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The deal

Today, as she and I sat alone together overlooking the view from our front patio, my wife Catherine, from quite deep in her ruminations, said, “You know what the deal is, don’t you?” [Read more…]

When you’re the rebound guy

Hey John, I recently read your article What Does a Woman Mean When She Says, “I Need Space”?  It really made me want to reach out and contact you, to see what kind of advice of you would give me. [Read more…]

The Heart of a Moralist: Dan Savage’s “American Savage”

One never hears the principal truth about Dan Savage used to describe him, which is that he is a moralist of the first order. Besides being that rarest of persons, an original thinker, the founder of the It Gets Better phenomenon is also frightfully brave, ridiculously articulate, exhaustively informed, and wizened by over twenty years [Read More…]