The Power of the Internet

My free 44-page e-book “Seven Reasons Women Stay in Abusive Relationships (and How to Defeat Each One of Them)” has been downloaded from well over 1,000 times, and read some 850 times. In a day. The Internet is such an amazing thing. I pray, of course, that the mini-book (which is derived from the series I’ve been writing here on my blog entitled, “Seven Reasons Women Stay in Bad Relationships”) is helping some woman, somewhere, deal with the difficult issue of being in a relationship with an abusive man.

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  • John Shore

    No, no: I put up that collection for free.

  • Greta Sheppard

    I am now going to scribeD to download the articles . . . found your insights helpful in my counselling service to battered women. And I congratulate you for the large audience out there who know and appreciate good stuff by a good man. If you were to put a price on the material what would it be …uh…NO……on second thought, that is totally unfair of me to ask….writers never get paid what they're worth in time and effort. Thank you for your self-less-ness……it is God Who rewards, in many unseen ways!

  • John Shore

    Greta: I'd probably charge for the domestic violence the same $5 I'm charging for the other stuff. But I can't stand the thought of some woman needing/wanting that sort of material, and not being able, for whatever reason, to pay for it. So I'm keeping that stuff free. But thanks so much for your kind question and comments about it. And bless you for the work you're doing in this area.

  • Redlefty (Michael)

    Excellent! A new audience finds helpful info, and you get some wallet padding. Win/win.

  • Hjordes

    Thanks for putting this on scribd. I now have an easy way to pass on those materials. They're great. Thanks, John.

  • Hjordes

    Yours is the top hit under the search terms abusive relationship.

    Can you add search tags to your listings? If so, do you have "domestic violence" and "dating violence" as tags? A DV search didn't turn it up on the first page (it may have on subsequent pages but I'm too lazy to dig).

  • John Shore

    Hjordes: You Googled "abusive relationship," and this blog came up first?? That's … extreme. Is that true? Crazy. Anyway, yes, good idea on those two extra tags. I may be too lazy to go back and include them all, but … I should do that. I do want people looking for this sort of stuff to be able to find it. Thank you so much for thinking of this stuff in such a helpful way.

  • Hjordes

    Yes, it's true! Try it!

    And I'm a dork – I just found your tags and DV is definately in there.