My Accent

Do you have an accent? I don’t. [Read more...]

Friday is for Friends

Yet another topic for discussion — a topic rarely discussed in spiritual formation books and yet one that is central: feasting as memory. This is the subject of the 14th chp of Darryl Tippens, Pilgrim Heart. I begin with a quotation that struck me — and one that serves as a warning for anyone who [Read More...]

On Grading Papers

Best opening line of a paper this semester: “My parents are Christians and I grew up in the convent.” (He meant “Covenant” as in denomination.) Anyone with some funny or clever lines in papers? [Read more...]

Papers are now due

It’s end of the term; papers are due. I got a note from a student on Wednesday about 3:45pm. He asked about the paper in such a way that I was confident he probably had not yet begun. I approved the angle he was suggesting, and then added this: “… it’s 4pm the day before [Read More...]

Love in the Key of Delight 25

Song of Songs 5:2-8 tells a story of invitation, delay, disappointment and search — the woman is asleep, her lover knocks on the door, she delays in responding, he disappears and she searches for him. Love sometimes issues an urgent plea to respond … and yet in delaying or not delaying there can be danger [Read More...]

Circle of the Same

Imagine yourself at a table with others. (I’m not talking about dinner.) Who is at the table? Now here’s the big question: Is your normal time at table with others a time when you are with folks just like yourself or are you often with others who are quite unlike you? I’ve got an idea [Read More...]

The life of two preemies

Here are two pictures of Joel and Karla Willitts two preemie infants — Mary and Zion. Mary now weighs 2 lb 14 oz and Zion is up to 3 lbs 8 oz. [Read more...]

Love in the Key of Delight 24

She’s been awakened to her lover at the door; she comes to the door only to find he has left myrrh as a token of his love for her. She now opens the door to find him gone. She resumes her yearning search for him. [Read more...]

Guest Post: Les Keylock

A former student of mine and now teaching in Florida at Trinity College, Les Keylock, sent me this little “article” about whether or not we are biblical when it comes to women on Sunday morning. Les will no doubt check in today, so let’s start a conversation with Les about women in ministry. [Read more...]

The Plan of God: What is it like?

From John Goldingay, Israel’s Gospel, p. 61, where he describes how he teaches his classes: first, a 40 minute lecture; then a 30 minute small group discussion; and then a 30 minute plenary/class discussion. Then he makes an observation — and I’m keen on hearing what you think of his theology as seen in this [Read More...]

Love in the Key of Delight 23

Whether in her dream or in the reality of being awakened from a dream, the woman has teasingly said to her shepherd lover at the door that she is not attired to come to the door. But something happens that stirs her; he seemingly opens the door. But… [Read more...]

Lauren Meets North Park 2

Lauren’s second lecture at North Park was on Real Sex: The Naked Truth about Chastity, and she offers four lies or myths that Christians often tell themselves and their youth about sex. She considers each a myth (as untrue) and dangerous and she argues her case theologically — delightfully so I might add. [Read more...]

First Day is Goldingay

It’s May first, and the first day of the month is Golding-day — the day we examine another chapter of John Goldingay, Old Testament Theology: 1. Israel’s Gospel. We are on chp 2, “God Began: Creation,” and it is a majestic and edgy and earthy description of the God of the Creation Narratives of the [Read More...]

Love in the Key of Delight 22

The shepherd’s lover now will give a second long speech; the first one was in 2:8–3:11 which was followed by his speech (4:1–5:1). Now she speaks in 5:2–6:3: [Read more...]

Lauren Meets North Park

Lauren Winner, author of Girl Meets God, Mudhouse Sabbath, and Real Sex, was at North Park Theological Seminary last week and the seminary was kind enough to make the lectures public — so my two classes gathered in the seminary chapel for her two talks — one on Trinitarian Spirituality and one on Real Sex: [Read More...]

Bill Hybels at his Best

There are an assortment of churches — megachurches, megachurch wannabes, big churches, small churches, house churches, missional churches, cafe churches, neighborhood churches, village churches. Some change constantly; some are the same as they were when Grandma and Grandpa were baptized there by the pastor whose grandson is now pastor. [Read more...]

Love in the Key of Delight 21

The young shepherd lover continues his delight in his lover by cmparing her to his own garden of delights, a garden locked so that only he and she will enjoy that garden: [Read more...]