The Four by Scott Galloway The Four by Scott Galloway is an intelligent work that addresses the hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google. Scott Galloway is uniquely qualified to assess the power of these four corporations. Galloway (@profgalloway), Professor of Marketing at NYU Stern, teaches brand strategy and digital marketing. He is also the founder of L2, a firm that is a leader in digital marketing and consulting. The Four In The Four, Galloway takes the reader through… Read more

Remembering the Voice of God’s Goodness This Christmas Isaiah 40:1-11 A mother was having a gathering to celebrate the birth of her newborn son. She invited a bunch of friends over to celebrate his arrival. She welcomed her guests, and they all had a great time celebrating, eating, and drinking. After a while, one of the ladies said, “Well, bring the baby out. Let us see it.” The mother went to get the baby from his crib—he was nowhere to… Read more

How God Turns My Tears Into Joy 14 December 2017 Year B Jeremiah 31:15-20 There are times when you and I may feel abandoned by God. We may feel all alone. We get so down and depressed that we think that what we see in front of our eyes is what is all there is to life. The problems with our emotions is that they can rule us. They can overtake the mind and the spirit. Being guided by our… Read more

5 Future Assurances for God’s People When Jesus Returns 12 December 2017 Year B Isaiah 4:2-6 When Jesus returns, what are some assurances one has about the world we will encounter? Will it be better than the one we live in now? How different will it be? The Bible clearly shows that there will be a future in which Jesus will return and make things right for His people. Here in Isaiah, we have a set of assurances for God’s… Read more

The Art of Restoration with God Psalm 80:1-19 I want to spend this Christmastime known as Advent to talk about four important skills that we all may go through as Christians. We all have an opportunity to: Restore Remember Rejoice Remind During this holiday season, I want to ask you ask a question: “Who do I need to spend time making a restoration?” “Who do I need to restore a relationship with?” I want us to look at a psalm… Read more

How to Walk Through My Emotions With Jesus John 11:28-44 Most psychologists agree that there are a set of major emotions: fear, grief, anger, and joy. These basic emotions may express themselves in different ways, forms, and varieties. This is the reason why some psychologists will say that there are eight, or sixteen emotions. They are just expressions of the basic emotions. The Bible shows Jesus experiencing four basic emotions during His difficult time dealing with the death of his… Read more

Things Will Eventually Get Better 4 December 2017 Year B Micah 4:1-5 Sometimes, life seems to be so terrible. Nothing seems to be going right. You are stuck in a rut and you wonder if things will ever get any better. That is how the Israelites felt when Micah came on the scene. They were in exile in Babylon. They were wondering if they were ever going to leave this place. Would things ever get better for them? God’s answer… Read more

It has been my experience that people of faith who consistently attack certain groups usually are doing that to compensate for sinful (or at least questionable) behavior in the past. Read more

Love Is Something You Do Matthew 25:31-46 One of the least-thanked groups in our society is the people who empty the garbage. It’s not what you would call a high-class job. However, in New York a couple of years ago, the garbage men went on strike. All of a sudden, these typically underrated people became the most significant people in the city because the whole place was stinking. If you let a couple of weeks go by and your garbage… Read more

Beware gratitude killers! Read more

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