Ex-Gays 4

The subject of Jones and Yarhouse’s Ex-Gays?, whether or not there is evidence that those with homosexual orientation can change that orientation, is not an easy topic to discuss. But, I think we’ve seen that we can talk and learn from one another. The rationale of the study is the topic of chp 3. [Read more...]

Crazy jobs I’ve had

Kris and I were laughing the other day about jobs I’ve had — starting way back in high school. And in the hope some of you will cough up information, bad memories or not, here are some of the jobs I’ve had: [Read more...]

Colossians Remixed 17

So, we remind ourselves from yesterday, what are we to make of Colossians in a postmodern world if Colossians is a worldview text? Another piece of the puzzle we find in Walsh and Keesmaat, Colossians Remixed. [Read more...]

Must Everything Change? 4

I didn’t know Brian McLaren, in Everything Must Change, would answer the question that I have been asking of his writings for three years. Here is the question: If Kingdom was Jesus’ answer, what was the question being asked? Or, if kingdom is the solution, what was the problem? Brian’s answering of this question, in [Read More...]

Ictus Fair Trade Coffee

Now brewing at our home, Ictus Fair Trade coffee — Cafe de Chiapas. Great aroma and taste. Anyone else know this coffee? We got it when we were in Denmark, and — yes — we’ve got a holding pattern on bags of coffee in our freezer. We could probably use a little more information about [Read More...]

Colossians Remixed 16

“Regimes of truth” and the “word of truth” is the subject of chp 6 in Walsh and Keesmaat, Colossians Remixed. The chp begins with this statement: “The Colossian Christians had trouble on both sides. To many Jews they were heretics, and to the empire they were seditious” (96). [Read more...]

Tony, Bring Your Best

Tony, coming into Sunday night’s game I was worried the Bears could lose game after game, but now I’m not so sure. I suggest you get the Purple People Eaters up there to get themselves good and ready for a rejuvenated and healing Bears team. Pizza’s on me if we lose! [Read more...]

Cub Comments?

OK, let’s chat about the Cubs. My first comment: we got into the playoffs; we had a good year, much better than last year. This series exposed the same weaknesses the Cubs had all year. What were they? [Read more...]


Part two of my interview with Brad Nassif on orthodoxy and evangelicalism. [Read more...]

Prayer for the Week

Almighty and everlasting God, you are always more ready to hear than we to pray, and to give more than we either desire or deserve: Pour upon us the abundance of your mercy, forgiving us those things of which our conscience is afraid, and giving us those good things for which we are not worthy [Read More...]

Weekly Meanderings

Fans everywhere are cheering for the Cubs: in Cincinnati and in Thailand! [Read more...]

Friday is for Friends

We part company today with a new friend, Tracy Balzer, who in her Thin Places has instructed us and led our conversation about Celtic spirituality. I’ve enjoyed this book and hope you have as well. And what better way to end than for her to offer up two early thoughts: [Read more...]

(First Day) is Goldingay

I try to read a new chp in John Goldingay, OT Theology: Israel’s Gospel, the last week of the month. Well, I had to much to do last week so I’m behind … and now I’ve got some eager readers who want to see what he has to say in chp 7. So here goes: [Read more...]

Reading the Letters of Others

I love to read the letters and correspondence of historical figures or those in whom I have an interest. And I am a sucker for the letters of C.S. Lewis. I read the original paperback edition twice, and then HarperSanFrancisco started publishing the full editions of his letters in three volumes so I read them [Read More...]

Colossians Remixed 15

W-K, in Colossians Remixed, make the observation that many try to see the “thrones and dominions” (shorthand for the four terms found in Colossians 1:16) in either exclusively political or spiritual (angels, etc) terms. [Read more...]

Ex-Gays 3

We are committed to understanding the central ideas of Stanton Jones and Mark Yarhouse, Ex-Gays?, and to do this we want to work our way patiently through their book. The central thesis of this book is that same-sex orientation and gay identity (their categories) can be changed as a result of the Christian faith. Today [Read More...]

What was it really like?

That is, what what was it really like to be a Christian — a Jewish Christian — in the first few centuries. Here’s a fact: the Church shifted from its original Jewish roots with its Jewish story when it became increasingly Roman and Greek. The result: the dominant story of the Church has been the [Read More...]