Steve MacDonald: Funniest Guy EVER?

Remember how yesterday I said that the funniest man in the world is Steve MacDonald, Evangelism Books editor for Find that claim outrageous? Well, think again, Bucko! Here’s my proof: A while back I was e-mailing Steve about this Comedy Bit I was writing having to do with Einstein. And Steve writes me back, and [Read More...]

Rampaging Squirrel Injures Three in Germany!

My ever-hilarious friend Steve MacDonald (he’s the Evangelism Books editor for; I met him when he interviewed me here) sent me an email this morning with the cryptic subject line: “Now they’re in Germany”–and this link. Be afraid. Be very afraid. (For more on my personal relationship with marauding killer squirrels, check out my multi-postings [Read More...]

Woody Woodpecker Turns Manic Attack Bird, Pt. 3

One of the things I learned from sitting around in the forest sucking on beef jerky and “racing” banana slugs (I’d pair them up, say “Go!”, and then watch them act like the under-motivated slabs of yellow, antenna-sporting goo they were), was that little birds protect other little birds from big birds. Here, I learned, [Read More...]

Woody Woodpecker Turns Manic Attack Bird, Pt. 2

The year was 1976. Big shoes were in. So was big hair, big pants legs, big belts, big hats, big sunglasses, big neckties, and collars on men’s shirts that were so huge it was like having your head stuck between two skateboard ramps. I don’t know why everything was so big in the 70′s. I [Read More...]

Zinc Phosphide Used on San Diego’s Killer Attack Squirrels!

Remember my little “Attack of the Killer Squirrels” saga? Remember how it (must have) seemed as if I were exaggerating about what happened that day? The sad proof I wasn’t (not, I know, that any of you thought I was) is here. [Read more...]

Grilled by a Truck

An item in today’s news (which is updated here) tells how a 21-year-old guy (with the Most Excellent name of Ben Carpenter) was driving his electric wheelchair across an intersection, when, just as he was passing in front of it, a semitrailer waiting at the light took off, hooked Ben’s wheelchair into its front grill, and [Read More...]

Why We Christians Always Lose Debates with Atheists–Thank God

The other day I read the recent Newsweek piece in which Rick Warren (Purpose-Driven Life—like you didn’t know) debated the eminently rational and mind-bogglingly articulate Sam Harris (The End of Faith, Letter to a Christian Nation). In that “debate,” I thought Mr. Harris waxed the floor with Mr. Warren. For one, nobody out-rationalizes Sam Harris. [Read More...]

Woody Woodpecker Turns Manic Attack Bird, Pt. 1

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of emails and online comments about some of my recent bloourg postings. In essence, most of them say either, “Stop saying things that are anti-Christian!” or “Stop saying things that are pro-Christian!” What’s a poor blooger to do? Being a former non-Christian leaves me with a lot of things [Read More...]

Is a world without religion really more peaceful?

One often hears the assertion that religion causes war: that if people would only stop believing in God there’d be much more peace and love in the world. I want much more peace and love in the world! So let’s carefully consider the idea that without religion that is what we would have. First off, [Read More...]

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggetty Jog. (Dorothy’s a Rapper, and So is Her Dog.)

Man it’s good to be back home. Dorothy … Whateverherlastnamewas was right: There’s no place like Oz. What was Dorothy’s last name, anyway? I guess it was Em. Cuz that was her auntie’s last name, right? She was Auntie Em–so I guess Dorothy was Dorothy Em. Which means that if Dorthy and her aunt ever [Read More...]