As Khamenei Reserves His Spot in Hell

And on his way down there, Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, will slip and slide on  the blood of all the Iranians whose slaughter for tomorrow he has now green-lighted. Thousands will be beaten and murdered for wanting nothing more than a fair count of their vote.

Will we ever see an end to these kinds of tyrannical, oppressive, power-crazed, viciously brutal dictatorships? Must we always suffer yet another monster who dares proclaim to the world that his pure and incomprehensible evil is sanctioned by God?

This is a dark day for anyone in the world who cares about freedom and truth. Tomorrow will be a good deal darker. Say a prayer tonight for the God of sanity and compassion to protect and have mercy on us all.

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  • Amen.

  • Iran seems to be already won:

    Excellent news.

  • HW


    You paint a bleak but realistic picture. It's true; the world is filled with the darkness of violence coming from broken, angry hearts — but God so loved the world that he gave his only Son. That one sacrifice of love is enough to change even the heart of the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and every other tyrant who walks the face of this earth.

    Still, I admit that I wasn't sure if individual hearts as hard as his were being changed, until I saw a film called "More Than Dreams."

    Late last year I watched the DVD, and I was blown away by the true stories of these 5 people (1 woman, 4 men) — told in the original languages of Farsi, Hausa, Arabic, Indonesian, and Turkish, from all different countries, including Iran. It's beautifully filmed all over the world, and it gave me hope that God can (and does) reach any heart, anywhere, at any time.

    The angry side of me says that it really doesn't matter if the Ayatollah calls his actions those sanctioned by god. He is a fool to test the true God as he does. Only God is God, and he makes nations to rise and fall. You are completely right; he will answer to God in the end.

    But the kinder side of me, the me that has been forgiven, wishes hell on no one. NO ONE.

    So, yes! Let's pray for both the Ayatollah and the hearts of all his advisers to begin to crack. Let's pray that they cannot sleep at night because God is leaning heavily on their hearts, chasing them down in their thoughts during the day, showing them how much they need his forgiveness. And let's pray that during this crisis in Iran, many will not only seek the freedom of a free election, but the freedom of a heart that is forever forgiven by the one who loves us most.

    ~ HW