Winter SolstiCelebration Invocation

Just got back from the Moonlady Winter SolstiCelebration. I’ll post pictures or links to them once they get them up on the EarthRhythms site.

Here’s my part:

I am Britannia,
and by the Great Mother Anu and the Lord of the Animals,
from the standing stones of the Salisbury plain
and the sacred light and dark of Newgrange,
I give you the spirit of Boudicca, Arthur, Elizabeth, and Churchill.
I give you the power of the Earth, the Sky, and the Sea.
I give you the wisdom of the Oak,
the protection of the Rowan,
and the mystery of the Apple.

Gu robh beannachd nan diathan agus ar sinnsearan air an chiann

May the Gods and ancestors bless this, our family.

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About John Beckett

I grew up in Tennessee with the woods right outside my back door. Wandering through them gave me a sense of connection to Nature and to a certain Forest God. I’m a Druid graduate of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, the Coordinating Officer of the Denton Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans and a former Vice President of CUUPS Continental. I’ve been writing, speaking, teaching, and leading public rituals for the past eleven years. I live in the Dallas – Fort Worth area and I earn my keep as an engineer.

  • Robin Edgar

    I give you the wisdom of the total solar eclipse “Eye of God”, perhaps the “Eye of Woden” to you, much of which was transferred onto winter solstice celebrations since the winter solstice is a much more regularly occurring, albeit much less spectacular, “death” and “rebirth” of the sun. I give you ‘The Stone Of The Seven Suns‘ at Dowth (Place of Darkness), just down the road from Newgrange to underline that point.