My Big Week in Christian Book Publishing

The book business is reeeeeeeeeeeeeally slow; it is like unto the rest of our media as the Pony Express is to email. Insane. Anyway, it means that whenever anything actually does happen with any book you write, it registers (to you, anyway) as a fairly big deal. This week four things happened with books of mine, which I figured I’d now bore you with.

First, on Tuesday I found at my door a box delivered by UPS that turned out to contain the first copy I’d seen of Midlife Manual for Men, a book I wrote with Steve Arterburn that’ll be in stores in a week or two. It’s got an exceptionally well designed, slick, super-shiny cover, with the raised/embossed lettering and all. Very snazzy. (You can see the front of that cover on its Amazon page, which is here.) And there’re bunch of endorsements on the book’s back cover and front page that are so glowing they’re actually embarrassing to read. Also in the box was the four-disc CD audio-version of MM4M, which is the whole book read aloud by Steve.  Midlife is Bethany Publishing’s lead book for at least Spring ’08, so they’ve printed tons of copies of it, and it’ll be available everywhere. I have no idea if anyone’ll want to interview me about the book, or whatever. Steve’s the star, of course. He’ll be doing all kinds of media about it.

Anyway. It was fun to see that stuff.

Also, The Discerning Reader, a website whereon a handful of conservative Christians review books in order to “help Christians avoid being unduly influenced by books and teachers that are not honoring to God” (according to their “About” page), has just published a review of my book, “Penguins, Pain and the Whole Shebang,” by God (as told to John Shore). (Amazon-wise, that book is here.) That DR review is here. One of the more formidable things about the review is that it features, right off the bat, the word “anthropopathism.”

Quick: Say “anthropopathism” three times. Or once, even.

At the top of their reviews, The Discerning Reader runs quick summations of the review/book at hand. The one for Penguins says: “In short: A witty and unpredictable book for unbelievers. Christian readers beware.”

So you’ve been warned. Beware!

Also, this week the Christian megasite published an excerpt from the introduction of Midlife, which you can read here.

Finally, I found out this week I’ll soon be getting a decent little royalty check from the German edition of Penguins, which apparently is doing pretty well. That’s nice to find out.

And there you have it. Not much, as I say. Unless you’re me. Then it’s kind of not entirely unexciting.

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  • Well done, John!

    You've come into a new season…..what a great feeling.

    MM4M looks inviting. Will get copies for my two middle-aged sons.

    The oldest is a published author himself. NEVER TOO LATE is about male mid-life and dreaming a dream!

    You are entering your most productive years, John Shore.

    You're lookin' good!


  • Congrats! I'd just ordered both books Friday from Amazon. Actually pre-ordered MM4M. When can we expect the 60,000-word project you've been working on?

    Thanks, way-to-go and another slap-on-the-back meant to encourage.


  • "Home, Home on the Raaaaaange"

    Okay, I promise I'll stop singing. Still, I can't get that song out of my brain after reading this: "Shore shows himself to be a wordsmith of range possessing a knack for rendering the actually impossible literarily plausible"

    "Word, Wordsmith of (the) range. Where the Penguins and 'the faint of heart, the curmudgeonly, the holier-than-thou, the traditionalist, (and) the weaker brother' play…"

  • congratulations!

  • Elizabeth

    Hey…. That sounds like a pretty AWESOME GOD-thing kinda week for you, dude!!! Congrats!

  • Hjordes

    Woot! Grats, John!

    I loved the Penguin review. It was… odd.

    *Puts on dark glasses and glances about suspiciously, being wary of John."

  • Judy Brown

    Good on you. Congrats.

  • Leif Sr.

    Congratulations John. Your hard work and dedication to your craft and message is an inspiration. Thank you for your commitment to Jesus.

    Leif Sr.

  • Wow, you guys are SO nice to be so nice about this stuff. How extremely kind of you all! I wasn't even going to POST this, it all seemed so boring, but ….

    I must have the nicest readers in the blogosphere. What an honor for me! How lucky. Awesome.

    Brian: Funny. You're a funny guy. Always big with the jokes with you. (That actually WAS funny. So of course now you'll go to hell. Oh, well. I won't care. I'll be in heaven. My completeness of my satisfaction will be so great it won't bother me at all that you'll be spending the rest of eternity having the living flesh seared off your bones. Cool!)

    Greta: You have a son who ALSO wrote a midlife book? How weird! Wait. Mom? Mom? Is that you?

    Leif: Very touching, by the way. Thank you. All of you guys killed me with your responses. Thanks again, so very, very much.

  • Hey, John: we got our copies of the books here at the shop on Friday, too. So it is officially out, on sale, on the shelves. I haven't had time too look through it much yet—Beth's been very sick and I was away hawking stuff at a three day gig—but I"ll try to review it soon. Can you tell us how much of the writing was yours? Was it fun doing the tag-team thing? You're writing style is different than your co-author's I'd guess.

    From this humble little bookseller–thanks for doing this work. We'd be dismal if there weren't good writers that really were worth reading!

  • Congratulations! The MM4M looks great, and the DR review was quite good. And a German version of Penguins doing well on top of all that … great to hear such nice things happening to a fellow writer of the Christian persuasion. 🙂

    –Kathleen Young

  • Yep! An 'old lady' likes your wrting style . . does that surprise you? The others may not understand what I meant by "you've come into a new season." ( the Ecclesiastes 3 thing). It's in the season's that we are seasoned. Experience is the spice of life. Fifty on are the best years . . . knowledge gleaned from past experience kicks in. Forty is the old-age of youth . . . fifty is the youth of old age! Perhaps that's why the 40's are called middle age? The secret, though, is to stop acting your age. Stay young at heart! Always head for the young folk section at church . . . listen to their stories and they will listen to yours. Generational exchange is brilliant. And right!

  • Laura

    I think I'll be ordering your book shortly, even though I'm female and not even close to midlife. I figure, you're a good author and it's always good to be prepared 😉

  • Samhain

    Awesome! I can’t wait to get a copy! Congrats and good job! You keep writing and I’ll keep reading.

  • Congratulations. Your passion and dedication to writing is obviously paying off. Good for you.