The Help: Not the Gospel

I sat in my car and cried after watching the movie The Help, right there in the middle of a blazing hot afternoon, in front of God and nobody. It wasn’t a sniffling, weepy cry but a full-blown bawl. The kind that blinds a person.  I couldn’t drive home. I just had to sit there [Read More…]

It begins with a girl: Day 3

(Editor’s note: Daughter Shelby is in Cambodia with a missions team from Antioch Church. This is Shelby’s third post from Cambodia. You can look back through the blog for others.) Just a Glimpse by Shelby Dee Upon hearing the news that his daughter plans to move to Cambodia, sometimes a father won’t speak to her [Read More…]

Coming Up for Air: GIVEAWAY

CONTEST!!!! CONTEST!!! GIVEAWAY!!!! GIVEAWAY!!!! Okay, y’all know I don’t do this very much but Patti is one of my FAVORITES. So here’s the deal — I have two books to GIVEAWAY. Totally free Here’s what you have to do. Tell us a story about your own mother. Any thing you want. You can TOTALLY rat [Read More…]

Tips for parents navigating high school

It’s that time of year again. Parents sending their little ones off to school. For the most part, parents of elementary kids are often very involved in their child’s education. But something happens when those kids  hit junior high. Perhaps in an effort to help children grow up, parents become less involved. Often the only [Read More…]

It begins with a girl: Day 2

Fruits in reds and pinks and greens are piled high in baskets in the roadside stands. “That crosswalk looked like a game of blogger.” Laughter filled the van at the comment,but we could expect nothing less from Brandon Simonds, a video game developer. James and Athena Pond met our team at the Phnom Penh airport [Read More…]

It begins with a girl: Safely there

We’re here. Internet isn’t working great in hotel today. So no blog post will likely be up tonight. Although I did take lots of notes today. From the moment the sun began to rise behind us over Japan as we headed over the East China Sea.Watching lightening storms in the distance as we glimpsed the [Read More…]

It begins with a girl: Day One

The paths that brought us here wind and turn. Each different from the other. But now they converge. Tonight at the Seattle airport we ready ourselves for this journey. Where it will lead is still unknown, but we embrace this chance to change the trajectory of our lives. Seek justice. Love mercy. Walk humbly. This [Read More…]

Which Storybook character are you?

A neighbor and I sat out in the backyard last night talking about all sorts of things. She shared the story of when her youngest child would climb up on a footstool, stare into the mirror and say, “I have rosy red lips and white skin. Guess who I look like?” Sara was only 2 [Read More…]

It begins with a girl

Miz Shelby is leaving for Cambodia on Friday. I’ve asked her to guest blog about the trip. So over the course of the next 10 days, there will be updates from Cambodia. This will be her first excursion across the International Date Line. Shelby will appreciate your prayers on her behalf. And so will her [Read More…]

Give Kobe & God some privacy please

There seems to be a theme going on this week related to privacy. I suppose this sort of thing is to be expected in the age in which nothing any of us does goes unseen. Kobe Bryant thought a man was taking photos of him in church on Sunday. (Can I just say kudos to [Read More…]

Starbucks CEO fails leadership test

Over on his blog , Tyler Braun states he was at the Global Leadership Summit last week when Willow Creek’s Bill Hybel’s announced that Starbuck’s CEO Howard Schultz canceled his appearance at the last minute because some 700 people had signed a petition stating that Willow Creek Community Church is anti-gay, which Hybels says is [Read More…]

Mugs & the Watermelon

So we are visiting some of the girls this weekend and my good friend Katie, who winters in California and  summers in Bend, came over to have dinner with us. Katie brought Mugs, her babe, to visit with Poe & Flash. But Mugs was far more interested in the food than in socializing with the [Read More…]

What do you think?

The one thing I never want to be is 100 percent right. Nuh-huh. Not me. I just want to be 100 percent redeemed. The other thing I never want to do is to demean or belittle or be dismissive of others. I fall into that ugliness all too often but deep inside me is a [Read More…]

Internet Gangs

I know a lot of people who turn to Oswald Chambers for their devotional material. They read My Utmost for His Highest every day. I’ve read that devotional a number of times myself, but for the past couple of years I’ve been using a book that Ms. Hazel Howell of Canton, Ms. sent to me. [Read More…]

Gene Week

There was a gathering at the ranch in Baker City all the googly-eyed neighbors came out to gawk What in the heck was going on over THERE? Boyz were tossing washers & the girls were playing football — in their prettiest dresses There were prayers And laughter Plenty of that Because laughter comes easy in [Read More…]