Thinking Like Jesus

R.C. Sproul on thinking like Jesus:

Several years ago, I was asked to give a convocation address at a major theological seminary in America. In that address, I spoke about the critical role of logic in biblical interpretation, and I pleaded for seminaries to include courses on logic in their required curricula. In almost any seminary’s course of study, students are required to learn something of the original biblical languages, Hebrew and Greek. They are taught to look at the historical background of the text, and they learn basic principles of interpretation. These are all important and valuable skills for being good stewards of the Word of God. However, the main reason why errors in biblical interpretation occur is not because the reader lacks a knowledge of Hebrew or of the situation in which the biblical book was written. The number one cause for misunderstanding the Scriptures is making illegitimate inferences from the text. It is my firm belief that these faulty inferences would be less likely if biblical interpreters were more skilled in basic principles of logic.


  • Barry Arrington

    A couple of years ago a friend told me he was going to stop giving money to the church. When I asked him why, he said he was reading a new book, and the author’s argument was that the Biblical injunction to give is based on the need to support ministry. Our number one ministry as husbands and fathers is to our families. Therefore, instead of giving to the church we should take our family to Disneyland. True story. When the Bible says we should give money away it really means we should keep it and spend it on ourselves.

  • Steve, Winnipeg, Canada

    This spring I’m going to be on my old seminary’s advisory panel. My first recommendation: a mandatory course in Logic. I agree with Sproul 100%.