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The Fear That Feeds Our Discontent

We all struggle with too often or habitually doing or thinking things that we know are bad for us and/or those around us. Our dysfunctional behavior is fueled by anger and resentment deeply rooted within us. We are angry at the fact that, somewhere along the line of our lives, our core emotional needs were [Read More…]

Proof That Bees Make Water Meter Honey

Mmmmmm … delicious water meter honey. I came across this extremely busy hive (bees were zooming in and out of there like it was Christmas at O’Hare) in an alley running between some businesses and homes in downtown Encinitas, CA. Did the bees think, “Who cares if it’s a cement hole in the middle of [Read More…]

Proof That God is Creating a Race of Rock People

Here’s a picture I took this weekend in some mountains four miles from our home. Be afraid. [Read more…]

Proof That God Confuses Plants with Animals

Proof that God confuses plants with animals [Read more…]

Proof That God Gets Bored

Yesterday my wife Cat and I hung around uber-snazzy La Jolla, CA, which is just down the coast from where we live. As you can see from this one shot I took, La Jolla (city motto: “Having a Love-Hate Relationship with Tourists since 1905”) is ridiculously beautiful: Here we see, along the same walk on [Read More…]

As Khamenei Reserves His Spot in Hell

And on his way down there, Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, will slip and slide on  the blood of all the Iranians whose slaughter for tomorrow he has now green-lighted. Thousands will be beaten and murdered for wanting nothing more than a fair count of their vote. Will we ever see an end to [Read More…]

God, Satan and Bob in Heaven

(Here’s another excerpt from my play, “Speak of the Devil.” [Pieces of the play I’ve previously run are Satan’s Ministers Await Satan’s Arrival, and Enter Satan.] This scene opens with God and Satan in heaven.) GOD: You have free will. SATAN: I know. I can’t say I ever thought about it much. GOD: But you’re [Read More…]

Khamenei’s Dilemma

Final words of a good analysis piece in today’s New York Times entitled In Iran, an Iron Cleric, Now Blinking: “Everyone speaking of Ayatollah Khamenei tends to use the word ‘cautious,’ a man who never gambles. But he now faces a nearly impossible choice. If he lets the demonstrations swell, it could well change the [Read More…]

Men: Take the Midlife Crisis Test!

Are you a guy who thinks he might be having a midlife crisis? If you’d like to know for sure, take the simple test below. On a separate piece of paper, write down the number corresponding to the answer you picked for each of the questions. Once you’ve finished the test, tally up those numbers [Read More…]

She Takes the Pledge

In response to my Getting Big Laughs with the Pledge of Allegiance, a reader sent me this video of her little girl gettin her patriot on. Just too cute. [Read more…]