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Conspiracy Theories

A DMN blogger posted a link to an event titled “WHAT YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO KNOW ABOUT 9/11” and followed it with the question: “Does this strike you as a legitimate event or a way to exploit a tragedy to make money?”My answer is “neither.” It’s an event by and for people who mistrust [Read More…]

The State of Unitarian Universalism

My favorite UU blogger is Rev. Victoria Weinstein, aka PeaceBang. Yesterday she posted a long essay that started on the recent UUA Presidential election and quickly moved into the state of Unitarian Universalism. While it’s not all gloom and doom, she raises enough issues – and enough issues that hit home with me as a [Read More…]

Yard Bunny, or a Solstice Hare?

I have rabbits, or at least, a rabbit, living in my back yard… most likely in the overgrown section of the herb garden. I managed to get close enough for a cell phone picture. [Read more…]

A UU Looks at the Fourth of July

From this morning’s President’s welcome: Rev. Diana told us that Easter is the most difficult day for a UU minister. If that’s true – and I have no doubt it is – then I think perhaps the Fourth of July is the most difficult day for a UU lay person. We grow up bathed in [Read More…]