Ahhh … Turkey Day. I’ll be having salami, but still. It’s good to have a day dedicated to being thankful. I …

Whoa! Cat (wife) just awokened. I hear her in our bedroom, awakenizing. (It’s 6:30 a.m.)

So, cool. She has the next ELEVEN DAYS OFF!! WHOO-FREAKIN’-WHOOO!!

And now I’m outta here, cuz … awakeninzed wife.

Quicky, though, here are the things I’m thankful for that are popping into my head as I type them:

The power and majesty of a God that galvanizes and supports all life.

These socks I’m wearing. Quite thick.


Music. (Cat, up and at ’em, just turned on one of our old GRP Jazz Christmas albums).

Indoor plumbing. (It’s cold.)

That my writing allows me not to have to get a real job.

That I’m healthy.

That (even better) Cat’s healthy.

That I’m not in jail. You cannot beat not being in jail.

That this is the 30th Holiday Season that Cat and I have been together. THIRTY!!

What is the deal with time, anyway?

I’m very thankful that I have this way of communicating with people that, even though I don’t actually know them know them, I nonetheless feel fully with me, every day.

Love to you all today!

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  • Ummm… John, did you forget being alive? Doesn't being alive beat not being in prison?

    Of course, being dead and in heaven is better than being in prison… okay, you're right….

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  • John, wishing you and Cat Happy Thanksgiving 😉 Any turkey pix?

  • tmichalski

    Happy Thanksgiving all. The lady and I indulged in a fancy meal we cooked together and enjoyed it without our immediate families at our coffee table(cus i'll buy a dining room set when i can afford to and/or am officially a yuppie).

    The cat was the most excited as she got to eat a little turkey. She proceded to take a 2 hour nap afterwards. I've never seen her eat faster(the cat, not my girlfriend).

    What is it about the traditional American Thanskgiving meal(turkey, mashed potatoes, sides of your choosing-i go with the green bean casserole) that you spend about 6 hours cooking all this food and its just ends up being a pile of delicious muck on a plate. I mean seriously, the casserole, potatoes, gravy, and turkey all just have tendency to slide into the middle of the plate. It's almost deflating to look at(and not to mention the mess in the kitchen i am too tired to clean up). My lack of energy could also have something to do with the wine and Irish coffee, but we'll leave that for another day.

    Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!

  • tmichalski

    Also Yes: I am very thankfull today. I've been laid-off for three months now and my girlfriend and family has grinned and beared it, taking care of my pathetic self. I am very grateful to have those who love me in my life. They are everything.

    I'm also starting to accept death, as a part of life(which is something i struggled with for a few years-i had two people very close to me die within a month of one another a few years back, and I haven't quite been the same since). But I am also thankful for my acceptance.

    I am also thankful for the opportunity to edit my friends novel. It has been a few months since i had seriously written anything( i mean sure, i've worked out a few things, but nothing with any permenance- the editing has definitley helped me rekindle my creative juices and i plan on beginning a new story soon!) So i am thankful for my re-discovered creativity.

  • Elizabeth

    Happy Thanksgiving (a little late…) and Merry Christmas to you and Cat!!!!

    All the Lord's best to you and yours…

    Elizabeth and H.H.

  • We don't celebrate Thanksgiving where I come from, we do our year's thanks at Christmas instead.

    Still, you made me take pause and give thanks for what I have today. What better day than today right?


  • Latoya

    Ok. seriously now. You are the craziest person I’ve ever met! well i haven’t really MET you, but I feel like I have. Love your blog!