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a response to the senseless

photo by Angie’s Taylor Made Memories By now most everyone is aware of the shooting at Tennessee Valley UU Church in Knoxville. I knew Linda Kraeger, who was killed, and Joe Barnhart, who was wounded. Last night we held a special service in response to this horrible act. I was asked to be one of [Read More…]

a Baptist, a Methodist, and a Jew

I said this was going to be a religious blog and not a personal blog, but at some point, the religion has to become personal or it’s of no value. So please indulge me for a few paragraphs. I’ve been a bit frustrated lately, not making the progress with study and meditation that I’d like. [Read More…]


I just completed a new wand as part of my Druid studies through OBOD. I’m not sure the exact species of wood – it came from a thorn tree that started growing wild on the edge of my herb bed. I let it grow for most of a year (2006, I think), then realized it [Read More…]

21st century Paganism

Found this story via the DMN Religion Blog, about a Presbyterian theology professor who’s been suspended because his liberal interpretation of the Bible may violate a mandatory oath not to teach anything not in agreement with the 1646 Westminster Confession of Faith. My response on the DMN blog is shown below: Does anyone expect doctors [Read More…]

Arguments for the existence of God

I found this article on Christianity Today via the Dallas Morning News Religion blog. It’s a classical argument for the existence of God, done a bit better than most. Below is my comment for the DMN blog. I find the Cosmological arguments compelling, the Teleological and Ontological arguments weak, and the Moral argument blatantly false. [Read More…]