loon, who blogs at patheos.com/blogs/pilgrimsroadtrip and at michellevanloon.com The resolution affirmed by 82% of those voting at the recent triennial gathering of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) calling for an end of all American aid to Israel reminded me once again that to be a Jewish follower of [Read More…]

Pax Romana: A Review

Adrian Goldsworthy. Pax Romana: War, Peace and Conquest in the Roman World. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2016.ISBN 0300178824. Review by Michael C Thompson One of the first aspects of life under Roman rule that a beginning New Testament student learns is the Pax Romana (Roman peace). The phrase points to an ideal that characterized certain [Read More…]

Lord of All Power and Might

Lord of all power and might, the author and giver of all good things: Graft in our hearts the love of your Name; increase in us true religion; nourish us with all goodness; and bring forth in us the fruit of good works; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and [Read More…]

One Sentence is Worth the Price of this Book!

ONE SENTENCE IS WORTH THE PRICE OF THE BOOK! By David George Moore. Dave blogs regularly at www.twocities.org and his videos, which are designed “to make people see,” are at www.mooreengaging.com. My subject line sounds ridiculous, but one sentence is full of so many implications I felt comfortable putting it down.   I have never read [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings, 27 August 2016

This is a story about my driver too, and I feel about it the way Jeff Ritter does: Each of the major clubmakers had a spot on the range, as they still do today, and that’s where I had my first Sasquatch sighting. A bogey golfer, I found the square crown so outrageous, I forgot [Read More…]