Evolution Weekend

Charles DarwinThis is the seventh annual Evolution Weekend and Clergy Letter Project, which asks ministers of all denominations to speak on the importance of evolution and the lack of conflict between religion and science. Though I am not clergy (at least not in the usual sense) I feel the need to add my voice to this project.Last September I wrote on The Great Story of Evolution and why it’s important to us as UUs, Pagans and other religious liberals. I’m not going to revisit that essay – if y … [Read more...]

Dealing With Pagan-phobic UUs

UU Pagans - Faith in ActionSometimes I forget how good I have it. Denton CUUPS had been in existence for three years when I arrived. There were still a few people in the Denton UU Fellowship who were skeptical about Paganism in a UU church, but by the time I was elected Congregational President in 2005 that was pretty much over. Our current minister is very Pagan-friendly and attends many of our circles, our long-time members understand us and our new members are respectful even if they … [Read more...]

Building a Spiritual Foundation

photo by Ashley CrouchWe all have religious experiences. We all experience that most basic and universal phenomenon: wonder and awe. We experience the presence of a goddess or god, of our ancestors, or of the spirits of Nature. We experience the Unity of All. We have dreams, visions, or intuitions. We see omens and auspices. These experiences happen to everyone. But an experience in isolation has no meaning. It is simply data: a collection of observations and sensations. We give our … [Read more...]

The Cauldron of Transformation

The Denton Unitarian Universalist FellowshipFebruary 5, 2012Note:  I was originally scheduled to present this service last November.  On the preceding Saturday evening I got violently ill.  I thank Rev. Pam Wat for filling in for me with about three hours’ notice, and I thank the DUUF Worship Committee for the opportunity to lead this service this morning.Introduction – the Celtic HallowsIn the legend of Arthur, a boy becomes king when he pulls a sword from a stone.  In some v … [Read more...]

Channels of Pagan Practice

Alison Lilly, chief cat herder at No Unsacred Place, has a piece at her own Meadowsweet and Myrrh blog where she says “I found myself striving to become an Expert In All Things Pagan.” Alison explains in detail the many and varied expectations she felt as she grew beyond beginning Paganism. She suspects she isn’t alone, and I agree.Even if you ignore the difference in “flavors” of Paganism (Wicca, Druidry, Heathenry, etc.), there are still multiple ideas about what it means to be an “advanced” … [Read more...]

Gut Reactions Aren’t Always Right

the Land, the Sky and the Sea - all part of Naturecrossposted with No Unsacred PlaceLast week fellow No Unsacred Place contributor Lupa wrote an excellent piece titled “We Do Not Return to Nature. We Are Already There.” If you haven’t already read it I encourage you to do so. The title is self-explanatory, and in the first paragraph she says: I would bet that the majority of people who think of “nature” are thinking of open areas that have a minimum of human impact, where the signs of humanit … [Read more...]