Chaos Magic

My only first-hand exposure to chaos magic has been listening to a few college-aged guys talk about how they do rituals based on the characters from Gilligan’s Island and Star Trek. I assumed they were being bizarre for the sake of being bizarre and went on with my studies and practice. But a couple months ago, I came across this very good guest essay on The Wild Hunt by writer and anthropologist Amy Hale. One of the books she recommended was Condensed Chaos by Phil Hind (1995). So I put it on m … [Read more...]

View From the Chisos Mountains

I'm home from a trip to Big Bend National Park. I've read more books and have more to say, but that will have to wait till after today's Pagan Practice class. For now, study this picture. It's so full of symbolism it should be a Tarot card. … [Read more...]

Why Religion Matters

On vacation, blogging via iPhone. Gotta love technology, Brigid be praised! After all, what is technology but bigger and better smithcraft?I fInished the first of my vacation books: Why Religion Matters by Huston Smith. His basic argument is that a "traditional" (ie - theistic) worldview is more helpful to meaning-seeking humans than the modern or postmodern views. His preference for hierarchy is troubling and some of his criticism of science is flat-out wrong, but on the whole he makes a strong … [Read more...]

New Pagan Practice Classes!

In response to the requests we had at our Introduction to Modern Pagan Religion class back in March, Denton CUUPS is beginning a series of five monthly classes on Intermediate Pagan Practice. The first will be Saturday, May 29.Click on the image for a larger version of the flyer. … [Read more...]


It is often said that people only see what they want to see. That’s frequently true, but I prefer to say that people only see what their ideas about the world will allow them to see.A few years ago when I was preparing to lead a book study of Willow Polson’s The Veil’s Edge (one of the few books available on advanced Pagan practice) I came across this quote by Clive Beck, Professor of Education at the University of Toronto: “Knowledge is the product of an interaction between our ideas about the w … [Read more...]


On the way to church yesterday, I saw a bumper sticker that said “if you aren’t outraged you aren’t paying attention.” No other stickers on the car, no indication if he was outraged from the left or from the right. This being Texas you’d assume from the right, but this was in Denton, so who knows.Regardless of which side of the political / religious / environmental / whatever debates you’re on, being outraged is a lousy way to go through life.First of all, it’s not healthy. Rage is an extreme … [Read more...]


As I was completing my first term as an officer of Denton CUUPS, I came to the realization that I needed some formal training. I had already learned much on my own and even more from working with others in CUUPS, but I needed structure and guidance to help develop a deeper, more effective spiritual practice.By that point I knew that Druidry was my path. Unfortunately, there were no Druid groves in the DFW area at the time (an ADF Protogrove was started in Arlington in 2008; there are still no … [Read more...]

Pagan Universalism

What does universalism mean in a Pagan setting? This is important to me because intuiting universalist beliefs was the first step I took away from the fundamentalist church of my childhood, and because more than a few people who are new to Paganism are coming from a similar background.In my May 2 blog post, I said “Universalism means everything is going to work out OK in the end, for everyone.” But how?The only thing we can say for sure about what happens after this life is “we don’t know.” Ou … [Read more...]