Always more to know

Okay, okay. I admit it. I was one of those who rose up at o’dark-thirty to watch Diana Spencer wed her Prince. I was newly married myself, full of googly-eyed wonder, unaware of the heartbreak that awaited. I admired Diana from afar for all sorts of reasons. I felt a real solidarity with her when [Read More…]

What He Said – Amen

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Humongous Fungus: Good Friday Reflections

The Blues. That’s what the locals around these parts call the mountains, out yonder a ways, where the wheat fields end and the forest begins. Up there, deep in the thick of things, the honey mushroom thrives. Pretty little things, aren’t they? Golden pancakes for forest creatures. Or so it may seem to the unsuspecting [Read More…]

In defense of pastors: A confession

Since it’s Holy Week and all, it seems like a pretty good time to come clean. If confession makes you uncomfortable, I urge you to read somebody else’s blog, not this one. A girlfriend and I were talking the other day about church. Well, specifically we were speaking about pastors. I have had the good [Read More…]

Church of the Illicit

“I am fully prepared to go to jail for my church,” said Mr. Jin. ” I belong to the Lord, and if this is what God intended, so be it.” Christians all over the world are ramping up for Holy Week. Easter, better known in America as Obligation Sunday, is the one day a year [Read More…]


Have you seen this woman? She is married to this man. She’s a former Bond girl. Or was that a former Get Smart girl? In other words — SHE IS A SPY!!! ALIAS: She goes by the name Melania Trump. But that’s not her real name. Her real name is Melanija Knavs. Or so we [Read More…]

When we amaze God

I went to an art show in Pendleton last night with my friend poet Pam Steele, who has a debut novel coming out sometime later this year. I’ll keep you posted. If you live in the neighborhood you ought to make it over to Pendleton’s Art Center for the show, which runs through May. There [Read More…]

Bull What???

I may have mentioned that I live in a rural town in Eastern Oregon. How rural, you ask? Well, we have a Starbucks so it’s not like I’m having to drive across the river in search of a latte. Still, there’s only one high school, although it is pretty big, about 1,400 plus students. And [Read More…]

Cockroaches and Cowboys

I’ve always wondered how it is that certain preachers come up with their sermon topics. Many, of course, follow a church calendar. Can you imagine a preacher giving a sermon on tithing on Easter Sunday? Nah. Neither can I. But Preacher Kely has come up with a pretty good list of sermons topics that nobody [Read More…]

The Hope Within

You’d never know it by looking at my hands roots of blue veins trailing but dreams flutter here hummingbirds hovering over these keys. Dare I tell you? I saw him staring the shaven-head solider still a boy in his mother’s eyes Mine, too. The leg crunches hardening belly into aluminum washboard– that Aunt Cil used [Read More…]

Beyond Redemption: When God Reconsiders

My mama spent the better part of her adult life behind bars. It’s a disturbing thing to say but true nonetheless. Fact is a goodly number of my people have spent time behind bars.  Recently my son Stephan came across this old newspaper clipping about Mama’s brother being arrested in Richland, Washington. A poetic [Read More…]

Empathy: The rope that binds us

Nathan and Elisa Bond have cancer. His cancer — stage 3 colorectal- was diagnosed in February. Hers — metastatic breast cancer — only days later. Elisa’s cancer is considered incurable. Nathan has about a 60 percent chance of recovery. If all that wasn’t tragic enough, the young couple have an 18-month-old daughter, Sadie. Perhaps you [Read More…]

Beck & Boehner: Male menopause?

Is it me, but do these two have something in common? But then perhaps you feel as John Wayne does? [Read more…]

Kirstie Alley: Surviving the awful

My husband was a nearly perfect boy, as his mother would gladly tell you. He never got into any trouble whatsoever. Well, there was that time he locked his sister in the dryer, or was it him that was locked in the dryer? Oh, well, at any rate that’s how those stories go. What was [Read More…]

Footloose: The daily work of the devoted

Tim and I went to the opening of the musical at the high school on Friday night. Musicals are always well-attended in these parts. This one in particular is a favorite, given that we are an agriculture-based community. There’s a lot that kids and adults alike could relate to in this rendition of Footloose. That’s not [Read More…]