Bird Migration and Climate Change

Darryl Fears: The birds and the bees are telling humans about much more than sex, a new study released Thursday says. They are a harbinger of climate change, with species swapping habitats like a game of musical chairs as regions in Europe and the United States warm. Populations of American robins that winter in southern [Read More…]

What’s Missing from Bernie’s Free Tuition Plan?

Robert Gebelhoff, at WaPo: It’s a tight race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in the Wisconsin Democratic primary, but Sanders has managed to gain a slight edge due to his support among young people — with more than 83 percent of college-age voters planning to vote for him. His lead among young people has [Read More…]

You Are Not What You Eat! (RJS)

Many of the most interesting topics at the interface science and the Christian faith fall in the realm of neuroscience, sociobiology and evolutionary psychology. These are fields, it should be noted, that are in flux and undergoing rapid development. Much of the literature, especially the literature written for a popular audience reflects the inconsistencies of [Read More…]

The New Perspective in Northern Ireland

Every time I look through the contributors to The Apostle Paul and the Christian Life: Ethical and Missional Implications of the New Perspective (ed. J. Modica, SMcK), I think that specific contributor’s essay was my favorite to read. Which brings to my “new favorite,” the essay by Patrick Mitchel, principal at Belfast Bible College and formerly [Read More…]

A Doctor “Re-defines” “Miracle”

Jeffrey Rediger and “miracles” movie: What are your thoughts? To doctors, events like the story that this girl’s mother (played in the film by Jennifer Garner) recounted in her memoir are impossible to explain. Scientists call them “spontaneous remission” or “placebo responses.” Religious people generally use a different word: “miracle.” I’m trained in both medicine [Read More…]

Minority Status of Christians

The Spectator, by Tim Stanley: All of this is doubly irritating in an age in which horoscopes are widely read and a significant slice of the population thinks Earth has been visited by aliens. The human race is no less credulous than it once was. It’s just that its taste in the fantastic has moved [Read More…]

Kingdom Perspectives on Gender

When I saw the title of her book — Neither Complementarian nor Egalitarian: A Kingdom Corrective to the Evangelical Gender Debate — and then saw that Craig Blomberg wrote a foreword and Lynn Cohick the afterword I had an odd response: “Sure, let’s see if there can be a Third Way approach.” Then the term “kingdom” [Read More…]

Employment for the Homeless

Robert Zaslow: After being turned down more than 100 times, Marcus, a homeless Minneapolis job-seeker with a criminal record, was just about to give up. Then he got a second chance to turn his life around. McDonald’s and various temp agencies wouldn’t even consider him due to his appearance and record. But when Marcus walked [Read More…]

Second Sunday of Easter Prayer

Almighty and everlasting God, who in the Paschal mystery established the new covenant of reconciliation: Grant that all who have been reborn into the fellowship of Christ’s Body may show forth in their lives what they profess by their faith; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, [Read More…]

Social Radical: Mr Rogers?

By Peter Smith / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette LATROBE — When he died in 2003, Fred Rogers was described in many headlines as gentle, beloved, kind and — of course — neighborly. But how about radical? Counter-cultural? Trouble-maker? Scholars and others are using such adjectives as they assess the legacy of the late creator and host of the long-running [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings, 2 April 2016

Dishwasher wisdom, by Jura Konklus: Carolyn Forte, director of home appliances for the Good Housekeeping Institute, is paid to know the best way to get your dishes sparkling clean. She is still amazed at all the differences of opinion about dishwashers and how to run them for maximum performance. “Loading the dishwasher causes a lot [Read More…]

Aging is Made for Exercisers

Gretchen Reynolds: To keep our muscles healthy deep into retirement, we may need to start working out more now, according to a new study of world-class octogenarian athletes. The study found substantial differences at a cellular level between the athletes’ muscles and those of less active people. Muscular health is, of course, essential for successful [Read More…]

Writing is made for Walkers

Linda Wasmer Andrews: Novelists and poets have long held that walking and writing are closely connected. Now there’s research to back up that claim. Among the past literary luminaries known to be avid walkers were Charles Dickens, Virginia Woolf and Henry David Thoreau. But perhaps the most celebrated walker-writer was William Wordsworth, who always seemed [Read More…]

Love Wins… Not

John Frye: “Christian universalism is the view that in the end God will reconcile all people to himself through Christ,” is Robin A. Parry’s opening sentence. Parry sets out to convince the reader in the rest of his essay in Four Views on Hell that “What makes universalism universal is simply the insistence that ‘God [Read More…]

Us vs. Us: Andrew Marin’s Newest Study on LGBT

Long ago, at a school before Northern Seminary, Andrew Marin scheduled an appointment with and we had a long conversation, animated to the top of the ceiling by Andrew’s enthusiasm. Not long after he sent a ms into IVP and Andrew Marin became the go-to person for dialogue between the progressive LGBT voices and the [Read More…]

From Atoms or Adams, We are God’s Creation (RJS)

The next chapter of Ron Highfield’s new book The Faithful Creator looks explicitly at divine creation and modern science. Certainly the first image that comes to mind for many is the (supposed) conflict between the conclusions of modern science and biblical faith in God as creator.  But is this conflict real and unavoidable, or is [Read More…]

You are what you love (Jonathan Storment)

You Are What You Love Part 1 A few years ago, James K.A. Smith wrote an outstanding book called Desiring the Kingdom that changed the way I saw ministry. It was incisive and painful and helpful all at the same time, because it helped me to name some of the problems that I was seeing [Read More…]