About Buying “I’m OK–You’re Not.” (And some other … babbling, basically.)

In response to some (lovely) e-mails I’ve received, I’d like to say that everything you read here about Penguins, Pain and the Whole Shebang is also true about I’m OK–You’re Not.

Except these are the online places to buy I’m OK:



Barnes & Noble


Oh, wait! There’s more! Pretty extremely apropos of not entirely a lot, the paperback edition of Comma Sense just came out.  (Find some Major Comedy Yuks from that book at When Punctuation Goes Really, Really Wrong.) Wootwoot!

It is so completely cool to receive via Fed-Ex a whole big fat box filled with copies of your newest–well, not to mention your only–paperback book.

(Okay, so does anyone besides me and about one other person I know like “wootwoot!”? I’m quite a fan of it myself, but thought I’d ask. As my Regular Readers know, I’m also inordinately fond of “Yay!” and “Whoo-hoo!” To me, all three of these just … look great in print. They always crack me up. And I’m especially fond of “wootwoot!” just now, because I’m new to it–and, just like any father, I like my newest child best. [This is a joke. Repeat: This is a joke. Please don’t write me about how fathers shouldn’t love some of their kids more than others. Please? I’ll send you cash if you don’t.] So whaddya’ all say? Am I delusional for thinking that “wootwoot!” is just about the greatest thing since … well, “whoo-hoo!”? Log in YOUR opinion today!! Wootwoot!  (Um. Or not.)

"Very true!!!!! I agree with what you said!!!"

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  • Rachel Cabal

    I'm actually partial to WOO HOO!!!!!!!!! This is to be pronounced with a distinct Texas accent and clearly it must be said very loudly. Woo Hoo can be used in response to such events as: the office closing early, finding out the price of gas dropped again, the bar-b-que coming out of the pit just at the right tenderness or any other joy inspiring moment. Note: it's much cuter when women say Woo Hoo then when men say it…that's just weird.

  • Ross

    WOO HOO!!! is fine. It's the long WHOOOOO's!!!! that I have a problem with. These are often employed by young females, frequently in a public school kind of setting…pep rallys, graduations, assemblys, etc.

    Recently Ann Coulter wrote a column about this phenomonon and its connection with a political debate. I had to laugh as I had never heard anybody bring it up and it has always annoyed me to no end.

    John Shore – I'm about a quarter of the way through "I'm ok…" and I gotta say you are one funny writer. Usually when I read something that I find funny, I laugh in my mind with no outward show except for maybe a small smile and that's if it's pretty darn funny. But while I was reading your book last night, I actually audibly laughed two times in addition to less apparent laughter.

    So far I'm on board with the focusing on the great commandment, but I'm not yet convinced that there isn't a place for awkard, gut wrenching Rambo style evangelization, (not that I ever do it, but I feel I should be in perpetual guilt for not doing it, after all I might save someone from damnation). If we get the gospel out, no matter how awkard, can't the Holy Spirit use it to good effect? And if not immediately maybe down the road of someone's life.

    Looking forward to reading the rest…

  • You guys are cracking me up with this stuff.

    Okay, so let's be clear. I'm NOT talking about spoken sounds here. I'm only meaning to refer to print. For instance, as I say, I LOVE "wootwoot!" in PRINT, but have no interest in it spoken: then, to me, it just sounds a little too … Arsenio Hall/forced.

    I like Ross's "WOO HOO!" I've never written it like that. I always write, "Whoo-hoo!" I like "WOO HOO!" better. So I may have to steal that.

    Ross: Thanks for love on book. I definitely appreciate it. Let me know (if you care to) how/if the rest of the book effects your ideas about the relative GC's.