Where you stay?

It snowed in Louisiana this week and down here on Fish River where I’m staying it’s so cold the dogs chase their tails just to keep ’em from freezing. How is it at your house? Speaking of staying, I am reminded of a conversation I had one day when I first moved off yonder to North [Read More…]

From the morning walk

Took a walk along Fish River Tuesday. Came across this and thought of Chad and Patti. All these sixes make me jittery whenever I’m in the south. But the Mardi Gras bows, now those cheer me. What can I say? It’s so classic Alabama I simply had to share it with you. Brambles, vines and [Read More…]

A Starbuck's moment: Rejoicing with Don & Amy

It wasn’t quite 6:30 a.m.  Early morning after a restless night, up late reading and awakened two hours later by dreams of Jimmy Carter. Yea.  I know. Fat rain would have ruined even fake Texas hair. Good thing I hadn’t bothered. Living in Oregon has given me a freedom most southern women never enjoy. Pull [Read More…]

Books Alive

The first event for the Books Alive in Panama City began at 7:30 a.m. Friday when I met with Bay High. My escort for the morning was sweet Jamie. These Advanced Scholars were cheery considering the time of day and the guest speaker they had to endure. After a brief break and a couple cups [Read More…]

If Wishes Were Horses and other things

Sorry, friends, I was flying all day yesterday and busy all day today so am just getting around to posting. I hope you’ve had a chance this week to pop over to AlltheChurchLadies.com There have been several wonderful pieces by the gals over there. I hope you’ll enjoy this interview with debut novelist, Robert Barclay, author [Read More…]

The Curse of Poverty and other matters of prayer

It seemed like a perfectly wonderful idea — a community prayer meeting. Pastor announced it from the pulpit for the first time on Sunday. He said he would be there, and he invited any and all to join him. It seems odd to me that we always make such a big deal out of the [Read More…]

Ministering to the Unemployed

Last week I was in Pendleton to meet with a prosecutor. No. I’m not in trouble. Not yet, anyway. We were just chatting about some people we knew and stories we’d heard. While we were talking, the Guv’ner slipped into the coffee house. I didn’t notice him at first, what with the storytelling that was [Read More…]

I love my Dawgs

Have I mentioned yet that Tim is advisor for Leadership? He’s in the video. Identify him and you can win a Starbucks card. Family participation is welcome but no card for you. [Read more…]

Should we all become Democrats? & other recommendations

While we are considering this subject of God as beauty, I highly recommend Ann Voskamp’s latest — One Thousand Gifts. If there are any Anne Dillard fans out there, you are going to love Ann. You can find her daily musings at A Holy Experience. And since I’m in the mood for recommending, one of [Read More…]

When we fail God

When the church prayed an angel appeared and the chains fell from Peter, led him out past the guards, who were later executed for their failure to retain just one man. Herod, the man who took Peter captive, who had the guards executed, later fell over dead, worms eating him from the inside out. People [Read More…]

Beauty: God's creative artistic nature

There was a rainbow stretching across the Columbia River on Friday. It looked like hand-blown glass bridging the shores of Oregon with those of Washington. It was really beautiful. My daughters are beautiful. No. I mean, really beautiful. They aren’t beautiful in the way of the Kardashian girls. My girls have all their original body parts. They [Read More…]

Beth Moore study: Missing the Hair Appointment

She sits huddled over her Beth Moore study book like a panhandler over a Happy Meal, drawing nourishment where she can. She doesn’t say much, doesn’t look up much from beneath those dark eyelashes. She keeps her coat on throughout the 2-hour session. But today, sparked by some offering uttered, she peeks up from underneath [Read More…]

Same wrapping, Different gifts

I know that many of you have been praying for Baby Adam, my nephew David’s son. Thank you for that. Adam & Oliver — yes, twins — were born in November to David and Rose. A few weeks ago, after a trip I made to meet the boys, we learned that Adam’s  liver was not functioning. [Read More…]

The Virtual Addict: Poop for brains

You have undoubtedly heard the story already about the mother in Colorado who was on Facebook, hanging out in Cafe World while her 13-month-old son drowned in the bathtub. The 34-year-old mother told police that her son was very independent. She said in the weeks prior to his death the baby had made it clear he wanted to [Read More…]

AlltheChurchLadies.com: Making our debut!

Don’t worry. I’m not going anywhere. I’ll still be here at this site just like I’ve always been, talking about politics, religion, knuckleheads and demon dogs. But today I am debuting a whole new project. Drumroll, please. This is the official introduction for “AlltheChurchLadies!!!” The idea for allthechurchladies.com came to me while traveling through the [Read More…]