Winter SolstiCelebration

The Wandering Druid, Father Winter (Ed Townley), and Mother Winter (Valery Guignon). Photo by Jennifer Walz.

The theme of this year’s Winter SolstiCelebration was “joy and wonder”. It was joyous and wonderful.

Winter SolstiCelebration is not a Pagan event, though there were plenty of Pagans involved. Amy Martin’s tribe is a smorgasbord of alternative religions. It’s always been an interfaith event – this year it seemed more interfaith than most. Perhaps that’s because it was co-produced by the Center for Spiritual Living. Whatever the reason, it worked. Of the five SolstiCelebrations I’ve attended (including participating in the last three) this was the best.

For me, the highlight of the service was the choir, a combined effort of the Center for Spiritual Living and Unity Dallas. They did a unique arrangement of “Amazing Grace” and a rendition of “Halleluiah Anyhow” that got everyone on their feet quite spontaneously.

It wasn’t a cure for work-related stress, but it helped. A lot.

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