When a Parent is “Left Behind”

When A Parent Is “Left Behind”, by Michelle Van Loon www.MomentsAndDays.com www.MichelleVanLoon.com There has been much written about the exodus of Millennials from the Church. But I haven’t seen much discussion about the effect of that exodus on those they’ve left behind; specifically, the parents who sought to pass on their faith to their children [Read More…]

Hold that Fascism Accusation

Sheri Berman: An analogy is haunting the United States—the analogy of fascism. It is virtually impossible (outside certain parts of the Right-wing itself) to try to understand the resurgent Right without hearing it described as—or compared with—20th-century interwar fascism. Like fascism, the resurgent Right is irrational, close-minded, violent, and racist. So goes the analogy, and [Read More…]

An Activist’s Confession

Micah White of Occupy’s confession: You’ve gone from trying to look at the big picture, global “We are the 99 percent,” stop the money in politics, end corporate greed down to 280 people. Why go small? I think one of the things about being an activist is what you have to do is you have [Read More…]

Reflections on Christ and Creation (RJS)

I had the opportunity to speak on Sunday at a local church. The pastor is a friend I’ve known for years – since our kids were toddlers. The topic for the day was science and Christian faith. What does it mean to be a believing scientist, and to stay a believing scientist?  After all, there [Read More…]

Just War and Pacifism: A Truce

Just War & Pacifism: A Truce, by Austin Fischer SMcK: One of the great testing grounds for one’s approach to Christian ethics is war: How should Christians participate? Should Christians participate? It is a sad reality that many American Christians don’t bother to think about such a topic and as a result think military actions [Read More…]

The Unevangelized: The Options (by John Sanders)

Source [Read more…]

The Billy Graham Rule

By Justin Taylor, who is more and more developing his hand at the history of American evangelicalism: A recent Washington Post profile of Vice President Mike Pence quoted a 2012 piece which said “he never eats alone with a woman other than his wife.” Not surprisingly, revelation of this practice was met with a fair bit of mockery and [Read More…]

So How Much Allegiance is Required?

One of the summary beliefs of the Reformation is “by faith alone” (sola fide). So Matthew Bates (Salvation by Allegiance Alone) proposes that the meaning of “faith” in “faith” alone is more than cognitive agreement and more than cognitive agreement with existential trust in Christ alone (another summary belief). He says, No, the meaning of the [Read More…]

Paul and Equality (Mimi Haddad)

Mimi’s post, originally at Missio Alliance, illustrates how the term “complementarian” has a history. It was originally the term used by what is now called egalitarians; thus, they were complementarian without hierarchy. The term as used by complementarians is not so much complementarian but hierarchical in primary connotation with distinction of roles. What did women [Read More…]

Prayer for this Week

Almighty God, you alone can bring into order the unruly wills and affections of sinners: Grant your people grace to love what you command and desire what you promise; that, among the swift and varied changes of the world, our hearts may surely there be fixed where true joys are to be found; through Jesus [Read More…]

NCAA and UNC: The Story

Stewart Mandel: On May 20, 2015, the NCAA’s vice president for enforcement sent North Carolina a letter alleging lack of institutional control by the university for providing athletes special access to fraudulent African Studies courses. It noted that the practice continued unchecked for 18 years, “particularly in the sports of football, men’s basketball and women’s [Read More…]

Jason Micheli Reviews “The Fitch Option”

Jason Micheli is the author of Cancer is Funny: Keeping Faith in Stage Serious Chemo. He’s a United Methodist in Alexandria, Va, blogs at www.tamedcynic.org, and hosts the Crackers and Grape Juice Podcast.  How Resident Aliens Live: Or, the Fitch Option David Fitch’s Faithful Presence: Seven Disciplines that Shape the Church for Mission On Ash Wednesday [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings, 1 April 2017

Go Julia, by Jenny McCoy: Louisiana native Julia Hawkins became a competitive cyclist at age 81. Last year at age 100, seeking a new challenge, she decided to pick up competitive running for the first time. She registered for the 50-meter dash at the Louisiana Senior Olympic Games, completing the race with a PR of 19.07 [Read More…]

CNN on the Leggings Kerfuffle

From CNN, on the leggings on United Airlines kerfuffle: Plus, “non-revs,” short for “non-revenue,” are subjected to a dress code, which only they can access on the United website with a password; it’s not publicly available. United’s code bans, among many other things, form-fitting and lycra/spandex clothing, or anything inappropriately revealing. Non-revs are perceived as [Read More…]

Tell Me Your Story

By John Frye My wife, Julie, and I have been attending an intentionally diverse church for over a year. We’ve noticed a compelling dynamic in a multiethnic community. Yes, we affirm as a church that we all want to be a preview of the new creation vision seen in Revelation 5:9 “…members of every tribe [Read More…]

Co-Pastors, Co-Priests: The Millers

Kris and I were asked to attend and I got to be a Presenter when Karen Miller was ordained to the priesthood almost two weeks ago. Karen will join her husband, Kevin, as co-pastors, co-priests of Church of the Savior in Wheaton. It was a wonderful service in which we were with our Bishop, Todd [Read More…]

Christ and Creation (RJS)

I have the opportunity this week to be at the BioLogos conference Christ and Creation in Houston. I’ve escaped the chilly north, but more importantly have the opportunity for excellent company and thought-provoking conversation. It is great to connect with old friends, meet new people and finally meet a few I’ve interacted with through this [Read More…]