The Cheapest Halloween Costume Ideas EVER

Here's a guy going out on Halloween dressed as a person with with extraordinary neck muscles

For those of you who don’t subscribe to my Twitter feed or visit me on Facebook, below is this … weird little burst of costume ideas I posted on Twitter this morning. I’m sure I’ll be adding to these throughout the day, since I can tell my brain has snapped into “This is fun! Let’s do this for the next four days!” mode (which is … well, a whole other problem I won’t bore you with).

Anyway, here are my Costume Idea tweets from this morning:

For Halloween I’m dressing as a shut-in writer who rarely goes outside. Then I’m gonna LIVE the part. It’s all about commitment.

Wait: For Halloween I’m now wearing black dress shoes with spats, a toga, and a Yankees cap. Going as a confused time-traveler.

Wait: For Halloween I’m gonna wear a nice suit and a big lapel button that says, “Vote for Me.” Going as a congenital liar.

On Halloween, I’ll wear normal clothes. Upon door opening, will scream, “Candy! Now!” Going as guy who just doesn’t get it.

When people open their doors on Halloween, they’ll find me standing with my back to them. Going as guy with commitment issues.

When people open their doors on Halloween I’ll yell, “Burn in hell, sinner!” Going as Fred Phelps.

On Halloween, I’ll act unable to grasp my goodie bag, or move my fingers at all. I’m going as a blogger.

On Halloween I’ll grab huge handfuls of the candy, then throw it all to the ground and stomp on it. Going as Joe Lieberman.

On Halloween I’ll knock on people’s doors, but then run away before they open them. Going as Osama bin Laden.

On Halloween, I’ll say “Trick or …” and then just freeze in mid-sentence, mouth open, dead silent. I’m going as AT&T.

Them: “Who are you?” Me: “Who are you?” Them: “What?” Me: “What?” Them: “Stop it!” Me: “Stop it!” Going as Arianna Huffington.

At each house on Halloween I’ll take ALL their candy, and then pee in their empty bowl. Going as Goldman Sachs.






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