Happy Equinox!

As of 6:44 AM CDT today it’s officially Spring. A Happy Equinox and Blessed Ostara to everyone.

Last night’s meditation on the Goddess Ostara was difficult to describe. As you may (or may not) know, Ostara is a Germanic goddess, sometimes spelled Eostre – from which we get the Christian term “Easter”. Not much is known about her other than that she’s a Mother Goddess. I went to a lecture on Egypt several years ago that tied Ostara to the Sumerian Astarte and the Egyptian Isis, plus a couple others. It’s possible.

Anyway, in last night’s meditation, I didn’t get anything direct, just a sense that the Goddess will provide for her children, if only we will let her. Maybe that’s more direct than I’d like to think…

Tonight’s meditation will be on the whole week’s preparation and looking forward to our CUUPS Ostara Circle tomorrow at 7:00 PM at DUUF.

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