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What the glass can’t hold

Last night my wife Catherine was thinking about why important and long-term relationships sometimes fail. This morning she awoke, went straight into her office, and made the below. [Read more…]

Is Amazon using me to destroy Barnes and Noble?

As of this moment Amazon is having a huge sale on all my books, especially on their Kindle editions. (Authors have no control over when, why, or at what price Amazon puts their books on sale. All I know is the sales don’t last long—and that I love them, since I get paid the same [Read More…]

Why Jesus never even dated

(A recent conversation between my wife Catherine [“Cat”] and me.) Me: So I’m thinking about doing a blog post exploring the idea of Jesus on the one hand being fully man, but on the other hand not having a sex drive. Cat: Oh? [Read more…]

“HELLBOUND?” takes out the trash

Right off the bat let me confess that what I find irresistibly appealing about Kevin Miller’s new documentary Hellbound? is that I was supposed to be in it. At the time Miller was planning his movie my blog posts on hell were hotter than Satan’s sauna. But, alas, by the time my scheduled shoot came [Read More…]

“Help with my anger at being sexually abused as a child”

Dear John, It’s amazing to me how rapidly a day can take a turn for the worse. As I was walking across campus today, I noticed a blood drive bus parked in the main quad. I decided to donate. [Read more…]

Doubting faith, hell, a friendship strained via LGBT, and “Should I join this church?”

Here are four questions recently in and my responses to them. I’ve been doing a lot of questioning as of late, what with the rise in atheism and wondering if I’m a fool for even believing in something intangible like God. This questioning has really been cutting into me and is very painful. My question [Read More…]

Right now always

Looking about ourselves right now we dare not believe what God himself [Read more…]

The 8-million strong Independent Fundamental Baptists cult

Everything that’s wrong with Christianity in one nutshell. [Read more…]

Steady as she goes

Yo, friends. So just to let you know, I won’t be putting up here any new posts for several more days yet. About two weeks ago a guy wrote asking me to say a word or two on behalf of the group he represented. While reading his letter I felt that deeply resonant CLONG you [Read More…]