Pagan Leadership – Roles

TommyElf has a thought-provoking podcast where, motivated by the passing of Isaac Bonewits, he discusses the future of Pagan leadership. He has some very relevant thoughts and I won’t attempt to summarize them so much as use them as a jumping-off point for my own ideas about what we have, what we need, and where we’re likely to go.My definition of a leader is someone who has a vision of the future and who articulates that vision to others. The future in question can be very short-term and lim … [Read more...]

Pagan Pride Day

Daily Spiritual Practice for Pagans class.  Thanks to David Pollard for the photo. I had a nice time at the DFW Pagan Pride Day yesterday.  Yes, it was hot, but there's a fair amount of shade on the UU Oak Cliff property, plus air conditioning in the two buildings.  And dealing with the heat is much better than cramming vendors, dancers, rituals and classes inside to avoid the rain like we had to do last year. We had 16 people for the Daily Spiritual Practice class and had some … [Read more...]

Spiritual Practice Techniques: Prayer

This is the second in an occasional series on spiritual practice techniques, and will be part of my presentation tomorrow at the DFW Pagan Pride Day.The practice of prayer has somewhat of a uneven reputation in the Unitarian Universalist and Pagan communities. Some of us doubt the efficacy of prayer. Others have been turned off by supposedly spiritual people whose prayers resemble the Christmas list of a four-year-old, by those who pray for the harm of their political opponents, and by those … [Read more...]

Burning the Quran

By now I suspect most everyone is aware of Florida pastor Terry Jones’ plan to burn copies of the Quran, the holy book of Islam. He claims that Islam is “of the devil” and that God wants him to burn the Quran. He has been asked not to do this by religious figures who correctly point out that espousing hatred for anyone doesn’t advance the cause of his faith, and by political figures who correctly believe this act will inspire hatred and violence against America and Americans. But so far he has … [Read more...]

Pagan Pride Day

If you're in the DFW area, come out to this Saturday's Pagan Pride Day at the UU Church of Oak Cliff.  It runs from 10 AM to 10 PM.  At 1:30 I'll be leading a workshop on Daily Spiritual Practice for Pagans. Our North Texas Pagan Pride Day 2010Will be held at...Unitarian Universalist Church of Oak Cliff W. Kiest in SW DallasSaturday, September 11th10am to 10pmGet Directions .  … [Read more...]


stock photo of Hawk in flight from Wikimedia Commons. After two and a half weeks of relative calm, my paying job turned nasty again on Friday - yet another case of insufficient resources to meet the expectations which weren't communicated clearly to begin with.  Nothing I can't work through, but it really threw me and it's taken a day and a half to get myself righted (which in itself is an improvement - in past years it's taken far longer).If what I want most in life - my true calling - is … [Read more...]

Return of a Shaman

Here are links to four versions of the same story about an archeological dig at a 12,000 year old site in Israel: from TIME Magazine, US News & World Report (which appears to be republishing Science Magazine), the Christian Science Monitor, and the BBC.The site is significant because it gives us a picture of the transitionary period from hunter-gatherers who followed wild herds to farmers who raised crops and tended domesticated herds in fixed locations – the beginnings of civilization.The f … [Read more...]

Facing Death

Here’s a link to the Photography Blog of the Dallas Morning News, where the photo editor asks if pictures of the dead from open-casket funerals should be published. Two pictures are included: a close-up of the mother kissing her dead son, and a longer, wider shot with the casket slightly out of focus. The editor says newspapers are reluctant to run such photos.The deceased is Army Spc. Pedro A. Millet Meletiche, who was killed in combat in Afghanistan on August 22. He was 20 years old. Our m … [Read more...]