When Students Become Friends

Besides our wonderful time with Rob and Linda Merola in Sterling, VA, I’ve had some great times with my Trinity Seminary students who are no longer students but friends — Cheryl Hatch in D.C. and Sam Lamberson in Ft Lauderdale. [Read more...]

Love in the Key of Delight 14

Moving from chp 2 to chp 3 in Song of Songs moves us from a scene where the young woman has invited her lover into her home for the night … and suddenly she declares to the women of Jerusalem (either in a dream or in reality): [Read more...]

Women in Ministry: Three Women 3

Our third woman in this series is Phoebe. Both Priscilla and Junia are clear evidence of women in leadership and mininstry, and Phoebe seems to fit the same pattern. But, I want to begin with a point I made about two weeks back: [Read more...]

Girl Meets Mary

We get enough e-mails about our books; rarely do I say much about them, but I have to share this one. Why? Because she’s eighteen and because her letter was so delightful for both Kris and me. I’ve edited it a bit to hide her identity. [Read more...]

Love in the Key of Delight 13

The next verse is from the woman — and she speaks to the maidens of Jerusalem. Oh so nice. [Read more...]

Christianity for the Rest of Us

I’m reading Diana Butler Bass’s Christianity for the Rest of Us (HarperSF, 2006), and want to devote a few posts to her ideas. Essentially, the point of this book is to show that mainline, liberal, progressive churches are showing signs of life. [Read more...]

An Anglican Service

Sunday Kris and I were at St. Matthew’s in Sterling VA. I posted a few pics yesterday from our time there with Rob and Linda Merola. Rob is Rector of St. Matthew’s (whatever “rector” means). There is major impression I get everytime I “go Anglican.” [Read more...]

Love in the Key of Delight 12

The woman, either in conjuring up her lover in her mind or reporting of a previous encounter, now recalls what her lover said through the lattice. His words are basically these: “Let’s escape into the flowery areas or let’s find ourselves a cave.” [Read more...]

Women in Ministry: Three Women 2

Priscilla was the first woman we looked at in this series — and we looked at a profile of her last Thursday. Today we look at Junia. Here’s the simple overview: there was an early Christian apostle who was a woman and her name was Junia. [Read more...]

DC with the Merolas

Kris and I were in Sterling, VA, this weekend. We got to be with former students, Rob and Linda Merola, now serving at St. Matthew’s Episcopal. It was a delightful Sunday — I preached three times on Mary’s struggle with the cross-life — sealed when a man sang the praises of Rob’s pastoral efforts to [Read More...]

Love in the Key of Delight 11

Our next section in the Song of Songs, 2:8–3:5, describes the woman’s rendition of her lover’s visit to her home — either in reality or in her mind — and then her nocturnal search and finding of her lover. [Read more...]

Prayer for the Week

Second Sunday of Easter Almighty and everlasting God, who in the Paschal mystery established the new covenant of reconciliation: Grant that all who have been reborn into the fellowship of Christ’s Body may show forth in their lives what they profess by their faith; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you [Read More...]

Weekly Meanderings

Do you know about the Spiritual Formation Forum in Milwaukee this summer? I will address how a “whole gospel” reshapes our understanding of spiritual formation. [Read more...]

Friday is for Friends

Anyone who invites me to a table to talk about discernment and wisdom finds me a willing participant — and I think because the older I get the more significant wisdom has become in my life. Darryl Tippens devotes a chp to “Discerning” in Pilgrim Heart, and there is here a very nice sketch of [Read More...]

Love in the Key of Delight 10

As on last Friday, so today: I’ll sum up some ideas about love and marriage from our reading this week of Song of Solomon 1:12–2:7. [Read more...]

Women in Ministry: Three Women 1

Today we take a look at Priscilla, one of three women we need to pause to consider when it comes to our series about women in ministry. What we discover is a woman who had significant influence and ministry in the earliest Christian movement. [Read more...]

The Unobserved Racism

A colleague of mine, Soong-Chan Rah, recently saw something, said “enough is enough,” pointed to a blatant case of Christian racism, called the authors and leaders, got to the publisher (Zondervan), and ignited genuine learning that found its way to reconciliation. Here’s the story: [Read more...]