Reading the Letters of Others

I love to read the letters and correspondence of historical figures or those in whom I have an interest. And I am a sucker for the letters of C.S. Lewis. I read the original paperback edition twice, and then HarperSanFrancisco started publishing the full editions of his letters in three volumes so I read them [Read More...]

Colossians Remixed 15

W-K, in Colossians Remixed, make the observation that many try to see the “thrones and dominions” (shorthand for the four terms found in Colossians 1:16) in either exclusively political or spiritual (angels, etc) terms. [Read more...]

Ex-Gays 3

We are committed to understanding the central ideas of Stanton Jones and Mark Yarhouse, Ex-Gays?, and to do this we want to work our way patiently through their book. The central thesis of this book is that same-sex orientation and gay identity (their categories) can be changed as a result of the Christian faith. Today [Read More...]

What was it really like?

That is, what what was it really like to be a Christian — a Jewish Christian — in the first few centuries. Here’s a fact: the Church shifted from its original Jewish roots with its Jewish story when it became increasingly Roman and Greek. The result: the dominant story of the Church has been the [Read More...]

Colossians Remixed 14

We’ve been hard on W-K in their commentary on Colossians called Colossians Remixed and I’m being hard on them because I want to see evidence and not just explanation. [Read more...]

A Prayer

I like this prayer: Almighty and everlasting God, increase in me the gifts of faith, hope, and charity; and, that I may obtain what you promise, make me love what you command; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.†I [Read More...]

The Passing of C.F.D. Moule

We were informed that Professor C.F.D. Moule, the Lady Margaret Professor of Divinity at Cambridge and the doctoral supervisor of my doctoral supervisor, James D.G. Dunn, died Monday. He was 14 months shy of one hundred years old. Moule was the consummate gentleman scholar and one of the finest exegetes, with rock-solid commonsense at every [Read More...]

Must Everything Change? 3

If you would really like to know what Brian McLaren’s new book, Everything Must Change, is about here is the whole book in one diagram (click on it to enlargen): [Read more...]

Protesters Slaughtered

If you haven’t seen this, and I found it through Graham Old in the UK, here is a close report to what is happening in Burma. [Read more...]

Colossians Remixed 13

I begin our study today of Walsh and Keesmaat, Colossians Remixed, by quoting this: [Read more...]

Ex-Gays 2

Stanton Jones and Mark Yarhouse’s book Ex-Gays? discusses the controversy about a very specific issue and we want today to begin our series today by looking at chp 1: [Read more...]

Redemptive Story

Mariam, a regular reader of and commenter on this blog, posted this as a comment Sept 26 on our “Conversion” post. I wish here to record my thanks to her for telling her story, a truly redemptive one, at this site. [Read more...]

Colossians Remixed 12

Walsh and Keesmaat (Colossians Remixed) suggest we develop, alongside Paul’s and fired both by Paul’s imagination and the narrative of Scripture, an imagination that is an “alternative to the empire’s” (85). [Read more...]

Must Everything Change? 2

We begin today our official look at Brian McLaren’s new book, Everything Must Change. My promise: I will be fair to what Brian says; I will focus on what he focuses on; I will tell you what I like and what I don’t like; I will not try to find random theological pecadillos and then [Read More...]


We had a busy week. After speaking at Willow’s group life conference Thursday morning and then doing a workshop on Missional Jesus Thursday afternoon, we got up at 4:15am Friday and flew to Baltimore where we were picked up by three missional pastors: Brian, Mark and JR Woodward. [Read more...]

Simply Orthodox

Here’s an interview I did with my colleague, Brad Nassif, on Eastern Orthodoxy and the gospel. [Read more...]

Prayer for the Week

O God, you declare your almighty power chiefly in showing mercy and pity: Grant us the fullness of your grace, that we, running to obtain your promises, may become partakers of your heavenly treasure; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. [Read More...]