40 Days Living the Jesus Creed

The following is a chapter from our forthcoming 40 Days Living the Jesus Creed. It is as yet unedited; we have forty chapters that explore dimensions of the Jesus Creed in the Gospels and the early Christian leaders. [Read more...]

On Listening to the News

Sometimes the news, particularly the items judged newsworthy, can be depressing. So, I thought this might be a good prayer for us today: [Read more...]

Missional Jesus 54

The harshest words Jesus ever uttered can be found in Matthew 23. It is not possible to do a full study here, so I will make a few points. In essence, his point is this: “hypocrisy” transcends the common contradiction of practice and belief. For Jesus it refers to both contradiction and false moral guide. [Read more...]

Finding Faith/Losing Faith 5

Some people lose their faith and then find it again. In Timothy Larsen’s new book Crisis of Doubt, we are treated to seven such figures in 19th Century England. They had a secularist crisis of (their) doubt. This way of framing the issue, namely losing faith and then finding faith again, can be explained in [Read More...]

Saturday in Dallas

Kris and I will be at King of Glory Lutheran Church in Dallas, TX, this Saturday (7:30pm). I will be talking about the Jesus Creed in this public event and will also be bringing in some new material from my forthcoming 40 Days with the Jesus Creed. It’s the first time I’ve done some Jesus [Read More...]

Missional Jesus 53

Missional Jesus points his own way. Here we find a story, in Mark 12, that perfectly illustrates the first beatitude: Blessed are the poor. The way to the kingdom, the way to peace in the Land, is not the way of compromise with Rome. The way is the way of the poor widow. [Read more...]

Finding Faith/Losing Faith 4

I continue to plug away in the late evenings by reading stories of those who have abandoned orthodox Christian theology as I try to map what losing faith looks like. In the last week I read two books. Howard Teeple’s I Started to be a Minister and Christian Rosen’s My Fundamentalist Education. Hard to know [Read More...]


We had four gorgeous, write-it-all-down-in-a-journal days here in Chicago for our Labor Day weekend. Cloudless, sunny, temperate, and relaxing. We spent every minute we could on our screen porch reading, talking, eating, editing, and spending time with family. [Read more...]

Missional Jesus 52

Next, missional Jesus is emplotted by the Pharisees who want to get Jesus to say something that will get him in trouble — which is still a preferred technique by lots of Christians today. As they refuse to sing the dirge when John Baptist’s voice is heard and as they refuse to dance to the [Read More...]

First Day is Goldingay

On the first day of each month we dip into another chapter of John Goldingay’s magnificent . We are in chapter six, “OT Theology: Israel’s Gospel.“God Sealed” is the theme and it deals with the sealing of the Covenant in Exodus 19–24 and beyond. [Read more...]

On My Book Recommendations

As you may have guessed, I get lots of books from publishers hoping I will give them some attention on this blog. What has happened, of course, is that this blog has become media and I have become an editor of an online magazine. I am, I guess, a “Blogitor of a Blog-e-zine.” We give [Read More...]

Missional Jesus 51

Missional Jesus, facing the evidence of rejection by the seat of power in Jerusalem, tells a parable that reveals once again the potency of judgment in the theme of Jesus. In essence the point is simple: Jersualem is about to be sacked because those invited to the wedding are not showing up. [Read more...]

Cricket Update

For those of you who participated in the humorous conversation about our attempt to rid our house of crickets, we want to give a hearty thanks. Late Friday night someone passed on the Dallas Times news article about how to get rid of crickets — orange oil, which we have in the form of Murphy’s [Read More...]

Prayer for the Week

Lord of all power and might, the author and giver of all good things: Graft in our hearts the love of your Name; increase in us true religion; nourish us with all goodness; and bring forth in us the fruit of good works; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and [Read More...]

Wearing Graduated Lenses

Kris got new glasses today, and they have graduated lenses. She’s adjusting to them, but the odd thing is that she’s seeing a little hue — purplish and yellowish — outlining some objects in her distance. She’s not in the mood for jokes! Anyone have a similar experience when starting up with graduated lenses? [Read more...]

Weekly Meanderings

We escaped any serious flooding in our area, but Chicago was drenched with rains and flooding for a week. Many in our area will spend weeks cleaning up and drying out. [For some reason, some of my Chicago Tribune links are not available and I wonder if it is because they are a week or [Read More...]

Friday is for Friends

Do you have an anamchara, the Celtic word for “soul friend” or “spiritual director”? Tracy Balzer’s second chapter, in Thin Places, is a delicate and insightful survey of the Celtic practice and how spiritual direction or soul friendship can be developed in our world. [Read more...]