Opening the Door a Little Wider

Welcome Facebook friends!  Today I have taken the small but significant step of adding this blog to my Facebook profile.  Why is that a big deal, you ask?  Because I have family on Facebook, most of whom are Christians and some of whom have enough problems with me being a Unitarian Universalist, much less a Druid and a Pagan.  It’s that whole conflict-avoidance reflex I wrote about last September.

But I have seen what I want to do and where I want to be – the work that calls to me.  I can’t do that if my life remains segmented into sterile little packets that must be kept isolated.  I’m not ready throw an Out of the Broom Closet Party and start wearing pentacles and awens everywhere.  But I am ready to take another small step.

If you stumbled onto this and are surprised, read my first entry on this blog.  If you believe “the saved” are going to heaven and I’ve punched my ticket to hell, read my thoughts on universalism.  I was a universalist before I was a Pagan, and long before I set foot in a Unitarian Universalist church. 

I can’t honestly believe what I was taught as a child – I have to follow my heart.  And right now my heart tells me it’s time to open the closet door another inch or two.

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