a response to the senseless

photo by Angie's Taylor Made MemoriesBy now most everyone is aware of the shooting at Tennessee Valley UU Church in Knoxville. I knew Linda Kraeger, who was killed, and Joe Barnhart, who was wounded. Last night we held a special service in response to this horrible act. I was asked to be one of eight speakers – below is what I had to say.We Unitarian Universalists like to preach “deeds not creeds.” It can be comforting to immerse ourselves in doing, particularly in times of sorrow, when no doctr … [Read more...]

a Baptist, a Methodist, and a Jew

I said this was going to be a religious blog and not a personal blog, but at some point, the religion has to become personal or it’s of no value. So please indulge me for a few paragraphs.I’ve been a bit frustrated lately, not making the progress with study and meditation that I’d like. And when that happens, I start hearing old voices. These old voices were telling me that I was wasting my time, that all this spiritual stuff is fake, that religion really is the opiate of the masses. But today … [Read more...]


I just completed a new wand as part of my Druid studies through OBOD. I’m not sure the exact species of wood – it came from a thorn tree that started growing wild on the edge of my herb bed. I let it grow for most of a year (2006, I think), then realized it was going to take over the whole bed if I didn’t cut it. When I did, I saved a section of the main shaft – I knew I’d make a wand from it some day, but I didn’t know when or for whom.After a couple years in the garage, the wood was good and dr … [Read more...]

21st century Paganism

Found this story via the DMN Religion Blog, about a Presbyterian theology professor who's been suspended because his liberal interpretation of the Bible may violate a mandatory oath not to teach anything not in agreement with the 1646 Westminster Confession of Faith. My response on the DMN blog is shown below:Does anyone expect doctors to practice according to the standards of 1646? Is our view of law the same as it was in 1646 (think: slavery, witch trials)? How about engineering - do you want … [Read more...]

Arguments for the existence of God

I found this article on Christianity Today via the Dallas Morning News Religion blog. It's a classical argument for the existence of God, done a bit better than most. Below is my comment for the DMN blog.I find the Cosmological arguments compelling, the Teleological and Ontological arguments weak, and the Moral argument blatantly false. But mainly I’m left with the conclusion that if it takes logic this advanced and this nuanced to find God, then God either isn’t there or doesn’t particularly car … [Read more...]