From My Blog to Britney’s Eyes?

Okay, so I’ve now gotten a fair number of people asking me if I think there’s any chance Britney Spears will ever see the “open letter” I wrote her. Of course I have no idea. Seems unlikely, but anything’s possible.

One thing that’s not in doubt, though, is the “six degrees of seperation” theory. Every person on earth really is connected to every other person on earth by six or fewer people.

 So. Like most people, I would like to do something to help Ms. Spears. If you would, too, and think that letter to her might do the trick, forward the link to it ( ) to whomever you might, and encourage them to forward it to whomever they might. If everyone does that, there’s no question but that sooner or later she’d see it. And probably sooner. That is the nature of … Modern Communication.

Anyway, just a thought. Be cool if we could actually help that poor girl.

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  • Hey, I've got an idea. Snail Mail! Why not? Used to work in the old days.

  • Right, right. So. The trick is to get her mailing address. Which is impossible.

    Except I'll bet it's like sending mail to the White House. You know how if you just address a letter to "The President, The White House, USA," it'll actually GET there?? Or how if you mail something to "Santa Clause, The North Pole," it'll … make your parents secretly laugh at you over dinner? It must be like THAT!

    I'll be you don't have to know Britney's REAL mailing address. I'll bet if you send a letter to "Britney Spears, Famous Land, USA" it'll … make her parents laugh at you over dinner.


    Stupid famous people. They're so … devilishly private. The NERVE.

  • C'mon, John. There has to be some type of fan club – some type of publicist. Don't you read any private eye novels?

  • (That was so funny. It sounds so BITTER. Stupid…hastily written comments. But you know what I mean. It's just … not going to happen. But that's cool, man. I can live with it. I've moved on. I've put my life back together.)

  • Yes. Well, I’m guessing that right about now Britney’s publicists and managers are a tad too … freaked, to deal with yet ANOTHER random, anonymous letter from someone offering her solace and life advice.

    There’s exactly ONE hope here. And that is that the blog itself grows so popular that either Britney (in the middle of some long, sad night when she’s trolling the net looking for stories about herself–which I GUARANTEE you she does) or someone near her sees it, simply by virtue of the fact that so many OTHER people have seen it and passed it along that it has taken on a life of its own.

    If it essentially demands her attention, it’ll get her attention. That’s the only way she’ll ever read it. And as winning as I think my little Dear Abbey piece on her behalf is, I’m not exactly holding my breath for that to happen.

  • i know you’re not bitter…but you are tagged! check your email…