What Everyone Should Know About the Afterlife by Rob Phillips


What Everyone Should Know About the Afterlife by Rob Phillips

What Everyone Should Know About the Afterlife by Rob Phillips explores (as the subtitle states) a Biblical view of what lies beyond the grave. The book is essentially a primer on the biblical theology of the afterlife. Phillips does an excellent job of providing an overview that helps anyone (and everyone) understand what happens after a person dies. The book is clearly grounded in the Christian faith, yet also helps to explain how the Old Testament and New Testament complement each other in the ways they explore the afterlife.

As Phillips states “You are going to live forever. The questions are where, and how. With so many views about the afterlife – from reincarnation to annihilation – is there any way to know for sure what lies beyond the grave? The answer is a resounding yes! The book addresses what the Bible says about death, judgment, heaven, hell, and much more.” Phillips makes the clear distinction that one’s response to God’s offer of salvation carries everlasting consequences.

In this short book, Phillips provides “Ten Biblical Truths About the Afterlife.” He discusses Sheol, Hades, Gehenna, Tartarus and their roles in the afterlife. He describes how the future resurrection will happen. He shares about the goodness of Hell. Phillips gives answers the following questions:

Does the Bible teach purgatory?

Is Heaven our final home?

Should you believe in ghosts?

Where are you spending eternity?

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I would recommend it to anyone who has questions about the afterlife or about the fear of death. I would recommend it as a resource for pastors as they preach on the topic or as they counsel people who have questions about the afterlife. You can order this book as well as others from Rob Phillips and check out his website.

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