Weekly Meanderings

Chicago’s Fall Weather I will be at Ashland Theological Seminary Monday and Tuesday giving four lectures on “The Battle for the Gospel.”  Talking about pictures, wow, have you seen this one? What kind of twitterer are you? (HT: TT) Why aren’t 20somethings in church? Take a look at Amanda Munroe’s essay “Labels.” Do the emergents understand [Read More…]

Mr. Pilot …

The latest little fiasco from the airlines is the plane that overshot its airport by a mere 150 miles. Let’s not dismiss this as simply funny. But, let’s have some fun with it.  Let’s assume the pilots were sleeping. Let’s imagine Letterman or Leno ask you to come up with a few lines for pilots… [Read More…]

The Jesus Prayer

A few years back, when I was working on a small book on prayer, I found my way to the Eastern Orthodox standard prayer book. I began to use it with the goal of using it every day for a month, which I did. Two things struck me about the Orthodox prayer book: its wonderful [Read More…]

OMG and Taking the Name of the Lord in Vain

Nightline and ABC news are doing a series on the Ten Commandments, one of which is the Third Commandment from Exodus 20:7, which reads:  You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not hold guiltless anyone who takes his name in vain. The severity of the language that YHWH will [Read More…]

PW responds to RJS: Are Women (who listen to sermons) human?

This is getting fun: RJS posts about Dorothy Sayers book and PW, another regular writer here at Jesus Creed, responds … or I should say that RJS’s post generated a reflection by PW. As the spouse of a pastor, I have often been in discussion with my pastor/husband about this very subject. And, we have [Read More…]

Where did you get your nickname?

This little guy got his name, well, … you read it, but we’d like to hear where you got your nickname… WLS-Ch. 7 morning news anchor Judy Hsu gave birth this morning to a baby boy as she and her husband rushed to the hospital on the inbound Eisenhower Expressway, the station reported. “We were heading [Read More…]

Acts and Mission 48

Luke ties off the end of chp 12 with subtle words, but words that indicate that God is in charge and God’s mission will move forward — even if it means death of God’s special servants, like James, and corrupt leaders who opposed God’s mission. Here are Luke’s words: Acts 12:24     But the word [Read More…]

Are Women Human? 3 (RJS)

Here is the question for today – Do you read books by or about women? Intentionally? This is the third and last in a series of posts centered around a short volume Are Women Human? containing two essays by Dorothy Sayers.  Today I am going to give a couple of quotes from Sayers’ essays, make [Read More…]

Manifold Witness 4

John Franke, in his new and exciting book Manifold Witness: The Plurality of Truth (Living Theology) is mapping the plural nature of truth in the Christian faith. His concern in chp 4 is how the diversity of the past and the present impact the church today — the local church — your local church. He [Read More…]

Pastor’s Bookshelf: 1-3 John

Those who preach books of the Bible eventually find their way to 1 John; those who preach a lectionary always find their way to 1 John, and there are some fantastic commentaries on the Epistles of John, beginning with: Surely the most complete, if not also at times speculative, commentary is that of Raymond E. [Read More…]

Acts and Mission 47

What holds Acts 12 together is as much Herod as it is the mission of God — in fact, the chp is about God’s mission in spite of Herod Agrippa I. Herod’s a creep, a brutal despot who puts people to death for gospeling and then puts people to death even when God liberates people [Read More…]

Economics at the Jesus Creed: Michael Kruse 7

Today’s post promises to be “profitic.” We are exploring the concept of profit. What is profit?  What is its role in business and the economy?   Unlike most economies of the past, most of us earn income by engaging in a narrow range of work that contributes to the production of goods and services. We use our [Read More…]

God Hides in Plain Sight 9

This is our last post on Dean Nelson’s book, God Hides in Plain Sight: How to See the Sacred in a Chaotic World , and it’s been a good book. One I expected to scan and then put away, but one that drew me in with its prose and its utter seriousness punctuated by LOL [Read More…]

Wisdom and Preaching Wisdom

This weekend I attended a conference at Lipscomb University on Reclaiming the Imagination and the focus was on Wisdom, wisdom literature in the Bible, and preaching. It was the best conference I’ve attended ever. I don’t know exactly why, but maybe because: 1. It was fun. 2. It was with some top level thinkers, pastors, [Read More…]

Acts and Mission 46

The story in Acts moves from the martyrdom of James, brother of John (sons of Zebedee), back to Peter, whose own agency in the mission of God shapes the first half of the Book of Acts. Peter, along with James, is persecuted by Herod Agrippa I, but the story of Peter turns out so differently [Read More…]

Are Women Human? 2 (RJS)

Last Thursday (see here) I started a short series of posts focused on Dorothy Sayers’ essays published in the volume Are Women Human?. The first essay in this volume is an address given to a women’s society in 1938.  Sayers starts the essay by relating her invitation to speak to the group and noting that [Read More…]

Manifold Witness 3

John Franke, in his new and exciting book Manifold Witness: The Plurality of Truth (Living Theology) , learned as a kid that one way to settle theological questions was to appeal to the “historic Christian faith.” So John looked into it, and he began “to wonder how we can talk about something like the historic [Read More…]