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Old Lang’s sign

I miss old Lang. He was a good guy. So wise. I never learned Lang’s last name. Or maybe I never learned his first. I don’t know. No one ever called him anything but Lang. [Read more…]

The Cliff Notes guide to the NRA’s response to Sandy Hook

If you missed the NRA’s response to the Sandy Hook tragedy—being the speech read last Friday by the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre—below is that speech in a nutshell; it’s the Cliff Notes version of it, if you will. The phrases are presented in the order in which they appear in the speech. I would hate to [Read More…]

Merry Christmas, coyotes and all

It’s 6:30 in the morning. My wife Catherine’s asleep upstairs. Downstairs our Christmas tree gleams in the dim morning light. In the bracing darkness outside a pack of coyotes raises a sudden din of high-pitched yelping that sounds like the horrible hounds of hell on holiday. [Read more…]

Spending and Shopping with the NRA

Today the NRA issued its official response to the Sandy Hook tragedy. As you’re likely aware the core of that response—a public, no-questions-afterward statement read by the organization’s Vice President Wayne LaPierre—was this statement: [Read more…]

Christmas Lament

Reader Meghan Lin wrote to say, “I don’t comment much at all, but I’m a huge fan of your blog and its awesome community. I wrote this about the recent tragedy, because I process grief by writing poetry. And I just wanted to send it to you. That’s all.” Attached was Meghan’s poem Christmas Lament. [Read More…]

I see a little silhouetto of a sheep

Not that I’ve in the slightest way put behind me the Sandy Hook tragedy, of course: who could—ever, which appears to be the singular blessing that might grow out of this most unholy of events. As far as I know the N.R.A. is still planning to issue its Big Statement on the Newtown massacre this [Read More…]

Newtown, and what we can do now

So here we now have on us this unthinkable Newtown tragedy. And we know the cycle of our response to such events: first shock, then grief, then anger, then a slow fade until whatever news next rivets our attention. That’s how it’s done. That’s how we all do it. Except this time it doesn’t quite [Read More…]

The Mystery of the Disappearing Carolers

Whatever happened to that great tradition of wandering around in the freezing dark singing Christmas songs in the hopes that someone will eventually come out of their house and feed you? [Read more…]

Joseph and Mary: The Night Before

A conversation between Joseph and Mary on the big night. [Read more…]

Get thee behind me, Santa!

[READER ADVISORY ALERT: Joke. The below is a joke, with the funny and the laughing and the ho-hoing.] Don’t we Christians want the primary focus of Christmas to be Christ? And don’t all the Pagan Party People pestering us with their perniciously pervasive propaganda promoting puerile, pea-brained positivity want the primary focus of Christmas to be Santa [Read More…]