Ex-girlfriend wear & the men who won't be rockin' it

Skinny jeans are all the rage for men. Really? Men love them but want to be able to walk in them, says the NYT Fashion folks. Now my man, he doesn’t wear jeans, much to the chagrin of his fashionista daughter. Konnie has begged and pleaded and cajoled and even spent her own $$ to [Read More…]

Red Cross or Red Crayon?

The Red Cross has been warning us for years that in event of an emergency, preparation counts.   So intent is the Red Cross on helping us prepare that they have created a variety of checklists for all sorts of natural or man-made disasters. There’s a list for tornadoes, for hurricanes, for tsunamis and for [Read More…]

And a Happy St. Paddy's Day to you

Fire glowed against the visage of St. Patrick as he lit yet another candle in the dark Irish churchyard on Slane Hill. The fire reminded him of Christ, Redeemer and light of his life. Opposite the churchyard was Tara, where resided the pagan High King Lóe­gaire– the man who outlawed candles in Ireland. But it [Read More…]

Notes on Japan

Albert Einstein once said “it has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” But Einstein made those comments long before Mother Nature flipped the technologically-enriched county of Japan over on its nose and left it crying “Ojisan.” Watching one of the world’s great powers sagging like a clothesline under a wet wool [Read More…]

Angel in Sneakers

I was sitting in a quiet corner at the very same McDonald’s out on Macon Road that I used to dash over to during my tenure as a student at Columbus High. Gosh, that was  such a long-ago yesterday. I could have gone to the  library, which is also on Macon Road, but for all [Read More…]

Ramblin Woman: Navarre UMC

Those folks at Navarre know how to treat a gal Tammy & the Hipster did a terrific job on the worship Aren’t they precious? The man responsible for bringing me to Navarre Sharmon may have been the sister Mama misplaced The beautiful Elle will study @ the Seattle Ballet this summer Her performance was breathtaking [Read More…]

In case you were wondering

where I was at today [Read more…]

Southern Sights

Love these warm southern welcomes And this beach? Beckoning. And the friendly Southern Highway Reminder. Just in case you forget ’em. [Read more…]

Ash Wednesday: Late for Lent

The Baptists I grew up around did not participate in Lent.  The Baptists I knew and loved didn’t give up anything: football, fried chicken or friends. The only references I heard to Lent in those days involved either the dryer or a person’s belly button. And yes, I do know that is spelled L-I-N-T, not [Read More…]

Ramblin Woman #4

Butterbean likes me — it’s the camera she’s leery of. What says Tennessee better than This? Crossville has a beautiful new library.  That’s Crab Orchard stone. Gary & Pam gave me a personal tour The craftsmanship is stunning There’s comfort in every nook And just off the Tennessee Reading room is a front porch replete [Read More…]

Rambling Woman Part 3

Charleston demands a poet So I found one of my favorites to hang with You have to absolutely adore people who are as cuddly as this, right? I left Charleston in search of this place I am always delighted when I find my friends on the shelves. Miz Claire was busily getting ready for the [Read More…]

It's the Gullah Way

His wife and other Gullah ladies made the quilt, Andrew Rodrigues said. It was on display for many months at the White House — a tribute to Michelle Obama. I happened upon Rodrigues (that’s Portuguese, not Spanish) on Pawleys, where he is the museum director to family collection of Gullah history. Inside the three-room building, [Read More…]

Ramblin Woman Part II

Those of you who have read the memoir might recall the chapter “Dublin Doings”. Mama moved us from Columbus to Dublin, one very hot Georgia summer, so she could work at the Carl Vinson VA Hospital. As Forrest Gump once said: That’s all I got to say about that. Mama says the hospital was so [Read More…]

Not Miz Congeniality, but very nice nomination

Author’s Book Nominated for Southern Non-Fiction Award —Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance (SIBA) recently announced the nominees for the 2011 SIBA Book Awards. Among the nominees is Will Jesus Buy Me A Double-Wide (Zondervan, 2010) by Oregon author Karen Spears Zacharias. Wm. Paul Young, author of The Shack said of Will Jesus Buy Me A Double-Wide, [Read More…]

Ramblin Woman

Passing over Utah Breakfast @ the local cafe in Pine Mountain, Georgia Sweet Miz Lillian introduced me to Melinda, Reba & Bill. After breakfast we ran over to the Historical Center, which Miz Lillian & company staff and run. This is the phone the Center was using until recently. Hard to push buttons on this [Read More…]