1 Speaking Schedule


June 19-July 1
Exploring the First Century Church
Tour of Turkey, Mediterranean and Greece
Northern Seminary

July 11-15
DMin course
Northern Seminary

July 22-27
Harvester Island Wilderness Retreat/Workshop
Harvester Island
Kodiak, Alaska

Aug 6-12
Northern Ireland
New Horizon

Aug 22
Reality Church
San Francisco

Aug 29-Sept 2
MANT Cohort Intensive

Sept 7-8
Northern Seminary Faculty Retreat

Sept 19-23
Finnish Free Church
Tampere, Finland

Sept 28-29
Eastern Mennonite University
Augsburger Lectures
Harrisburg, VA

Oct 5
Atlanta GA

Oct 6
Southern Nazarene University

Oct 15
Northern Seminary Inaugural Event

Nov 1-2
Apprentice Institute
Wichita KS

Nov 8-9
Paul as Pastor-Preacher
Highland Oaks Church of Christ
Dallas TX

Nov 12-13
Gather! 2016
Church of the Redeemer

Nov 19-22
San Antonio

Nov 29
Partnering to Prevail
Willow Creek Community Church

Dec 1
Religious and Theological Abstracts
60th Anniversary lectures
Myerstown, PA



Feb 3-12
Israel Tour with DMin class

March 13-15
Asbury Theological Seminary
Theta Phi Lectures

May 17-18
Refresh Pastors Conference
Regina, SK Canada

June 14
Trinity College Bristol, UK

June 16-17
Westminster Theological Centre
Cheltenham, UK

June 28-29
North American Christian Convention
“This is for EVERYONE!” (theme)
Kansas City Convention Center
Kansas City, MO

July 24-28
“Paul as Pastor”
Regent College
Vancouver, BC

Sept 11-12
Tabor College
Hillsboro KS

Sept 19-21
Northern Retreat


March 19-20
The Earle Lectures
Nazarene Theological Seminary
Kansas City, MO