And Now For Someone Completely Different

Hi. I’m Lucas Smith. I promise I’m not Jack Bauer in disguise. Or a hippy serial killer. Hey, John Shore Readers! I’m not, nor have ever been, John Shore, but on those dark nights of the soul, I do comfort myself with the thought that perhaps I had a small something to do with a teeny-tiny [Read More...]

About Buying “Penguins”

People have been writing to say that their local bookstores don’t carry Penguins, the book of mine about which I last blogged. I’m sorry, I should have said: by far the easiest way to get hold of that book is through an online bookseller such as Amazon, or Barnes and Noble. Small titles such as [Read More...]

Sprechen zie Penguins?

Yesterday I received in the mail a copy of DRAN, a thick, glossy German magazine for young, hip, twenty-something Christians. It was sent to me because right smack in its middle is a three-page excerpt from my book, “Penguins, Pain and the Whole Shebang: Why I Do The Things I Do,” by God (as told to John Shore). A [Read More...]

Hallelujah! We Know So Little!

If there’s one thing you can say about people, it’s that we like things to be settled. When it comes to uncertainty, ambiguity, mystery, or complexity beyond our grasp, we prefer to have as little as possible in our lives, thank you very much. Doubt and security don’t go hand in hand. And we definitely [Read More...]

Think You’re Strong Enough to Fulfill God’s Will for You? Really? Still?

I tend to think that I have all the time in the world to become the person God wants me to be–or to at the very least do the things that I have every last reason to understand God intends for me to do. The underlying reason for which I tell myself that I have [Read More...]

I’ll Be On The Radio This Morning

This morning, from 11:30 to noon (Pacific Time) on KDIA AM 1640, “Pastor Fred” will interview me and have me chat with listeners who call into his radio show Reaching For Life.  (You can also listen online.) For those of you who haven’t heard me on the radio before, this is an outstanding opportunity for you to check out the [Read More...]

When God Makes 2 + 2 = 5

Sometimes I find myself involved in a situation about which I simply cannot find peace. Something will be genuinely wrong: someone will be doing myself or someone I care about harm, or someone with power will in some egregious way be abusing that power, or … something will be happening that no one would be [Read More...]

Free Will vs. Predestination: Can’t Anyone Give Me a HARD Problem to Solve?

My dachshund’s namesake.  Lately a couple of trouble-making readers have been asking my opinion on the question of free will vs. predestination. For some time now I have struggled mightily to ignore their queries; when finally forced by etiquette to acknowledge them, I suggested, in hopes of distracting them, that they upgrade their cable service, [Read More...]

Wanna Commune with God? Create!

  If there’s one thing we can say about God, it’s that he is huge on creating. Creating is what God does. Love is what God is; designing and animating (as in sparking to life, not … doodling) is what God does. Whoo-hoo! I mean, look the giraffe. If that doesn’t say, “I’m deeply enamored [Read More...]

Where is God? THERE is God!

Wherever you are right now, stop for a moment, and look around. There’s God! That we so readily and naturally take for granted the physical world around us can sometimes make it difficult for us to remember that God isn’t just in heaven, or just in church, or even “just” in our hearts as the [Read More...]