Be Afraid

I’m tellin’ ya: the day I have to take this guy seriously is the day I move to Canada. Or get a lobotomy.

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The fundamentally toxic Christianity
"I think he read a Bible verse once and thinks that makes him a Christian."

The fundamentally toxic Christianity
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The fundamentally toxic Christianity
"you made a mistake in mocking Nicky's taste in music he's going to call you ..."

The fundamentally toxic Christianity

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  • Janet Nelson Higginbotham via Facebook

    Trust me – I”m afraid. He scares the *#@! outta me!

  • A’isha

    If you wait until you move to Canada, you can get the lobotomy paid for with real health insurance.

  • Tana Schott via Facebook

    Every time I say the name “Rick Perry” I have to stop myself from saying it the way Dave Chappelle said “Rick James.”

  • Narelle Friar via Facebook

    please explain to a downunder?

  • lol

  • But…but…he has such great hair!

  • Kathy Robbins

    Imagine how weary and my friends are: He’s been our governor for 10 years, and they haven’t been good ones.

  • The “creep store” called: they want their manequin back! 😉 He comes off as “plastic” to me; hence, the comparison..

  • Lawrence

    Too bad Texas hadn’t seceded—he wouldn’t be eligible.

  • Wouldn’t Sarah Palin as his running mate be just the political pair from hell? No, no. . just a flash of a nightmare, haven’t actually heard that it will be happening.

  • I keep trying to fathom how some of these candidates are are as popular as they are. I keep failing at it miserably. What am I missing here? Or am I?

  • Again, John, it’s best you avoid political commentary and stick to your religious commentary. Unless, of course, you don’t believe in the separation of church and state.

  • Uhm. Considering the religious factor of what is becoming American politics, I think avoiding this problem would be a mistake.

  • I appreciate your career advice, Mark. And yes, I do believe in the separation of church and state. What fool doesn’t?

  • Diane Re via Facebook

    How is a writer who writes about religious things violating separation of Church and State as he writes about politics? That doesn’t make sense, the whole internet is one big violation of church and state if that’s the case.

  • DR

    I don’t think you understand the separation of church and state. Or perhaps it’s you who doesn’t really care about free speech? That would be ironic.

  • @Mark: Very few people understand the concept of Separation of Church and State. Most believe it’s in the constitution.It ain’t. The concept of which you wrote is specifically in regards to enforcing a state religion or imposing adherence to a specific religion on people serving in office or gov’t. It does not mean you can’t bring your religious-based values to the political table or criticize public figures for talking Jesus, but walking doucebaggery. E.g., slimeballs like Rick Perry.

  • Look, I don’t like Rick Perry any more than you do. All I’m saying is that I suggest you shy away from portraying your political beliefs and stick to your religious commentary.

  • is it not quintessentially about religion to call out a phony like Perry, who claims so loudly to be Christian? Jesus never talked much about political systems but he talked a lot about hypocrites.

  • would it be wrong for a pastor to give his/her opinion from the pulpit about which candidate was more in line with christian values? i always had trouble with that issue. now, John Shore might not be a pastor but is a kind of christian leader in the sense that he sends messages out trying to lead people in a spiritually useful way. i always think that it’s kind of weird if you have a political opinion, to keep it quiet. everybody knows people are human and that others can make their own decisions… right?!

  • Diane Re via Facebook

    Love, churches are given a certain kind of tax exempt status that makes it very inappropriate for Pastors to advocate for a particular political candidate, regardless of how much that candidate reflects Jesus. I actually think churches should be taxed myself (as a Christian) but until they are? It’s wrong for a Pastor to be advocating his or her political views.

  • Susan in NY

    Ask Rick what he knows about foreign policy. Heck, ask him if he knows where Canada is.

    The man is almost as scary as Sarah Palin.

  • Narelle, Rick Perry is currently the Governor of the state of Texas in the U.S. and a Presidential candidate. By some accounts he is the frontrunner. If he wins the primary for the Republican Party (the conservative party) he would run against President Obama for the position of President of the United States. The election is in November 2012.

  • Christy

    I get why they are popular with the folks who like them, but you’re not alone in your mystification.

  • Christy

    Many of us, Mark, both liberal and conservative, see God’s call for love and God’s call for justice as two sides of the same coin and, therefore, cannot divorce our religious beliefs from our political ones. Charity is helping those in need. Justice asks why there are so many in need and works to alleviate the causes of injustice.

  • Christy

    Many in the social justice arm of the church point out that Dr. King never endorsed a political candidate, but rather worked to get political candidates and elected officials to endorse his ideas.

  • Sara

    I’ve lived under him for his entire term. He scares me too. He has the ethics of a diseased tomcat and big money backing. They buy all the votes he’s needed to stay Governor while he repays them with political favors like placing a nuclear waste dump on top of an aquifer. Please please please get the word out to everyone you know – this man is dangerously stupid, dangerously unethical, dangerously rich and shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath as the Presidency of the United States.

  • Donald Rappe

    Ask Rick if he has the phone numbers of the Koch brothers so he can consult with them on issues, both foreign and domestic. to find the right direction for the United States.

  • Diana A.

    For what reason are you suggesting that John should refrain from portraying his political beliefs? It’s his blog. He can write whatever he darn well pleases.

  • Buzz Dixon via Facebook

    @Narelle — are you looking for an explanation of Rick Perry or Rick James? Singer Rick James was more entertaining & insofar as we know never actually killed anybody (though there was that kidnapping incident). Dave Chapelle is an American comedian who did a marvelous parody of James inc. his signature tagline: “I’m Rick James, b****!”

    Rick Perry is yet another good ol’ boy Texas politician who wants to be president. While governor he dissolved an appeals panel that was on the verge of proving a man on death row was innocent of the arson murders he was accused of (the Willingham case) and executed the man anyway. He later said (in effect) he didn’t care if the state executed innocent people or not as long as guilty people got executed. So I guess that makes him a bigger badass than Rick James…

  • Yeah, whatever they want DO THE OPPOSITE!

  • They apparently rub each other the wrong way. The GOP stage isn’t big enough for 2 drama queens