Let’s Try Blogging About Current Events!

Like This!

On my Facebook page, a reader commented about my blog, “All your posts refer to the Christian faith. You don’t comment on the oil spill, the firing of a general, the World Cup, etc.”

Good point! I should blog more about current events. And what better time to blog about current events than right now?

Let me go look at the headlines that are, at this moment (11 p.m. Saturday, June 26, 2010) on the front page of the website of The New York Times. This’ll be fun!

The top story–the one right in the middle-top of the page, with the big photo–is headlined, “The New Power of Petite Women.” My wife, to whom I’ve been married almost 30 years, is five-feet, two inches tall. Today, while we were in a Nordstrom, she went off to buy some stuff, and when she came back to where she thought I would be waiting for her, she found that I wasn’t there. When a short while later we basically ran into each other near the escalators, she expressed her displeasure at not having been able to find me earlier by slugging me in the chest. Hard. In my entire life, I don’t think I’ll ever run across a news article I need to read less than I do, “The New Power of Petite Women.”

The second biggest story on the front page of NYT–the big left-hand column story–is headlined, “With Financial Overhaul Near, Lobbying Shifts to Regulations.” I’m sure thisssssssszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The third biggest story is titled, “Leaders at Summit Talks Turn Attention to Deficit Cuts.” Is the NYT just trying to hurt me? Have I done something to offend that paper? Or are they simply major stockholders in the No Doz company? This stuff would slip a zombie into a coma. Let me go look for another front page story while I can still move my hands.

Next, I see, we have, “Insurance Pools Readied in Some States.” In the comments thread of a post earlier this week, I mentioned how I’d like to buy a handgun to keep for protection of my home. I wish I had a handgun right now. I’d kill myself with it.

Next headline: “Overture to Taliban Jolts Afghan Minorities.” Gee, what a surprise. A group in the Middle East is being offended by something a different group in the Middle East is doing or will do or might do or did do or sort of did 10,000 years ago. I better give my mind a chance to wrap itself around this startling story before I delve into the shocking details of it.

The next story I see is, “Guineans Revel in Prospect of First Free Vote.”

I hate my life.


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  • DR
  • Gina Powers

    You forgot about the couple who tried to sell their kid at Wally World/Walmart for $25. Just sayin'. (Sticks tail between my legs and slinks off to bed, FINALLY).

  • This wasn't actually at meant as any sort of answer to the person who asked me why I don't blog about current events. I just thought it was something fun/funny to write. To be perfectly honest, it's something I've had in mind for awhile to write; I always thought I would take the route of saying how newspapers are going out of business; that's so wrong; let's go take a look at some headlines and see if we can figure out what's going on with that," and then have some fun about how incomprehensible and boring-sounding the headlines were. I just thought this was a natural/fun way to do that same bit.

    Now, you want to see an angry/surprising RESPONSE to this post, go to my Facebook page. Some woman (man?) felt that this post here proved I was/am exactly the kind of rose-colored-glasses-wearing Christian she loathes..

  • That's how I came by this post… I was expecting something much, much different. I'm still looking for the part that PROVES you are the rose-colored-glasses-wearing Christian.

    Weird. It's funny how our stuff comes out in the most bizarre ways sometimes.

    BTW, I thought this post proved absolutely nothing, if that helps any. You are funny, but I thought some prior posts had already proved that.

  • Elizabeth

    Oh dear. First I was woken up by a friend with an urgent need to define salvation — is it gained or given? (Anyone who wants to weigh in, please email me. So far, I've got nothing.) Now I have to interject some sanity here, a task for which I am singularly ill-suited.

    I am thrilled that @DonP and @wken defended John so adroitly. The insight, patience, and humor with which he handles Christian issues is extraordinary. No other site, real or virtual, welcomes people of all beliefs and backgrounds to discuss issues that matter the way this one does. That's huge. If that were all John did, it would still be a momentous achievement.

    The thing is — from my reading, anyway — the accusation is completely untrue. Flat-out, step-back, "what were you thinking" false.

    John writes so brilliantly about religion that you can overlook all the other issues he covers. In the month and a half I have followed his work, he has posted, not one, but three essays on fatherhood and family dynamics (June 11, 12, and 20); two haunting and poignant short stories ("The Smiling Bird" and "Oscy Gets a Life"); and one breath-taking love letter, "The Moment I Met My Wife" (June 9.) He constantly references grammar, language, and the process of writing itself.

    You want current events? On June 25, John posted about Fox News, leading to commentary on PBS, politics, and media bias in general. On June 18, his "Guess the Fate of the World" contest started a monster discussion on the environment and the nature of the human condition itself. On Veteran's Day, he wrote about Lincoln and war. On May 23, he addressed Tiger Woods by way of William Blake. It's not all serious, either. He reposted a birthday card for Bob Marley on May 11.

    On June 17, John was so disgusted by the appalling behavior of the BP CEO, Tony Hayward, during hearings, he not only made multiple Facebook updates, he gave control of his blog to some rabid woman in order to focus solely on that issue. (In the interest of complete disclosure, that would be me.)

  • Elizabeth

    As I was saying…

    One of his most important pieces is "7 Reasons Women Stay in Abusive Relationships and How To Defeat Each One." It is exhaustive and exhausting. He shines the light so brightly, with such detail and honesty and deep respect, on our inner selves, that I dare you to read it in one sitting. The writing is so profound and multilayered that you'll be forced to revisit it, again and again.

    I won't even go into the subjects he gets into tangentially, like punk music, coffee, dogs, cognitive dissonance, playing dress-up, and his weird obsession with waffles.

    Have I made my point? There is no topic, current or otherwise, that John can't or won't write about, and well. He is fearless. He's known as a master of the Christian blog because he seems to be the only thoughtful, intelligent person doing that. Frankly, I tend to think of him first as a humorist. Then again, I have my own issues.

    Get the Facebook critic some reading glasses and a tall glass of water. He or she is about to be really busy. I, on the other hand, need to take an Advil and a nap. This salvation question is wearing me out.

  • Sherry G

    Funny stuff John Shore. Thanks for the laugh.

  • typoqueen

    In a two-part nutshell, THIS is what you want the ICRS people to see on your card table at the show. Good Luck!

  • DonP

    “On my Facebook page, a reader commented about my blog, “All your posts refer to the Christian faith. You don’t comment on the oil spill, the firing of a general, the World Cup, etc.””

    Well I can see the humor here in your most gracious response to this character but here is what I might have said: DEAR SMALL-MINDED READER of my Facebook page, Excuse me for being blunt please. But, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? There are lots of other places you can go to read about and participate in worldly shit. As for me: “been there, done that and bought the t-shirt.” . Now I am here.

    See how easy that was John? No need for capriciousness or adroitly worded humor. Sometimes, especially when speaking to ignorant dolts, in your face rudeness, down in the dirt, simple plainness is exactly what is called for.

    There now, ……..I feel better.

  • Yeah, John, why do something different and interesting when you could just write about current events like EVERY OTHER STINKIN’ BLOGGER ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH?

    Be a sheep.

    Who doesn’t like sheep, after all?

  • Rainne

    Mmmmmm mutton.

  • Jeanine Petty

    Funny. Thank you. Sometimes the beauty of being a writer at heart is that you have a great way to express boredom/displeasure/sarcasm, many times mingled all in to one.

    Hurray for SOMETHING getting an audible laugh out of my mouth today!

  • denver

    "Gee, what a surprise. A group in the Middle East is being offended by something a different group in the Middle East is doing or will do or might do or did do or sort of did 10,000 years ago. I better give my mind a chance to wrap itself around this startling story before I delve into the shocking details of it."


  • Kory Cochran

    I like the article about how the G20, G8, Z28 or whatever they are called, are turning their "attention to deficit cuts". I for one think that's exactly what they are doing is cutting attention deficits! Now we are paying even less attention to the news!

  • Good one! I've been so busy today I haven't had a chance to say what I've kind of wanted to, which is that of COURSE the stories themselves are interesting: that's why they're on the front of the NY Times. I just thought it was funny (and very fortunate for me, since I'd set the piece up before I'd even gone to look at the NYT's website) that they really DID have such boring-sounding headlines. I should go say this on my fan page thing….

    Good to hear from you, Kory Cochran!

  • jennifer

    Rose colored glasses huh? They must smoke the good stuff 🙂

  • Tim

    Current events….Let the dead bury their dead.

  • DR

    What does this mean?

  • Tim

    Maybe my correlation was over spiritualizing…a disciple that is ALMOST ready to follow Jesus always seems to have ONE LAST THING they must do firs, or maybe a thing or two to think about first. That applies to me more than I would like to admit, so maybe I am overstating here.

    The idea was that current events are only current for a moment, then they are yesterday's news. Passed away. Matthew 6 talks about the natural mind being occupied with the concerns of the day…what to wear, what to eat or drink, who to bury. Jesus was saying that life is more than food or the body more than clothing and maybe living more than the dead or dying. The temporal is always there to distract a person's focus on God. We naturally defer to the concerns of the day and miss an opportunity to follow the One who creates the day.

    Peter sank beneath the waves and billows when he looked at the stormy sea. When Jesus regained Peter's attention, Peter walked on the water.

  • Ace

    Don’t forget the mint jelly!

  • Isadora Moustata

    You are not a news reporter, so I do not see any reason for you to blog about current events. I don’t really understand blogging, but I do know bloggers seem to have a specialty in mind when they create their blogs. Write what your heart desires. If current events are important to that reader then he should write about them in his blog. Frankly, I thoroughly enjoy the stuff you write about. You may consider me a satisfied customer.