Prophetic Leadership

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If we want people to pay attention to the prophecies we receive and the observations we make, we can’t just say “here’s what’s going to happen.” We also have to say “here’s what we can do with it” and “here’s how it will be better for all of us.” [Read more...]

Fertile Ground For Polytheism

Beltane 2014 05c

The decline of the West is bringing many challenges and difficulties, but it’s also creating fertile ground for polytheism. [Read more...]

Responding to the Religiously Obnoxious

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I’m a big proponent of doing what it takes to get along. But at some point, “getting along” becomes “pretending to be someone you aren’t.” I’ve crossed that line before, sometimes knowingly and sometimes mindlessly. It never ended well. [Read more...]

Listening To The Gods

GCG 2015 04

When we listen to the Gods we allow Them to speak to us here and now. If we want to avoid following the monotheistic religions into stagnant orthodoxy and an obsession with the written word, let’s learn to experience Them directly and intimately. [Read more...]

Building the World to Come

GCG 2015 31

Consumer culture is inherently unsustainable and it is going to collapse. But if we’re that dissatisfied with mainstream culture – and I certainly am – let’s start building a better culture that is sustainable right here right now. [Read more...]

The Collapse of the West and the Future of the Human Species

06 03 Houston

Rome ruled the West for 400 years, but its empire collapsed. In this hemisphere, the Mayans, the Incas, and the Aztecs had their day, but their empires are long gone. What could possibly make anyone think contemporary Western society will have a different fate – other than nationalistic propaganda or garden-variety wishful thinking? [Read more...]


sabbat wide

Damh the Bard’s new album Sabbat has powerful celebrations of being Pagan, Damh’s take on a folk song, a classic rock cover, and lots of musical storytelling. As a long-time fan, I couldn’t be happier. [Read more...]

Payment, Reciprocity, and Common Sense

offerings at Bath

The Pagan community really should have figured this out by now, but apparently we haven’t. Fraud = bad. Reciprocity = good. And if you want something done right, expect to pay a fair price. [Read more...]