Spiritual But Not Religious, Again

I’m coming in late on the most recent flare-up about the “Spiritual But Not Religious,” but some of you may not have seen it, and in any case I have a few things I want to discuss.This episode began when this essay by Rev. Lillian Daniel of the United Church of Christ was published in The Christian Century, a long-running magazine for mainline Protestants.  It’s titled “The Limits of Self-Made Religion” and it was inspired by someone who cornered Rev. Daniel and proceeded to explain why he i … [Read more...]

The Necessity of Work

snoopy work

To say I have a complicated relationship with work would be an understatement.  The picture to the right is a scan of a Peanuts card I bought in the 3rd grade.  It is – I think – the oldest of the few childhood mementos I have kept.  At that point in my life – and really, up until I left home for good after college – “work” meant my father dragging me out to cut grass or work in his garden… “garden” being another major understatement.  You don’t keep an International Farmall to tend a mere garden … [Read more...]

The King

I just finished listening to the new Wigglian Way podcast.  The Wigglian Way is one of the longest running Pagan podcasts – now in its 6th year, with 87 episodes.  It’s one of only a few I’m subscribed to – while it’s light-hearted and humorous, it has plenty of good content and very little of the “morning drive radio” silliness I hear on too many podcasts.  This episode included host MoJo’s commentary on the archetype of The King, taken from Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette’s boo … [Read more...]