The Beauty of Life

While I’m away, please enjoy a bit of the sacred in suburbia. The beauty of Life is everywhere, if you only pause long enough to see it. [Read more...]


I’ll be offline for about two and a half weeks.  I’m going on a rather long trip, the longest of my life in terms of both distance and time.  I expect internet access will be spotty (or at least expensive), and in any case I’m going to experience a different part of the world and [Read More...]

North Texas Pagan Pride 2012?

In his most recent “From the Edge of the Circle” podcast Tommy Elf laments the fact there was no Pagan Pride Day in North Texas in 2011 and asks if there will be one in 2012. And unlike so many who simply complain, he’s offering to do something about it. I say we pitch in [Read More...]

Change in Religious Institutions

The Dallas Morning News’ Texas Faith panel question this week was “How do religious institutions or organizations know when to change?” It sprung from President Obama’s support of same sex marriage and his talk of how his position has changed over time. Let’s put aside the issues of marriage equality and Presidential politics and look [Read More...]

Imperfect Gods

Sehkmet – a very imperfect goddess After the last post on worship, Star Foster had a follow-up titled “Worshiping an Imperfect God” where she discussed the fact that the gods and goddesses of our ancestors are far from perfect. You can read her essay for yourself, but for me the key line is this: I [Read More...]

Worship the Gods (Θεους σεβου)

Star Foster at Patheos has a new series on the Delphic Maxims where she examines these jewels of ancient pagan wisdom to see what meaning they have for her life as a modern Hellenic polytheist. Today’s maxim is “worship the gods” and Star asks what that means for us. As I frequently mention, I grew [Read More...]

It Will Be Enough

Pagan scholar Michael York has a guest column on Sunday’s Wild Hunt titled “Being Upon the Brink of Catastrophe” where he expresses his fear we are living in “end times.” He cites “melt-down of our economic systems, governmental deceit, depletion of resources, global pollution and disregard of others” as symptoms of a coming disaster, and [Read More...]

The Spirit of Albion

Esther, Annie and George are three people whose lives have reached a crisis point. On the night of October 31st, all three find themselves drawn to a clearing in the woods. Secrets are revealed and nothing will ever be the same again as an ancient power emerges from the shadows… For as long as I’ve [Read More...]