Prayer for Egypt

For the past seven years Denton CUUPS has celebrated each Summer Solstice with an Egyptian ritual – our attempt to re-create the daily temple rituals practiced over thousands of years of Egyptian antiquity. Though our primary emphasis has been on connecting with the gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt, we have also connected with the land and its people.

And so it is with great interest that I follow the current events in Egypt. A people who have never truly been free are rising and demanding the removal of a dictator whose rule has been unchallenged for 30 years. Their courage and determination is amazing.

We in this country must remember that our government has supported this dictator, on the assumption that stable fascism is better than uncertain democracy. And I admit to the fear that Egypt after Mubarak will look more like Iran after the Shah than Turkey after the Ottomans. But a friend who has lived in Egypt and who talks regularly with people still there tells me the majority of Egyptians simply want to be free to go about their business and have no more love for the Muslim Brotherhood than they do for Mubarak. If so, the sooner true reform occurs the less likelihood the moderate majority will see Islamic extremists as their only hope for change.

Modern Egypt is an Islamic country – the vast majority of the people pray to Allah. Those of us who follow the old ways in this new land must pray to the old gods and goddesses for them.

This is my prayer for Egypt.

May there be Peace in the Two Lands
But may there also be Justice and Freedom.

May Horus protect those who stand and march
May Isis heal those who are harmed
May Thoth record the truth for all to see
May Sekhmet bring evildoers to justice
And may all of Egypt finally live
in the true spirit of Ma’at.

Amun Ra!

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  • John,

    I truly hope this comes out for the best for Egypt. And thank you, sincerely, as one who has walked those sands and befriended those people.
    If you don't mind, might I translate your prayer to both Arabic, and if Susan is willing to help, to Egyptian? Speaking in the language of the land never hurts.
    So, for what it's worth, on this side of the Great Green, Ni tau in atu, or for the more modern Egyptians, shukran. Thank you, for your prayer and your good wishes.
    Seb heru am tacher ukhu ha-aftit en tutun setcha, khmet.
    Or Allah hamana, Misr.
    May the God, and gods, of Egypt walk between her and the dark places she travels yet.
    Ai, hetrem heset neteru.

  • Cynthia, I'd be honored if you translated this prayer. Your Egyptian rendition at tonight's Imbolc Circle was wonderful.