Nothing So Dangerous


(The comments from readers below are in response to this, which I posted on my Facebook page along with a link to this post: “So I’ve been practicing making these little mini-poster things, and quickly made this one [with some words I wrote in one of posts awhile back]. I was going to take it down [even though it’s buried on my site], because my wife thinks it too harsh, and I trust her judgement. But people keep liking it. What do you guys think? Too harsh? Keep or trash?” As you can see, the majority of people seem to want me to keep this. On the other hand, I’ve lost FB-page fans. So. There we are.)


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  • ccws


  • KEEP. It is a very true statement and a reflection on the likes of Sarah Palin and her ilk.

  • Dawn Krause Pickett via Facebook

    I think if it is yellow and it quacks it’s a duck. (Translation: It is harsh. But sometimes the truth is harsh.)

  • I see NOTHING wrong or even remotely inaccurate about it. It is spot on. I LOVE this, and it is VERY true.

  • Keep it. there’s no sugar coating that truth.

  • I think it is too true unfortunately.

  • John Wood via Facebook

    It’s the truth…no apologies needed!!!!

  • Tana Schott via Facebook

    If it was mean-spirited and personal, I could understand taking it down. It’s just simply true.

  • Well, I tried. You once were one to obtain great Christian commentary from and I learned a lot from your articles, but now I see you’ve become politically charged and I’m just not interested in hearing it. I wish you the best of luck.

  • I agree – harsh or not, it’s true. I think you should keep it.

  • Keep it. A little harsh, but sadly true.

  • cawcat333

    Keep it circulating. It is so true!

  • J Aiden Rose via Facebook

    Tea Baggers are just that. Racist, homophobes, woman-hating xenophobes. All wrapped in self-righteousness and false modesty.

    Sad thing is, many of the Tea Bag faithful are good folks who are tired and scared.

  • Um. Yeah, but I AGREED with my wife that it was likely too harsh. sigh …

  • Keep it.

  • I have mixed feelings. I agree with the statement of the poster. But it is not something I would put up. However, I have been known to err on the side of being too nice many times in the past.

  • Keep it up.

  • Tziedel Tammas via Facebook

    It’s wonderful and not harsh. They have declared war on our country.

  • Keep, just for the elegance of the language.

  • In five years of doing this, this is the ONLY time I’ve ever asked anyone (except my wife) if I should or shouldn’t put or leave up something. I should do this more often. It’s kinda fun.

  • Liz McCollum via Facebook

    My first thought is what Dawn said above – sometimes the truth is harsh. And it is definitely truth.

  • Monica Neiderman via Facebook

    One of the problems we have as liberals is being too nice. Somehow when the Republicans are in control, they are in control. When Dems are in control, Republicans are in control because they’ll stop at nothing to get their point across. It’s time we took the gloves off…before we lose the entire planet in their eagerness for the end of the world so Jesus can come back on his puffy cloud and make the lions and the lambs lie together.

  • I don’t think it’s too harsh in the manner that the statement is inaccurate. It’s dead on. However, it may be too harsh as in too forward or brutally blunt to be socially palatable for most. I say go with your gut, whatever it says on the keep/trash issue. It seems to do a good job steering your writing, so why not trust it now?

  • ( I see the “Keep it” contingent is definitely winning. I KNEW you guys were a bunch of godless, America-hating commie socialist leftists. What a collection of neo-hippies I have here.

  • (My peeps!)

  • (See, now? I’ve LOST a few fans! I blame you guys!)

  • dang hippies …

  • Maria Smith via Facebook

    love it!

  • The only things harsh about it are the sloppy graphics and the low contrast text. 🙂

  • you forgot heretics. Godless, American-hating, commie socialist leftie heretics. Geez, John, get it right.

  • Mary Ellen Mayo via Facebook

    Love it…keep it, someone needs to call things as they are…

  • Lauren Maurer via Facebook

    A “heretic” is one who chooses, are they not? As far as keep or toss, hmm… I tend to think that, ideally, what comes out of our mouths should be true, kind, and necessary—but, on occasion, two out of three is good enough for me.

  • Dwayne: I know. I know. That’s why I didn’t publish it beyond burying it on my blog. I’m PRACTICING making them. I know if my web guy/friend ever saw that thing, he’d quit me.

  • (Great comments/insights you guys!)

  • Oh I never would have said that, John, if I thought you created it. I’m very sorry.

  • i don’t think that it is harsh at all. It seems much kinder than calling her an idiot, which is what most people do. Just as it is no bragging if you can do it, it isn’t harsh if it is true.

  • M. Serena Spenser via Facebook

    Really depends on how firmly you believe her to be “malevolent”, doesn’t it?

  • Lacy Jaudon via Facebook

    Does she, your wife, think it’s too harsh because of what it says or because you have a picture of an actual human being accompanying it? I could see that, maybe, but I don’t hate the words.

  • Appropriately harsh.

  • Keep it!

  • Pam Hart via Facebook

    Keep it up!

  • Donna Crumley Woker via Facebook

    Keep it! It’s true and not nearly as harsh as many of the fictions perpetuated by Tea Party types.

  • I wrote the words awhile back, in post. Cat (my wife) felt it was just too HARSH: too personal, in essence. She didn’t say much beyond that; just that she personally had a negative response to it. And in the 15 years I’ve been making a living doing what amounts to creative writing, she and I have sort of developed a process whereby she sort of … makes my stuff more gentle. I’m by nature (apparently) a fighter; she’s good at buffing out stuff where I’ve been too rough.

  • No, dude, I don’t care. But thanks for being so sensitive to my feelings!

  • Donna Crumley Woker via Facebook

    Well, in that case, maybe you ought to trust her gut! It certainly has served you well because your writing is wonderful!

  • Donna Crumley Woker via Facebook

    How about the words with a picture of a teapot?

  • Donna: OOOOO! Nice!!

  • Lana

    The words are indeed true, but the meassage could be going a little far implying malevolence is the intent of the one pictured. If the associated picture were showing an action, rather than simply a person, I think it would then be more accurate and thus more powerful, and able to reach more of an audience.

  • John G Slawson via Facebook

    Speaks the truth!

  • So now you guys have to go out there and get me some fans for the ones this post cost me. Sorry, man. But those are the rules.

  • (don’t make me come back there!)

  • she’s not the only one

  • Wren Paasch via Facebook

    Keep. It’s the truth, and if people are “offended” by the truth, then that’s their problem, and they shouldn’t stop the rest of us that want to know it from finding out. 🙂

  • Sarah Crary Gregory via Facebook

    Honestly – I’d take it down. Why? Because it pisses me off that US politics has deteriorated into a weird reality show based on personality, with discourse about issues drowned out by the noise about those who hold them. I’d hope that we could offer a more principled alternative, to focus on the very real issues faciing our country. People know more about Sarah Palin than they do about the issues around the debt ceiling. One of those two things is pretty irrelevant. (Hint: Not the debt ceiling.)

    Sorry the comment’s so long, but I figure it may be the only one out here besides the KEEP IT! commenters.

  • Charles Toy via Facebook


  • Sarah Crary Gregory via Facebook

    And no, I don’t think it’s harsh. I just don’t think it’s helpful, either.

  • Concerning if you should leave or delete… leave it. We have a freedom of speech, and the truth of the matter is that no matter what is we say or don’t there’s always going to be somebody else to criticize and disprove. We can’t make everybody happy.

  • John Heretic

    You should have made the letters yellow.

    It is easy to call her an idiot, and if you think an idiot can be a governor, you are truly naive. I think that you’ve hit this one spot on. Take awat stupidity as an excuse and you are left with malevolence as the reasons for her actions.

  • Oh, Sarah. If you insist we THINK, what fun will we have watching TV? Sheesh.

  • Gina Robinson Blanton via Facebook

    it would be truer if it included pics of her ilk, although that would make it huge or the photos would be too tiny to see (Walker, Boehner, Cantor, Perry, Romney, Bachman, and all the rest)

  • It’s a keeper.

  • Sarah Crary Gregory via Facebook

    John – what’s “TV”?

  • Robin Cohn Boyles via Facebook


  • Karen H.

    It’s right on the money in my estimation! Keep it!

  • Keep it! Some will not understand, but many of us will. Maintain your conviction. Do not change because a few get offended. Many people were offended at the words of Jesus, but Jesus was steadfast.

  • Bobv

    Narcissism is the root of all evil. Narcissists feel they are entitled to $.

  • Alliea

    If you speak from your heart, use facts and not emotion based statements and do not seek to be cruel to others, then I’ll support you. I’m never big into Photoshop, as I would not want it done to me, or any candidate I support – so I don’t support those ‘pix’ that go around that are obviously staged. Your ‘poster’ (professionally speaking) is difficult to read so the majority of people who would see it as it appears at the top of this post, would probably focus in on Palin’s face. She is an attractive woman and by that alone has managed to gather millions of fans. Your poster can only benefit her more.

  • Roger Smith

    Oh, by far the harshest thing is that … that … is that a FACE?! Eeeeek! That, and the screechy voice that emanates from it, would be enough to give kids nightmares.

    But more seriously (to John), “malevolence” is unfortunately all too spot-on when it comes to [her who shall not be named] [even Cthulhu is scared to utter that name] and those like her. Although I’m sure she is quite convinced, a lot of the time anyway, that she’s really doing good — but then again, in another extreme circumstance, Jesus warned his own followers that “people will kill you, and think that they are performing a service [or “ministry”] for God”. So just because someone thinks they’re doing good doesn’t mean it can’t actually be malevolent. So: harsh, schmarsh, as far as that goes.

  • Don M. Burrows via Facebook

    Is it more harsh than saying someone “pals around with terrorists” or suggesting that some people aren’t “real Americans”?

  • Do you call her on it now?

    Or do you wait until the Tea Party tries something like the Beer Hall Putsch?

    Or until something happens like Kristallnacht?

    Maybe calling Sarah Pallin and others like her on it now will keep it at an annoyance level, rather than something devastating. If you think it can’t happen here, it is only because stuff like that has been called in sufficient time.'t_Happen_Here

  • Elizabeth Niederer

    Change the picture to Rick Perry.

  • Mark Miller via Facebook

    Keep it, please.

  • William Prince via Facebook

    Spot-on, John Shore! Spot-on!

  • i think it should be nonpersonal, because (A) there are too many like that to count (B) i can be like that on a bad-religion day or i guess that should be bad practice day, rather, and so could lots of people … and (C) the current political ones will probably be replaced with other ones. it’s not HER, it’s a wrong way and she happens to be one of many that are using that way.

  • LIKE the phrase though.

  • Hey dude, keep it!

  • Stacy Phillips via Facebook

    The teapublican showed their malevolence clearly at the teapublican debates, They cheered and apllauded Rick Perry’s execution record, And letting people who have no health insurance die, they have no problem with that. You nailed it, no need to apologize or change a thing.

  • By the way, I’m a new fan BECAUSE of this post.

  • Definitely not too harsh, but I really believe Sarah Palin is old news in this campaign. There are far more dangerous people seeking Presidency from the ‘Righteous Right’ – namely Bachmann and Perry. Sadly, at least in Perry’s case, there is a chance he could win the general election. That is truly scary for this country and those of us who domicile within its boundaries.

  • I hear what you guys are saying, loud and clear: Divorce my wife. We’re going out to lunch just now. I’ll tell her then.

  • (Thanks, Tracy Lund! That’s sweet.)

  • Your welcome John Shore 😉

  • Megan Stelzer via Facebook

    Eddie, that tired argument can/is often used by the very same people this mini poster is referring to. Just because some people are offended by a remark one makes doesn’t mean that person should *necessarily* remain steadfast. There’s room for one to reflect on what effects he/she is producing and why, right?

    That said, I agree with the statement, but whether you keep it or trash it depends on what tone you’re going for on the whole with your writings. Tough call.

  • P.S. break it to her gently, she’s a very kind soul…

  • Diane Silverstone-Moffat

    It may be harsh but reality bites. The truth is, the Tea Partier’s have forgotten one main ingredient of the Bible: Love

  • Diana Horel via Facebook

    I don’t think it’s harsh at all.

  • Maureen Deyo

    Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. 2 Cor 11:14 NIV

  • Doriene D. Marshall via Facebook

    As difficult as it is for me to admit this, I don’t think it’s too harsh. Admittedly, it’s judgmental. But the sad truth is that over the past 4 yrs. I have become so frightened of the “pious” right that I’ve lost what used to pass for sympathy for them. That’s just me.

  • George Lovelace

    Was giving her the “benefit of the doubt” and thought that maybe “malevolence” might be too harsh. But then looking up the word on Merriam-Webster and seeing the synonym “cattiness” – I think you have it termed properly. Of course there will be others who would be quick to condemn. I am not among them.

  • it’s not too mean. it’s just not optimal to limit the sincerity to that one face.

  • Lisa Strowd Goldberg via Facebook

    Keep it! It is NOT too harsh…

  • Donald Rappe

    You are making a big mistake combining politics with religion (if you want an audience). For this reason, take it down. It’s like hearing politics from the pulpit. If you lost followers, that IS the message. On a less important note, It would not be too harsh if it were true. I see her as narcissistic, greedy and duplicitous, but not malevolent. Now, no one who disagrees with your political opinions can hear your prophetic Christian message. In short, I agree with Cat.

  • Billy Matthews

    Wolves in sheep’s clothing…

  • Donald Rappe

    I agree, it benefits her to be opposed by the homo commies.

  • Donald Rappe

    I do not think Jesus offended by making personal attacks on individuals.

  • Mathieson Jon via Facebook

    keep it its not to harsh especially if u compare it with all the vile hatred coming from the write these days.. theres definite truth to it if u consider ppl cheering for someone dying cause they dont have health care and 234 ppl kill by the hand of the governor of Texas..

  • Mike Pulskamp

    It is in violation of the flag code. I would not promote it. But not because of the words…

  • gothchiq

    I agree. The truth is not always pretty… well, too bad. Stick to your guns I say.

  • gothchiq

    attractive? hey, get your eyes checked pls. 😉

  • Urgh. I say keep it. The stuff it represents makes me want to leave the country, though.


  • Kristie Campana via Facebook

    John, you might have lost some fans, but I replaced one of them. I do not think it’s too harsh, though I think several other politicians who engage in a lot more hate speech (e.g. Bachmann, Santorum) are more deserving of being featured with this quote than Palin.

  • Diana

    I think it is somewhat harsh, and somewhat of a personal attack. I wouldn’t vote for her due to her policies on health care and the poor in general, but I don’t think it’s okay to post what is effectively an effigy. Attack her policies, not her character.

  • Tina Badger via Facebook

    You just gained another fan, and I say keep it with one change. It should have Michele Bachman’s face on it instead of Sarah Palin…she’s so yesterday =P
    It isn’t harsh and I agree the left has been too nice. While there is no need to start mudslinging I think it is time we stopped taking the BS and backing down. I’ll sign myself a left leaning, progressive, liberal, hippie Christian heretic who believes love is the way 😉

  • Keep it. And do one for Michele Bachmann, too.

  • Shirley

    I have issues with people who insist that people with religious views should keep their political views private. Need we be reminded that Jesus’ execution was political in nature?

    Additionally, I find a great deal of people who advocate prayer in schools, teaching of creationism as equivalent to scientific theories and installation of statues depicting the ten commandments are the same people who hate hearing politics from the pulpit especially when those politics suggest compassion for the poor and marginalized. (not saying you are this way, just a general observation from my personal experience)

    Jesus didn’t refrain from all political commentary in his time. He challenged the powers and principalities in both political and religious circles. He certainly challenged legalism.

    On the other hand, you are right – many who disagree with his political opinions will refuse to hear his Christian message. What a shame!

  • Suz

    It would be to harsh if she weren’t trying to turn the Old Testament into US law. It may not be intentionally malevolent, but what she supports politically is VERY BAD for sincere Christians.

  • Judith MacKay Dahlen via Facebook

    may I suggest:” cloaked in righteousness and a great big smile”

  • That all depends. Is it harsh only because of Palin’s picture next to it?

  • Stacy

    Whats harsh about it? Its the truth. The truth is harsh.

  • Shirley

    Right – It’s not like Jesus called anyone a brood of vipers or anything… Or ever told one of his disciples to ‘get behind me satan’ or accused money-changers of being thieves or…

    “hypocrites” – Matt 23:15

    “child of hell” – Matt 23:15

    “blind guides” – Matt 23:16

    “fools” – Matt 23:17

    “whited sepulchres” – Matt 23:27

    “full of… iniquity” – Matt 23:28

    “serpents” & “generation of vipers” – Matt 23:33

    “murderers” – Matt 23:34

    (thanks to for this list – go read the article – it talks about motivation as the important issue!)

  • Nancee McPherson via Facebook

    I was ambivalent until Sarah’s comment “is it helpful?” That’s a good gauge for me in this arena. I have a lot of (non whackjob – well mostly) conservative or Republican friends that I’m learning to engage in respectful dialogue with. I need a lot of naps!

    I am also a tree hugging, left leaning, liberal heretic. Always glad to hear from my peeps!

  • Elizabeth Potter Graham via Facebook

    May I print up copies to put under windshields? I won’t list your name unless you want to.

  • Sandbur

    When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross ~Sinclair Lewis, 1935

  • Elizabeth Potter Graham via Facebook

    Oh, and keep the wife, because she has a tender heart and we need people like her in the world.

  • Bill Dilworth

    I think the words downplay her danger ( and that of her partners in crime).

  • Bill Dilworth


  • Nora

    Her character is reprehensible and Nazified as well. She is an awful narcisistic monster…but otherwise, she’s okay….I guess….lol!!

  • Diana A.

    This is what I would say.

  • Nora

    It’s an absolutely “dead on” statement. We need more of it!

  • Diana A.


  • Nora

    Exactly, she has character??

  • Diana A.

    Yeah, that kind of does put it in perspective, doesn’t it?

  • Nora

    Mike, get over it….

  • Diana A.

    What these two said.

  • Nora

    And people of other faiths like Muslims and Jews. People of different orientations, gay people, for example-Every-freakin’ body.

  • As one of your few “pagan” followers, I LOVE IT….

  • Diana A.

    This works too.

  • Diana A.


  • Leave it up!! Sarah Palin is dangerous. We need to be aware of that.

  • Janeen Webster Clark via Facebook

    The Truth is sometimes harsh. And I do not believe this is a personal attack….it applies to her character and her actions.

  • I think you lose the impact of the statment placing it next to Palin (or Bachman, as some have suggested). If your purpose is an ad hominen attack, than you’ve accomplished your purpose (and harshly, as your wife has kindly pointed out). But, if you are trying to engage in a dialogue, and want people to think about what Palin is really saying, you’ve already lost them and have stooped down to the level of those on the right who would rather vilify and denegrate the left than discuss what is wrong, how we can work through our differences , and seek solutions to live peacefully.

  • Norah McIntire via Facebook

    That is spot on, harsh or no.

  • Hugh Callenish

    There is no better way to combat the insipid evil than to expose it to the harsh light of day…Evil gains power when good people stand back and say nothing -Keep Speaking UP!!!

  • @ Janeen Webster Clark, not sure if you were responding to one of my comments or to another … if mine, i didn’t mean “personal” in that way, not that pointing one finger in one direction would be inaccurate in this case (i think it *is* accurate), just that wider could be … even more accurate?

  • Michael Zaker

    One more supporter… that this is in violation of flag code, however Sarah Palin would have been more successful as a comedian not a politition. This picture is only one of many testimonies to ‘just that’. Richard Nixon has had smiley faces manufactured in his memory. No expression is to good or to bad to remind us of such irresposibility!

  • Elizabeth Morse

    I think this is completely appropriate.

    The republicans do resort to this kind of attack, and you know what? It’s working. Andrew Cuomo is one democrat who ran a “dirty” campaign and got elected. Democrats have to stop taking the high road. It gets us nowhere. We have to send out the messsage loud and clear, not being so concerned about being civil.

    Bravo! You told it like it is. This woman is extremely dangerous. So are Bachman, Perry and Paul. In my state, a bunch of people elected a republican congressman because they wanted to send a message to Obama that they didn’t like his policies on Israel. What they failed to consider is that these far-right candidates want to turn the US into a christian nation on their terms. They are supporting Israel because this will bring the rapture sooner.

    (Yes, I am a believer, but not a fundamentalist. )

    In 1964, the democrats did not hold back on how dangerous they thought Goldwater was. They won the election. (Goldwater looks like a moderate now, I know.)

  • Nora

    Anne…honey….get lost….okay? You sound like one of those rabid, let them die from no health insurance, evangelical asswipes. We don’t need your kind smelling up this conversation with your accusations of “name calling”.

  • Nora

    That is a great idea!!

  • “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross.”

    — Sinclair Lewis, It Can’t Happen Here

  • Susan Beaver via Facebook

    Can you photo shop a few other faces too?

  • mary

    Is it harsh? Yes, but unfortunately, the truth. Sorry if the truth hurts, but I think the real value in a statement like this is to wake up those sincere Christians. What people like Palin have done to Christianity is beyond malevolence. What saddens me the most, is when folks (on the left) make fun of the legacy of Jesus because of the words and actions of these pseudo-Christians. Palin, et al are probably responsible for many people espousing atheism. While I agree with Anne, that we need to attempt dialogue, I see the mini-poster more as a wake-up call that we need to heed.

  • I don’t think it’s harsh at all. She may not be intentionally malevolent but consciously or not, she dresses her violent dogma in self-righteous pretty words.

  • I do think “Malevolence” is too strong. But I certainly get the point and in general I like it.

  • Tara Bobara via Facebook

    Truer words were never spoken.

  • Lori Ratcliff

    I don’t think it’s harsh. I think it’s spot on.

  • Robert D. McKinnon Jr

    It’s not insulting or vulgar.

  • I agree that it’s not harsh.

    It’s blunt, but true.

    Gov. Palin might not be deliberately evil, but that’s mostly because she’s so dense that she doesn’t realize what she’s advocating. Your poster actually makes the point perfectly. She, and a lot of people like her, think that they’re good, pious people as they promote evil.

  • Chad Wehba via Facebook

    Ignorance + Pride + Power

  • Diana A.


  • Keep it. She can try and prove it wrong. Won’t happen.

  • DR

    “A company didn’t create Auschwitz . A company didn’t create the gulags in Serbia. A company was not behind the carnage in Cambodia. All mass murders are created by government. Yet, so many are struck with instant fear when thinking of companies, when its the government they should fear.”

  • DR

    I think people choose what message of Christ they want to hear. Some were drawn to Jesus and some were repelled by Him. If John was a Pastor of a church? I’d say no, he shouldn’t do this. It violates the very clear non-excempt status churches have. But as a blogger and writer? Yeah, I think he has an obligation to address it. The message of Christ, of liberation and justice has to be *pursued* by the receiver.

    John isn’t responsible for those who allow his political views to keep them from what he offers them otherwise. We all choose the beliefs that ultimately serve us.

  • Tom Phillips via Facebook

    “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross.” -Sinclair Lewis. Was he talking about Sarah Palin? No, there were more severe examples of fascism during his time. But this IS how it starts. I don’t believe malevolence is the best word for her personally, as malevolence needs more of a mind at work. But she’s one of several faces, figureheads, if you will, behind which a malevolent mind DOES operate. It may not be her mind, but it’s a mind that knows how to use her, and others like her.

  • DISLIKE “malevolent : having, showing, or arising from intense often vicious ill will, spite, or hatred” This being the most common definition, you’ve crossed the line for me. To what end would you post something so needlessly provocative and spiteful? This is beneath you and your normally more intelligent and reasoned discourse. This serves neither you nor your readers well. You’ve lost this fb fan.

  • John, after reading the entire thread of comments it confirmed to me the mini-poster accomplished further polarization and did little, it anything to move and persuade with any intellectual force. Again, you are bigger and better than the petty message in the mine-poster would indicate. Your wife is right. I’m surprised you needed your fb fans to offer input on what she instinctively knew and what you should have known.

  • Erin Carpentier Dammen via Facebook

    Why are liberals the ones who always feel like we have to take the high road, play nice, compromise, think of the one exception to the rule? Maybe that’s just part of our DNA but I’m getting real tired of giving so much and getting so little in return from the other side. I feel like we’re at war and you have to fight fire with fire in a war. You don’t patiently and kindly wait for the other side to approach the truce table when there are bombs going off all around you, you FIGHT BACK!!!

  • Right on, Erin. I am tired of being nice to people who would spit on me if they thought they could get away with it. They name-call and finger-point all day long, yet we just take it. ENOUGH!

    Keep the poster, John, and make some more.

  • M. Serena Spenser via Facebook

    Why was Jesus the one who always took the high road, played nice, gave so much and got so little? Why didn’t he just FIGHT BACK? What does it mean to be a Christian liberal? Is it too hard to emulate Christ, or is it not a desirable goal? I’m honestly curious.

  • keep it, precise and to the point

  • OMG I LOVE THIS STATEMENT! is a bit harsh though. i dont think palin is malevolent, just stupid. i vote take it down.

  • or change malevolent to stupid.

  • She has expressed her dislike for the “liberal” mindset quite plainly and harshly so, I don’t think it’s out of line. It’s an honest opinion, a bit on the negative side but, pointing out hypocrisy is important. “Stupid”, as someone suggested, would reduce it to a petty insult which I don’t think you’re going for. Sticks and stones. Regardless, I would suggest an outer glow on the words to make them pop from the background.

  • Don’t give Sarah all the ‘glory’, have a rotating montage of all of the Republican candidates to whom this applies!

  • Mary G

    Perhaps maliciousness would be a better choice of words?

    ma·li·cious (m -l sh s). adj. Having the nature of or resulting from malice; deliberately harmful; spiteful: malicious gossip

  • Mary L Royan via Facebook

    Harsh ?What she’s done to the legacy of Christ is harsh. People (esp on the left) laugh at Christianity because of folks like Palin.

  • she is crazy!

  • I. Wright


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    I. Wright

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    Linguistics Dept. – University of Pittsburgh

  • Allie

    But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in.

    Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye devour widows’ houses, and for a pretense make long prayer: therefore ye shall receive the greater damnation.

    Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.

    …Jesus didn’t let people walk all over him. He even took a whip to the moneychangers in the temple and flipped all their tables over. I don’t know what you’ve heard, but you should read the Bible. Jesus is consistently more amazing than a lot of people would like to admit.

  • Thank god some bloggers can still write. Thanks for this blog

  • Thank goodness some bloggers can write. Thank you for this blog post

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